Spider-Man (1967)

Season 1 Episode 1

The Power of Doctor Octopus / Sub-Zero For Spidey

Aired Unknown Sep 09, 1967 on ABC
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Episode Summary

The Power of Doctor Octopus / Sub-Zero For Spidey
The Power of Dr. Octopus: Peter Parker has been sent on assignment by J. Jonah Jameson to investigate mysterious lights seen by citizens in the vicinity when his car crashes. Following a quick change into Spider-Man to rescue his vehicle, the mysterious lights cause him to stumble upon Dr. Octopus's secret lair only to soon thereafter find himself captured by one of its booby traps. Dr. Octopus plans to use his new weapon, a device which generates electronic impulses which will disrupt all the gas, water and power lines within a section of the city, to show off his tremendous intellect and power. Can Spider-Man possibly escape in time to save the city from Dr. Octopus? Sub-Zero For Spidey: Peter Parker is on his way to visit renown scientist Professor Smartyr in the middle of an heat wave when he notices the grounds near the Professor's house are covered in ice! Investigating as Spider-Man, he encounters a huge alien ice creature (Professor Smartyr assumes this creature must naturally belong to a race of ice creatures that most likely originated on the planet Pluto) which seems not only bent on freezing New York City but also on kidnapping the Professor! Can Spider-Man withstand the cold freeze?moreless

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    Paul Soles

    Paul Soles

    Spider-Man/Peter Parker

    Peg Dixon

    Peg Dixon

    Mary Jane Watson/Betty Brant/Polly/Sue J. Jonah

    Paul Kligman

    Paul Kligman

    J. Jonah Jameson/Jake/Additional Voices

    Bernard Cowan

    Bernard Cowan

    Narrator/Additional Voices/Dr. Magneto/Cowboy

    Vernon Chapman

    Vernon Chapman

    Dr. Octopus (voice) (uncredited)

    Guest Star

    Gillie Fenwick

    Gillie Fenwick

    Dr. Smartyr/Lizard Man/Dr. Curtis Conner/Plotter/Pardo (voice) (uncredited)

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • ABC Family was forced to do some drastic edits to "The Power Of Doctor Octopus" in order to remove Jameson's cigar. Such jarring Clutch Cargo freeze frame examples include: Jameson's arm pointing up into the air merged with the rest of the animation so it obscures the cigar; one where he's holding his cigar in his pinched fingers with the stoagie digitially removed. Thus, in essence, he's making an OK sign. And the ultimate one utilitizing a triple split screen where parts of Jameson move, like the side of his mouth and one arm, but, the other arm and side of his mouth remain stationary.

    • QUOTES (2)

      • Quote from Sub-Zero for Spidey:
        Spider-Man: Walloping websnappers! I'm being bombarded by icicles!

      • Quote from The Power of Doctor Octopus:
        Dr. Octopus: Spider-Man! No one can interfere with my plans!
        Spider-Man: Looks like I caught you with your plans down.

    • NOTES (5)

      • This episode is available on the VHS Marvel Comics Video Library Volume 10: "Doctor Octopus: The Power Of Doctor Octopus".

      • Doctor Octopus in this episode is wearing a purple costume similar to the one on the cover of The Amazing Spider-Man #11. However, that purple costume only appeared on a cover and never in a real comic story.

      • Peter usually wears his classic blue suit from the sixties comics in this series, but in "Sub-Zero for Spidey," he sports a white button down shirt with short sleeves due to the hot weather. Due to this, Peter's transformations into Spider-Man are cut down versions of the classic stock footage change (which feature a white dress shirt with long sleeves), and just show him pulling on his mask.

      • "The Power of Doctor Octopus" offers Peter Parker the chance to perform one of his quickest changes outside of the MTV 2003 series. After his car drives off the road and is caught in a tree, the college student whistles and says, "Don't make waves until I make this change." In the amount of time it takes to say that sentence, Peter dips down wearing his white shirt, red necktie, and yellow sweater until he vanishes from view below the car window. But he almost instantly rises back up again, pulling on his mask and having changed completely into his Spider-Man costume.

      • First appearence of Dr. Octopus

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