Spider-Man (1981)

Season 1 Episode 2

Dr. Doom, Master of the World

Aired Unknown Jan 01, 2007 on
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Dr. Doom, Master of the World
Doc Doom captures Air Force One and brainwashes the President. Peter Parker is at the airport with the rest of the journalists, and decides to investigate on the late arrival. Spider-Man makes it to Doc Doom's blimp, but Doom sends Spider-Man to his doom on the crashing plane and goes to kidnap the U.N. assembly members. Spider-Man escapes and confronts a nuclear robot of Doc Doom. Spider-Man defeats the robot, but his real goal is to keep Doc Doom from brainwashing the Secretary-General of the U.N.moreless

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  • The beginings of a cool ongoing storyline featuring a Darth Vader-inspired Doctor Doom. Spider-Man and Doctor Doom would cross paths several times during this solo series and each time was probably some of the best episodes.moreless

    Ok, many people have been pretty critical of this solo Spider-Man series, myself included. Many comic book fans have memories of watching this series in the 1980s and being a tad bit disappointed with the result.

    Yet, the ongoing Doctor Doom vs. Spider-Man storyline was the highlight of the series. This is my favorite animated depiction of Doom, with the right touch of Darth Vader, and the writing was superior, staying pretty close to the comics.

    Not only did Doom attempt various sinister plots to take over the world, but later episodes would dive into his tiny kingdom and a group of rebels who oppose his brutal dictatorship. This balanced combination of super hero action and soap opera drama-social commentary would find its way into the popular 1990s Spider-Man series.moreless

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    • This episode is available on the VHS Marvel Comics Video Library Volume 13 "Spider-Woman: Games Of Doom".

    • Other references to Superman (although they'd also became a staple of the Spider-Man character during his comic book run) include Peter Parker twice performing the famous shirt rip to reveal his costume underneath.

    • Peter mentions that there's a movie out featuring a "superguy from another planet, who's allergic to green rocks". This is the first of three references to Superman in the series.

    • Peter makes a reference to his deal with Jameson about never revealing his photographic methods. This deal was first shown in The Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #2 comic in 1963.

    • Since this episode was made in 1981, it is unsurprising that Doctor Doom's whole characterisation in this series owes a lot to Darth Vader.

    • This is the first episode featuring Doctor Doom, primarily a Fantastic Four super-villain. Later throughout the series Doom and Spidey will face each other in a five-part story arc.


    • The old man that offers to give Spider-Man a ride on his airplane tells him they're riding in an old nazi-warplane. Spider-Man makes a witty remark and the old man says "What do you think this is, the Starship Enterprise?" This is an allusion to the newley released science fiction show, Star Trek, of which the Starship Enterprise is a part of.