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  • This Type of Spider-Man Series Needs To Come Back

    I don't care about all of those futuristic incarnations of Spider-Man that have aired since the 1967 cartoon on ABC aired its last episode in 1970. The Canadian studio that was responsible for giving us these great Spider-Man cartoons (Grantray-Lawrence) needs to be resurrected, with Disney providing distribution support. I would love to see Betty Brant as Spider-Girl in several episodes of the new retro-style series. Please, Disney, bring back this style of animation. It would be welcome in 2017, the 50th anniversary of the first Spider-Man cartoon. Also include the classic theme song as well.
  • Dressed up as Spiderman

    I dressed up as Spiderman for Halloween I still have the costume.
  • This series is the best cartoon ever!

    This show is amazing we get to look at the silver age spider tales. The design on Peter/Spidey is great it reminds me of the lee/ditko and lee/romita days. This show is brilliant and fun to watch and it premiered on my birthday watch kinda makes me feel special not that I'm trying to show off or anything just mentioning. This is the type of show that you like as a kid and still like it as a teenager and as a grown up. The theme song is catchy. This series is like a comic book come to life. If you've never seen it buy the dvd its worth it.
  • love this show best spiderman cartoon ever

    really good i hated the later episodes where the drawings got better and the episodes got worse rite after they did his origin episode it suked ass but hey it rocked at first he always fought weird villians like that librarian had the best theme song and whallopin websnapperes i better go

  • a man gains the powers of spiders

    I watched this series on Toasted TV twice and enjoyed it immensely. A great cartoon. It features the adventures of a college student Peter Parker who works at a newspaper office and leads a double life as Spiderman, and he gains radioactive spider powers during an experiment he witnesses after being bitten by a spider. After deciding to use his powers, rather than for profit, for good and fghting evil forces, he becomes a hero for New York City and fights many villains bent on chaos and destruction. This is a truly enjoyable series, the animation is great and has a nice style- the music is brilliant and the characters all have interesting personalities. Certainly one of the best cartoons.
  • I watch the 1967 cartoon. I got it on DVD.

    I like see the other Spider-man on cartoon on DVD. I saw Spider-man Movie. 2 and 3. I like Spider-man movie the 1 and 2nd movie. The 3rd movie was little slow not a nouth acttion. I don't like the life action Spider-man. I got all the Spider-man on DVD.

    Q: Why did Peter tell Mary Jane He's Spider-man when He saw her?

    Q: Why Peter just quiet working with that newspaper?

    Buena Vista Home Ent.

    I found out that WB having new Spider-man. Q: Is all Spider-man cartoon on DVD?

    Q: Did Peter Anut May died?

    Q: Will Peter have is own place to leave?
  • Definately not the best Spider-Man cartoon, but is enjoyable.

    The theme song is definately catchy. Background music is okay as well. The first episode I saw was Diet Of Destruction/The Witching Hour. That episode plus To Catch A Spider/Double Identity and Kingpinned rank as my favorite of the series.

    It's important to keep in mind that Spider-Man wasn't as iconic as he was today, otherwise the cartoon would definately have more interms of designs and story.

    Season One was definately the best of the show in general, and more faithful to the comics they were based of off. Also what made Season One enjoyable was the usage of J Jonah Jameson and Betty Brant

    Even then, the second and third season are still good on their own merit. The new design were better to a degree, the only problem being the decision to copy the Season One episodes scene for scene in some stories and the repetitive swing scenes in some episodes.

    If you can find a copy of it and have the money to spare, I'd recommend picking it up.
  • The Sliver Age adventures of Spider man!!

    Classic short cartoons that introduced many kids to Spider man and the comic book world as a whole. This was a vehicle of animation, reading, toys and entertainment. Perhaps one of the more defining moments that started to erase the stigma that comics were evil. This cartoon was part of the passive crusade to prove this kind of story telling had it's place in society.

    With comics and it's spawned genre being so mainstream in todays world current status quo sometimes makes us forget that comics and the like were nearly banned at one point. Saved only by implementing a Comics Code Authority. This story medium has become so popular in todays world that well known novelists want to write comics, tons of movies and TV shows center around these characters, many films and shows use the fade ins and outs that were the staple of comic storytelling and advancement.

