Spider-Man (1981)

Season 1 Episode 2

Dr. Doom, Master of the World

Aired Unknown Jan 01, 2007 on

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  • The beginings of a cool ongoing storyline featuring a Darth Vader-inspired Doctor Doom. Spider-Man and Doctor Doom would cross paths several times during this solo series and each time was probably some of the best episodes.

    Ok, many people have been pretty critical of this solo Spider-Man series, myself included. Many comic book fans have memories of watching this series in the 1980s and being a tad bit disappointed with the result.

    Yet, the ongoing Doctor Doom vs. Spider-Man storyline was the highlight of the series. This is my favorite animated depiction of Doom, with the right touch of Darth Vader, and the writing was superior, staying pretty close to the comics.

    Not only did Doom attempt various sinister plots to take over the world, but later episodes would dive into his tiny kingdom and a group of rebels who oppose his brutal dictatorship. This balanced combination of super hero action and soap opera drama-social commentary would find its way into the popular 1990s Spider-Man series.
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