Spider-Man (1967) - Season 2

ABC (ended 1970)




Episode Guide

  • To Cage a Spider
    To Cage a Spider
    Episode 19
    Two robbers dynamite a bank safe and abscond in their car with millions of stolen dollars. Spidey chases them. The villains throw a "Vibrator" device at the web-swinger, and it explodes in Spidey's face! Spidey falls more than 20 building stories to strike a Manhattan street's pavement..
  • Cold Storage
    Cold Storage
    Episode 18
    Sophisticated diamond thief Dr. Cool and his henchman have heisted a fortune in diamonds and are at a deserted-before-dawn ice factory, planning to smuggle the gems through international customs by mixing the "hot ice" with large quantities of the ordinary variety.
  • Spiderman Meets Skyboy
    Dr. Irving Caldwell has devised a helmet capable of levitating its wearer and is kidnaped by a villainous scientist- the Chinese genius, Dr. Zap, who wants Caldwell's helmet to duplicate for his own evil use.
  • Thunder Rumble
    Thunder Rumble
    Episode 16
    A giant Martian warrior, who throws lightning bolts, comes to Earth to rob the planet of its gold. Spiderman's effort to stop the behemoth alien is thwarted by a thieving bomber whom Spidey was about to capture before the Martian appeared on Earth.
  • Blotto
    Episode 15
    Clive, an unbalanced movie producer, is determined to avenge himself upon critics and audiences who spurned his claim that the darkest human emotions could be filmed and physically released from a theatre screen.
  • Home
    Episode 14
    At a coffee house, Peter meets Carol, a girl with whom he has much in common; he does not realize to what extent that they are alike until he, as Spiderman, catches Carol in the act of robbing electrical equipment and finds that she has powers identical to his!
  • Neptune's Nose Cone
    Neptune's Nose Cone
    Episode 13
    On Jameson's orders, Peter and Daily Bugle pilot Penny Jones travel by small-engine airplane to the Antarctic Ocean to track a fallen nose cone and crash-land on an island with a superstitious, brutish, native population.
  • Cloud City of Gold
    Cloud City of Gold
    Episode 12
    Peter is an exchange student in South America, flying in a charter airplane with a Latin American professor in the Andes mountains. The airplane encounters a violent storm and crashes in a jungle, and Peter changes to Spiderman to assist the professor and the airplane's two pilots in leaving the jungle and returning to civilization.moreless
  • Pardo Presents
    Pardo Presents
    Episode 11
    Pardo is a sorcerer with the ability to transform himself into a giant cat with hypnotic eyes. He lures top New York City citizens and officials to a theatre with the promise of a spectacular show, then releases his feline alter-ego's power upon the hapless audience, intending to divest them of their wealth and sap the souls out of their bodies.moreless
  • Vine
    Episode 10
    A giant plant escapes from storage in a house belonging to Prof. Smithers, a missing scientist. Spidey goes through a portal (located in the scientist's home) to prehistoric times to find some defense against the plant and meets Smithers, who tells to him that two radium gems in an idol in a nearby city, if ingested by the plant in New York, will disintegrate it.moreless
  • The Evil Sorcerer
    The Evil Sorcerer
    Episode 9
    In ancient Egypt, one of the most aggressive of evil magicians, Kotep, the Scarlet Sorcerer, is defeated in battle with an opponent, and his own demons strike him with a cursing ball of fire that puts him in suspended animation, his mummified remains lasting through the passing centuries and becoming an exhibit at a New York university and the object of a professor's obsession.moreless
  • Phantom From the Depths of Time
    Giant, mechanical beetles, formed from mushrooms by sonic impulses transmitted from an organ played by the sinister Dr. Manta (a Rocket Robin Hood villain), are used by Manta to capture and enslave the peace-loving inhabitants of an island to mine a valuable ore.
  • Spiderman Battles the Molemen
    Mugs Riley, evidently escaped from prison, has duped the Molemen into following him again, even though they angrily deposed him in "Menace From the Bottom of the World", and arranges for Spiderman to be attached to a building so that the web-swinger will be brought underground along with the building, to face the revenge of Mugs Riley.moreless
  • Diamond Dust
    Diamond Dust
    Episode 6
    A baseball diamond and the spherical, baseball-sized Optimo Diamond at the Cosmopolitan Museum are connected in this episode as Peter, about to be the star pitcher in a collegiate baseball game, is obliged to don his Spidey-suit once to stop a rampaging ape at the New York City Zoo and again to thwart men in ape disguise at the museum from stealing the Optimo.moreless
  • Menace From the Bottom of the World
    Investigating the disappearance of banks (which have been mechanically submerged to deep inside the Earth), Spidey finds a hole that leads to a maze of underground tunnels, through which Spidey undertakes a perilous journey in search of the lost occupants of the submerged banks, and he comes upon a bizarre city populated by group of Molemen led by a maniac intent on conquest of the "surface people", some of whom- the occupants of the banks-the Molemen are holding prisoner.moreless
  • Criminals in the Clouds
    Roy Robinson, star football player, campus ladies' man, son of a wealthy chemical industrialist, is envied by Peter, who decides to use his spider-power to play football and outperform Robinson.
  • Swing City
    Swing City
    Episode 3
    A twisted radiation specialist gains illicit dominion over Manhattan's new and only nuclear power plant and uses a special ray to lift Manhattan into the clouds, and unless he is amply paid, granted amnesty from arrest, and permitted to build his own nuclear reactor, he will deactivate the ray and plunge the island by force of gravity back down to Earth.moreless
  • King Pinned
    King Pinned
    Episode 2
    On his first night at work at the Daily Bugle, Peter overhears talk of a fake medicine racket engineered by a rotund mobster called the Kingpin, whose thugs have a laboratory somewhere where they produce cheap, imitation pharmaceuticals, which are then peddled at gunpoint to druggists, who are subsequently frightened into selling the fake medicine and not signing a complaint for the police.moreless
  • The Origin of Spiderman
    Student Peter Parker is labeled a "bookworm" by his peers when he declines their offer of a triple-date in favor of viewing a radiology experiment. Bit by a spider, turning into a superhero, his uncle killed by a thief that Peter let go.. fights crime now in Manhattan.