    Today the Comics Code Authority is a thing of the past, abolished as a useless unneeded and unwanted watchdog of the genre.

    The whole industry owes a lot of credit to these early light hearted and intriguing stories and characters for their part helping erase the black mark that was cast across this medium.

    Just try to imagine a world without this kind of imagination , art and stories.......... I know I am glad I don't have to live without it!!
  • ohh classic spidey man ohh wish tv.com have free streaming not downloads like other sites youtube.com I want to watch this 1967 spider-man and in original theme spidey always say websnappers what does that mean but he is still the best marvel hero ever...

    ohh classic spidey man ohh wish tv.com have free streaming not downloads like other sites youtube.com I want to watch this 1967 spider-man and in original theme spidey always say websnappers what does that mean but he is still the best marvel hero ever my favorite episode is electro the human lightning bolt because his my favorite villians and the worst villian is noah boddy his just inesible and holding a gun soo spidey sees him he is the worst of all hope this classic video will be air soon and why is origin the second episode I wonder.
  • Spiderman at his best.

    This is probably the best television version of Spiderman ever. It was fifty episodes of groovy 60's excitment. It stayed true to the comics, characters and villans. Watching it now with its old animation and plots, makes the watching experience all that more enjoyable and funny. It may not have had the effects that the newer Spidy shows have but it was still a great show in its simplicity.
  • The first animated version of spider-man.

    I grew up watching this show. It's actually the thing that got me into Spider-Man. I just loved the many adventures they went through. All the characters, voices, everything was perfect. All though, I could have done without the repetitive animation. Regardless, this show was one of my favourites. And still is. I admired it's suberb writing, voice acting, animation everything. It also brought something to Spider-Man that the other shows didn't bring: struggle. Spider-Man finally seemed more 3 demensional. He always was in a fit. Not knowing wheather to abandon his loves, to save others. His jokes and puns were hilarious too! My only beef was Madame Web. Arrg! She stiked me as a tad bit too arrouguant. And not to mention she made Spidey seem stupid. He always seemed to be getting along well in the episode, until he's stumped and Madame Web comes to give him some advice and a lesson. Not that that was a big problem though. Anyway, I felt the show ended at the right time. It had done it share of worthy adaptions, characters, and much much more. But, I do wish we could have figured out what happened to MJ. But her not returning does make it much more sad for Spidey. After all his battles he never got see her again. Or did he?
  • The 60's animated version of the crime fighter Spiderman.

    The 60's animated version of the crime fighter Spiderman. This was what mosy people think of when you talk about Spiderman on TV. Paul Soles provided the voices for Spiderman and Peter Parker. Additional voices were provided by Chris Wiggins as Mysterio, Boomer and Infinata; Ed McNamara as Rhino, Blackbeard and Vulcan; Bernard Cowen
    as the Narrator, and Dr. Magneto; Paul Kligman as J. Jonah Jameson; Carl Banas as Scorpion; Claude Ray as Charles Cameo; Henry Rammer as Henry Smythe, Grandini the Mystic, Dr. Noah Boddy, Mr. Flintridge and Lee Patterson; Max Ferguson as Phantom and Executioner of Paris; Peg Dixon as Mary Jane Watson, Betty Brant, Polly and Sue J. Jonah; Jack Mather as Jesse James; Gillie Fenwick as Dr. Smartyr, Lizard Man, Dr. Curtis Conner and Pardo; Len Carlson
    as Green Goblin, Parafino, Bolton, Jan Caldwell, Captain Ned Stacy and Vegio; Tom Harvey as Master Technician, Mugs Riley, Master Vine, Clive, Baron Von Rantenraven, Dr. Atlantian and Radiation Specialist. This was a very good version of Spiderman. The best actually in my opinion.
  • That's made in 1967 but it's too exciting to watch this

    Are you heard the famous Spider-Man theme song? It's still old, but too interesting to watch this classic show. That's probably better than the 90's and more the 2003's series. The style are unique, refering to the original comic-book. But i love also the ending that Spider-Man write a letter to the cops after catch the bandits of each episode.

    Well, That's fine that 1967's Spider-Man is back on TV now!