Spider-Man (1981)

(ended 1982)


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  • Season 1
    • Under the Wizard's Spell
      A couple of roller-bladers terrorize vendors in Central Park, with Spidey showing up to quickly deal with them. Medusa appears and confirms to the police that Spidey had nothing to do with the trouble. She claims to be just visiting New York, but has in fact been invited there by the Wizard, her old partner in crime. She refuses his offer of joining forces with him, so the Wizard gives Medusa an unremoveable collar forcing her to work for him. Together, they steal cylinders of the rare metal element Niobium, so that the Wizard can construct an anti-gravity weapon. Medusa accidentally drops two of the cylinders and the alarm is sounded. Spidey turns up and fights the Wizard, not believing that Medusa is working for him again. The Wizard escapes, leaving Spider-Man and Medusa to talk about her problems, but she quickly leaves to join up with the Wizard before he does anything to the collar. The Wizard asks Medusa to steal an electronic component from a military base with Spider-Man's help. She tricks Spidey into helping her steal the component, and the Wizard then traps Spidey in his lair. Trapped in a room with increasingly hot walls, Spidey has to figure a way out in time to stop the Wizard and his anti-gravity weapon.moreless
    • The Return of Kingpin
      After saving a gem courier from a couple of muggers, Spider-Man is contacted by a talent scout called Hal Hunter. In reality, Hunter works for the Kingpin, and uses his offer of money to lure Spidey into taking photographs of an art exhibit at the Graham Arts Museum. Unbeknownst to Spidey, the camera he used contained infra-red film that the Kingpin's goons use to find the location of the sensor-beams guarding the statue, and manage to steal it. The next day, with Spidey blamed for the statue's theft, the Bank Bonanza quiz show offers a grand prize of a million dollars. Hunter offers Spidey the job of "courier" to transport the money to the show, but the real money was stolen, with Spidey giving the studio a case full of counterfeit bills. With Spidey now blamed for the theft of the money as well, he figures out that Hunter set him up, and after visiting him, is offered one last job to fix the Hapsburg Clock above the International Diamond Exchange. With Spidey now knowing that Hunter has been using him on behalf of the Kingpin, he prepares to prevent the Kingpin from stealing diamonds from the exchange and then, to clear his name.moreless
    • Wrath of the Sub-Mariner
      The crime boss Silvermane comes to New York to call a truce with the Kingpin. The Kingpin himself has had his scientist, Dr. Everett, create a new and powerful dissolvent fluid, capable of eating through anything. The resultant toxic waste from production of the fluid is dumped in the river, where the pollution poisons Namorita, Namor the Sub-Mariner's cousin. Namor takes her to a surface hospital, where she is treated for the poisoning. Namor then goes on a rampage, creating chaos in the city, while destroying anything that produces pollution. Spidey turns up to stop him from causing any more destruction, and the Sub-Mariner is convinced to get his message on pollution across by using the Daily Bugle. Meanwhile, Spider-Man tails crime bosses Hammerhead and Caesar Cicero, who have arrived in New York, and finds them all converging at a remote location. Namor takes Jameson on a tour of the area, showing him the effects of pollution on the environment, and soon finds Spidey in trouble with the crime lords. Namor rescue Spidey and tracks the pollution that poisoned Namorita to the Kingpin's hideout. The Kingpin puts it to the other bosses that they should join their forces, using the new dissolvent as his bargaining chip. Namor fights with the crime bosses, but ends up being defeated and imprisoned. With Namor facing being thrown into a vat of the dissolvent, only Spider-Man can save him from the Kingpin's forces.moreless
    • The Vulture Has Landed
      Spidey encounters the Vulture attempting to kidnap a scientist from his apartment, but is unable to stop him. The Vulture has kidnapped a number of scientists recently, and Peter is sent to contact Harry Osborn by Jameson to get a good quote. After losing his clothes as Spidey, Peter borrows some of Harry's clothes from his apartment, and is soon mistaken for Osborn by the Vulture, who kidnaps him. The Vulture takes Peter to his airship base, where he finds the other kidnapped scientists being forced to work for the Vulture. He forces Peter to develop enough radar-jamming paint to cover his ship, and Peter develops it using Harry's notes. After coating the Vulture's ship with the invisible paint, the Vulture leaves and Peter becomes Spider-Man. The other scientists are freed, but Spidey is thrown off the airship when the Vulture returns. Spidey lands safely and later discovers that the Jupiter space probe containing rare space rocks is scheduled to splashdown in one hour. He figures out that the Vulture's plans are to capture the probe and steal the rare gems. Spidey makes it on the recovery ship, and prepares to battle the Vulture to prevent the theft of the space probe.moreless
    • Arsenic and Aunt May
