Spider-Man (1967) - Season 1

ABC (ended 1970)




Episode Guide

  • Sting of the Scorpion / Trick or Treachery
    Sting of the Scorpion: When the Scorpion, intent on vengeance upon Spiderman and Jameson, escapes prison, he visits the laboratory of his creator, Dr. Stillwell, and drinks a potion that vastly increases his size. Trick or Treachery: Paroled from prison, the Human Fly Twins rob diamonds from an importing company, and one of them does this deed in a Spiderman costume so that the guard, before being hit on the head from behind by the second twin, believes that Spidey is the culprit.moreless
  • To Catch a Spider / Double Identity
    To Catch a Spider: Under the guidance of Dr. Noah Boddy, the Green Goblin, Electro, and the Vulture join forces for revenge on Spiderman. In a confrontation with Noah Boddy's three stooges, Spidey practices ventriloquism to cause each of the three miscreants to think that he is being insulted by the others, and the excitable trio of villains begin fighting each other. Double Identity: Art robberies are committed by an old enemy of Spiderman, actor Charles Cameo, who can utilize masks and make-up to usurp any identity, including those of J. Jonah Jameson and Spiderman!moreless
  • Fountain of Terror / Fiddler On the Loose
    Fountain of Terror: Dr. Curtis Conner goes missing in the Florida swamps after finding the Fountain of Youth. When Spidey investigates the scientist's disappearance, he discovers a fifteenth century Spanish conquistador, Ponce de Leon, who is intent upon keeping the magical fountain a secret. Fiddler On the Loose: Because he hates rock-and-roll for its having replaced classical music in the tastes of the masses, a fiddler with a deadly, sonic violin seeks revenge upon pop-music sponsor Cyrus Flintridge.moreless
  • The Terrible Triumph of Doctor Octopus / Magic Malice
    The Terrible Triumph of Doctor Octopus: Doctor Octopus imposes upon Dr. Smartyr's Nullifier rocket test and steals the ultra-powerful destructor missile, with possession thereof Octopus plans to force all nations to bow to his will. Magic Malice: While Blackwell the Magician is entertaining at the Castle Theatre, his house is invaded by the Green Goblin, who swipes some of Blackwell's props and peruses Blackwell's book of magic spells and incantations.moreless
  • The Vulture's Prey / The Dark Terrors
    The Vulture's Prey: The nefarious Vulture traps Jameson inside of a tower-clock and uses the well-informed Daily Bugle publisher as a source of information on the whereabouts of a visiting diamond merchant and the testing of military equipment- two prospective heists for the greedy bird-man. The Dark Terrors: Life-like and substantial shadows of beasts are projected in various locations in New York City by the Phantom's new Shadow-Scope glasses to cause panic and enable the Phantom to effect unconstrained bank and jewelry store robberies.moreless
  • The Spider and the Fly / The Slippery Doctor Von Schlick
    The Spider and the Fly: Spidey chases the culprit in an attempted theft of jewels from a countess and is surprised to find that his opponent, dressed in a black "Human Fly" costume, also has the ability to scale walls and can cross thin wires between buildings. The Slippery Doctor Von Schlick: Oil is being stolen in huge quantities by Dr. Von Schlick, a chemist villain garbed in a rubber, non-stick suit and armed with petroleum-based bubbles that he fires from his fingers to envelope Spidey.moreless
  • The Golden Rhino / Blueprint For Crime
    The Golden Rhino: Spiderman's old enemy, the rampaging Rhino, is stealing gold bullion to mold an auric likeness of himself. Blueprint For Crime: A bald-headed mastermind named the Plotter employs two ridiculous criminals, Cowboy and Ox, to steal a blueprint to a missile.
  • Return of the Flying Dutchman / Farewell Performance
    Return of the Flying Dutchman: Reports of a legendary, flying ghost ship, the Flying Dutchman, being sighted near Smuggler's Cove summon Spidey to the area, where his investigation into the phantom ship's appearance leads him to a cave in which he finds his sworn adversary, Mysterio, plotting with a pair of thugs. Farewell Performance: When a Jekyll-and-Hyde poster comes to life at the soon-to-be-demolished Castle Theatre, Spidey visits the theatre and encounters a mischievous Blackwell the Magician, who is trying to attract public attention to the theatre in hope of preventing its demolition.moreless
  • Spiderman Meets Dr. Noah Boddy / The Fantastic Fakir
    Spiderman Meets Dr. Noah Boddy: A scientist, Dr. Noah Boddy, renders himself invisible by means of a machine, then acts to avenge himself upon Jameson, who publically maligned his theory of invisibility. The Fantastic Fakir: Spiderman battles an Arabian jewel thief, whose magical flute induces animals into attacking Spidey.
  • The Night of the Villains / Here Comes Trubble
    The Night of the Villains: Historic villains Blackbeard the Pirate, Jesse James, and the Executioner of Paris are committing robberies in New York City, and Spidey tracks them to their lair- Parafino's Wax Museum, where Spidey's wax-master enemy is scheming to besiege and plunder the city with robotized wax villains. Here Comes Trubble: Miss Trubble, a book dealer obsessed with mythology, is owner of a magical chest from which she summons a succession of mythological figures, from centaurs to the Cyclops to Diana the Hunter-Goddess, to commit robberies of ancient artifacts on her behalf.moreless
