Spider-Man (1967)

Season 1 Episode 9

The One-Eyed Idol / Fifth Avenue Phantom


Full Episode: The One-Eyed Idol / Fifth Avenue Phantom


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The One-Eyed Idol: J. Jonah Jameson receives an anonymous gift from an "unknown admirer". The gift it turns out is an unusual, hypnotic idol which entrances Jameson with a light beam, hypnotizing him enough to be open to the suggestion of putting money inside the idol's head at the request of this "admirer", one R. E. Cliventon. The money is then collected by Cliventon's Aborigine servant (who climbs up several stories and enters through the window in his bare feet and native gear!) only on this occasion Spider-Man catches them in the act. Fifth Avenue Phantom: Knowing his thieving ways, Spider-Man lays a trap for the Fifth Avenue Phantom when he places a spider-tracer on a fur coat at Benet's department store. What he runs into instead is trouble in the form of the Phantom's female robot slaves, cunningly placed on display in department stores as shop-window mannequins. Can Spider-Man discover the Phantom's secret and put an end to his crime spree?moreless
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