      At night, Spider-Man helps the police catch a cat burglar. When he is put in jail, he ends up as a cellmate of the Chameleon. He tells the Chameleon of how he is related to the man partly responsible for a lot of the inmates being imprisoned in the first place. The Chameleon is told of how, when Spider-Man first appeared, all he wanted was fame and fortune, but after his cousin murdered Ben Parker, Spider-Man turned into a crime fighter. The Chameleon remembers how Peter Parker always gets the best pictures of Spider-Man and decides to visit May Parker to find a way of trapping Spider-Man. He and his partner Colleen trick May into seeing what she believes to be a vision of Ben (in reality, the Chameleon in disguise). May is fooled into visiting a medium called Mentarr (really the Chameleon), so that she can contact Ben's spirit. The Chameleon gets May to believe that Ben's spirit can only rest when Spider-Man has been made helpless and turned over to Mentarr. He gives May an amulet that gives out a hypnotic gas, and she asks Peter if he can set up a meeting between her and Spider-Man. As Spidey helps Aunt May around the house, she tries several times to incapacitate him, but to no avail. It isn't long before he realises that something is wrong with May, and Spidey ends up having to deal with his manipulated Aunt, as well as the villainous Chameleon.moreless
    • Countdown to Doom
      Countdown to Doom
      Episode 21
      As N.A.S.A. prepares to launch a space platform containing a canon created by Dr. Doom, there is an accident with a liquid nitrogen leak, trapping some gantry workers. Spidey quickly intervenes and saves both the workers, and the rocket, little realizing that he has ensured that Dr. Doom's final master plan can go ahead. Doom watches the rocket's launch from his new castle, unaware of Johan and his comrade's escape from the dungeons. Doom takes control of the rocket using his satellite tracking station, and help from Dr. Zoltan at N.A.S.A. Doom uses the laser canon on board the space platform to ignite all the volcanoes around the Pacific rim of fire. The resulting simultaneous eruptions move the Earth from its orbit, sending it away from the Sun and plunging it into a new ice age. Spidey discovers that the only opportunity to return the Earth to its original orbit it at midnight, when the volcanoes are on the other side of the Earth, facing away from the Sun. Doom issues his final ultimatum to the U.N., and with no choice, they declare him absolute ruler of the world. Spidey meanwhile, has hitched a lift to Latveria thanks to the French ambassador, and meets up with Johan's resistance. With Doom now master of the world, he sends out robot duplicates of himself to take their place at the head of all the world's governments, and dissolves the U.N. As Spider-Man and the Latverian resistance converge on Dr. Doom's castle, the stage is set for the final battle to save the Earth.moreless
    • The Web of Nephilia
      Dr. Bradley Shaw and his manipulative assistant Penny study Spider-Man and his powers carefully, with the intent to duplicate them for their own purposes. After obtaining a sample of Spider-Man's blood, they discover that the catalyst for his powers was radiation. In the meantime, Peter uses any excuse possible to avoid giving blood at the Bugle, since his blood contains the aforementioned radioactive elements. Penny forces Shaw to experiment on himself, to give him the powers of Spider-Man. She allows him to receive an overdose of radiation in addition to an injection of spider D.N.A., and instead of simply duplicating Spidey's powers, he is turned into a half-human half-spider mutation known as Nephilia. He goes to the Bugle and webs up Jameson to get Spider-Man's attention. Soon, the two spider-men meet up and clash with each other. Spidey finds out that a nephilia spider was sold to Dr. Shaw and goes to his workplace, where he finds a message from Penny telling him that she and Nephilia will rob an armored shipment of gold. It falls to Spidey to protect the shipment of gold and find a cure to return Dr. Shaw to normal, as well as fooling Jameson that he has in fact donated some blood.moreless
    • The Doom Report
      The Doom Report
      Episode 19
      The Latverian peasant Johan has managed to escape thanks to help from Dr. Doom's assistant Boris. Doom punishes Boris by imprisoning him in his dungeon. Johan meanwhile, has made it to New York, where he meets a group of underground Latverian resistance fighters. Afterwards, he wishes to tell the world about the terrible conditions for the people of Latveria thanks to Doom. The resistance leader tells Johan to go specifically to the Daily Bugle, but when he gets there, his story is immediately dismissed by Jameson, who still thinks that Doom is a great man. However, Peter and Betty overhear Johan's accusations, and Peter decides to record his story. As Betty types up the story for publication, she is kidnapped by the freedom fighters, who are in reality working for Doom. Spider-Man turns up quickly and rescues Betty, but the transcript of Johan's story is stolen. However, since she still has Peter's tape, the story ends up being printed by every newspaper (except the Bugle) in the city after copies of the tape are sent out. Thanks to the publicity against Doom, the revolution in Latveria begins and Johan returns to Latveria. Spider-Man decides to join him on his journey back, but Doom is remote-controlling their plane. Doom issues the U.N. with another ultimatum to make him the leader of the world or his will use his giant Tesla coils to produce torrents of rain all over the Earth. When Spidey and Johan get to Latveria after escaping from the remote-plane, they meet up with the true resistance, and Spidey sneaks into Doom's castle, while the resistance attempt to destroy the satellite tracking station. Spidey has to face Doom yet again, and save the Earth by destroying the giant Tesla coils.moreless
    • The Capture of Captain America