  • The Revenge of Dr. Magneto / The Sinister Prime Minister
    The Revenge of Dr. Magneto: After being shunned yet again by the Science Hall of Fame, potential nominee Dr. Magneto decides to use his knowledge and mastery of magnetism against the world but finds Spider-Man stands in the way. The Sinister Prime Minister: When Peter Parker and the rest of the press are denied access to the visiting Prime Minister of Rutania, Parker decides to sneak into the embassy as Spider-Man. There he stumbles across an evil imposter who's assumed the Prime Minister's identity so he can steal the 20 million dollars of charity money promised to the country of Rutania for himself.moreless
  • The One-Eyed Idol / Fifth Avenue Phantom
    The One-Eyed Idol: J. Jonah Jameson receives an anonymous gift from an "unknown admirer". The gift it turns out is an unusual, hypnotic idol which entrances Jameson with a light beam, hypnotizing him enough to be open to the suggestion of putting money inside the idol's head at the request of this "admirer", one R. E. Cliventon. The money is then collected by Cliventon's Aborigine servant (who climbs up several stories and enters through the window in his bare feet and native gear!) only on this occasion Spider-Man catches them in the act. Fifth Avenue Phantom: Knowing his thieving ways, Spider-Man lays a trap for the Fifth Avenue Phantom when he places a spider-tracer on a fur coat at Benet's department store. What he runs into instead is trouble in the form of the Phantom's female robot slaves, cunningly placed on display in department stores as shop-window mannequins. Can Spider-Man discover the Phantom's secret and put an end to his crime spree?moreless
  • Horn of the Rhino
    Horn of the Rhino
    Episode 8
    When Peter Parker has a cold, he must try to stop the Rhino from stealing specific items for a device.
  • Kilowatt Kaper / The Peril of Parafino
    Kilowatt Kaper: Electro escapes from prison and Spider-Man must catch him. The Peril of Parafino: An escaped prisoner hides out in Parafino's Wax Museum and Spider-Man must enter the Wax Museum and deal with Parafino.
  • Diet of Destruction / The Witching Hour
    Diet of Destruction: Spider-Man must stop a giant Car-Eating Robot from destroying Manhatten. The Witching Hour: The Green Goblin hypnotizes J. Jonah Jameson and plans to use him as a Medium for the Spirit World in order for the Green Goblin to summon ghosts to his aid. Can Spider-Man foil the Green Goblin's plot?moreless
  • Never Step On a Scorpion / Sands of Crime
    Never Step On A Scorpion: J. Jonah Jameson and Dr. Stillwell create the Scorpion to defeat Spider-Man. Sands of Crime: The Sandman is on a crime spree and Spider-Man is being blamed for crimes that the Sandman is doing.
  • The Sky is Falling / Captured By J. Jonah Jameson
    The Sky is Falling: Spider-Man comes face-to-face with the Vulture, and some of his friends: birds under his control. Captured by J. Jonah Jameson: Professor Henry Smythe demonstrates his new invention, the Spider-Slayer, which almost succeeds in capturing Spider-Man.
  • The Menace of Mysterio
    Spider-man has robbed a bank! But Peter Parker doesn't remember robbing a bank. He figures it must be an impostor. Meanwhile, J Jonah Jameson has being recieving calls from a mysterious Mysterio. He claims that he could defeat Spider-man and bets with Jonah on it. Jonah puts Mysterio's challenge on the front page of the Daily Bugle though Spider-man is in trouble with the law...moreless
  • Where Crawls the Lizard / Electro the Human Lightning Bolt
    Where Crawls the Lizard: Spider-Man battles the Lizard in the Florida Everglades. Electro the Human Lightning Bolt: Spider-Man battles with an electrically charged menace called Electro who is framing Spider-Man for robberies that Electro is committing.
  • The Power of Doctor Octopus / Sub-Zero For Spidey
    The Power of Dr. Octopus: Peter Parker has been sent on assignment by J. Jonah Jameson to investigate mysterious lights seen by citizens in the vicinity when his car crashes. Following a quick change into Spider-Man to rescue his vehicle, the mysterious lights cause him to stumble upon Dr. Octopus's secret lair only to soon thereafter find himself captured by one of its booby traps. Dr. Octopus plans to use his new weapon, a device which generates electronic impulses which will disrupt all the gas, water and power lines within a section of the city, to show off his tremendous intellect and power. Can Spider-Man possibly escape in time to save the city from Dr. Octopus? Sub-Zero For Spidey: Peter Parker is on his way to visit renown scientist Professor Smartyr in the middle of an heat wave when he notices the grounds near the Professor's house are covered in ice! Investigating as Spider-Man, he encounters a huge alien ice creature (Professor Smartyr assumes this creature must naturally belong to a race of ice creatures that most likely originated on the planet Pluto) which seems not only bent on freezing New York City but also on kidnapping the Professor! Can Spider-Man withstand the cold freeze?moreless