Spider-Man (1967)

Season 1 Episode 13

Return of the Flying Dutchman / Farewell Performance


Full Episode: Return of the Flying Dutchman / Farewell Performance


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Return of the Flying Dutchman: Reports of a legendary, flying ghost ship, the Flying Dutchman, being sighted near Smuggler's Cove summon Spidey to the area, where his investigation into the phantom ship's appearance leads him to a cave in which he finds his sworn adversary, Mysterio, plotting with a pair of thugs. Farewell Performance: When a Jekyll-and-Hyde poster comes to life at the soon-to-be-demolished Castle Theatre, Spidey visits the theatre and encounters a mischievous Blackwell the Magician, who is trying to attract public attention to the theatre in hope of preventing its demolition.moreless
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