Spider-Man (1967)

Season 3 Episode 10

Revolt in the Fifth Dimension

Aired Unknown May 24, 1970 on ABC

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  • This episode has a bizarre flair, but this is to be expected from a season three episode.

    This episode of Spider-Man is entertaining, yet bizarre and outlandish. I remember that ABC, the ones who were showing season three episodes on their station, were afraid that children would be frightened by this particular episode, so they chose to never air it, and it was only aired in syndication. Well, I must say, I was not frightened, yet it was very bizarre. For example, when Spidey is pulled into the area where the steps leading to the "Threshold of Reality" are, all these colors and weird patterns appear, and a panned-out shot of Spider-Man with some light flashing behind him is shown. Also, when Spider-Man is pulled through the "Threshold of Reality" by the hand/doorknob, he is shown to be literally pulled through the threshold. Infinata, the ruler of Dementia 5 (a.k.a the Fifth Dimension) is presented as a scary, skeletal being with a red skeleton and a hole where his single eye used to be. He looks like a combination of a lobster and a human, and he talks in a gravely, low voice. You have to remember that at this time the cartoon had very low ratings after the experimental second season, so not many people saw this episode when it initially aired. In conclusion, this episode of Spider-Man is indeed very bizarre, and if a child is young enough, can scare the child if it is the child's first time seeing this episode of Spider-Man.