      Jameson decides to honor Captain America, hero of World War II. Upon hearing of this, the Red Skull decides to use the dedication ceremony as an opportunity to kidnap Captain America. As the Red Skull ambushes the Captain at the ceremony, Spidey attempts to help stop the Skull, but ends up inadvertently letting him escape with Captain America as a captive. Spidey ends up being blamed for the Captain's kidnapping by the assembled crowd. Facing increasing public hostility, Spidey decides to rescue Captain America by himself. He disguises himself as Captain America after a visit to a costume shop, and journey's to the Red Skull's castle stronghold in a rented plane with little resistance from his pilot. With Captain America as his captive, the Skull demonstrates a device created by his worker, Dr. Niemann, that is capable of mind transfer. He intends to swap minds with Captain America, and use his power to control the U.S., while Cap in the Skull's body is locked away forever. Spidey infiltrates the Skull's castle and does battle with his robotic guards. As the Red Skull begins to swap minds with Captain America, Spider-Man arrives and has to figure out a way of stopping the Skull's plan from succeeding.moreless
    • Cannon of Doom
      Cannon of Doom
      Episode 17
      Dr. Doom has enslaved most men of Latveria, regardless of his assistant Boris's complaints. Doom then has his people construct a sattelite tracking station and hooks the guidance system Goron brought him. He causes two explosions, creating a faultline in New York. Jameson then invites Doom to New York. Doom brings a laser with him that will produce mass heat that Jameson can sell. Meanwhile, Boris frees a slave named Johan and tells of how Doom's father was killed by European dictators and used his scientific knowledge to gain an American scholarship. He unforunately scarred himself in a lab accident. Johan travels to the Latverian resistance base in New York while Spidey aims to shut down Doom's cannon.moreless
    • The Unfathomable Professor Gizmo
      Professor Gizmo, a master criminal, devises a plan to use Spider-Man to attach an antenna to a sunken treasure ship, the El Conquistador, since only he can withstand the pressure at that depth. Peter, meanwhile, has been invited to a charity cruise on board Jameson's yacht. Gizmo attacks the yacht and demands that all the diamond donations be surrendered to him, using the old ship, the Monitor. Failing to draw out Spider-Man with the theft at sea, Gizmo then attempts to steal the Spirit of St. Louis from the Smithsonian Museum. This time, Spidey shows up save the plane, but is blamed for the subsequent theft of it. Next, Gizmo uses a remote control device to control various machines in the city, and steals a bank's vault contents. Gizmo then announces that he will return the stolen diamonds, money and plane in exchange for Spider-Man. The next day, during the Thanksgiving parade, Gizmo captures Spidey, and tells him of his plan to raise the treasure ship. After Spider-Man is forced to raise the ship, he has to stop Gizmo and recover the stolen items.moreless
    • The Incredible Shrinking Spider-Man
      At a scientific demonstration, Dr. Norton shows off his latest invention, a diminishing ray capable of shrinking and enlarging any object. Soon however, the janitor announces himself as a super-villain known as the Gadgeteer, and steals the shrinking ray. Since Peter was taking photos of the demonstration, it isn't long before Spidey shows up to try and prevent the device's theft. During their battle, Spider-Man is shrunk down in size to two inches tall, and the Gadgeteer escapes with the ray. Now with a new perspective on the world, and after an encounter with a giant-sized cat, Spidey discovers that the International Inventor's Convention is in town, complete with a new futuristic micro-chip computer on display there, and concludes that the Gadgeteer is certain to show up. Gadgeteer does indeed wish to steal the micro-chip, and shrinks himself to get at it. He encounters Spidey there, and they battle. Afterwards, Spidey discovers that he has shrunk down further in size to only being half an inch tall. Spidey fights further with the Gadgeteer, and tries to get access to the diminishing ray before he shrinks to nothing.moreless
    • The Hunter and the Hunted
      J. Jonah Jameson decides to hire Kraven the Hunter to capture the last known sabre-tooth tiger as a mascot for the Daily Bugle. The large cat in question is actually Zabu, Ka-Zar of the prehistoric Savage Land's companion. When Ka-Zar learns of Kraven's involvement in his pet's disappearance, he follows him to New York. Just after landing Zabu escapes from his cage, with both Kraven and Spider-Man trying to subdue the beast. After Zabu has been restrained, Ka-Zar manages to get to New York and after causing chaos in his search for Zabu, he meets up with Spider-Man. Spidey volunteers to assist Ka-Zar in his quest to free Zabu. Upon hearing of Ka-Zar's arrival in New York, Kraven prepares to capture him, with Zabu as the bait. Kraven captures both Ka-Zar and Jameson, leaving Spider-Man alone to rescue Ka-Zar and Zabu, and defeat Kraven.moreless
    • The Sidewinder Strikes!
      Peter's assignment from Jameson is to report on how valubales can be transported publicly be camouflage. However, the convoy is attacked by a masked cowboy, the Sidewinder. Spider-Man follows Sidewinder with the stolen goods to his diabolical base of operations... the local rodeo. To get the property back, he must defeat the Sidewinder's monstrous mechanical bull.moreless
    • The A-B-C's of D-O-O-M
      Dr. Doom battles Goron, a being that can shoot multi-property beams from his eyes. Doom proposes a partnership with Goron to take over the world. Doom invites the world leaders to give them a demonstration of Goron's powers. Doom uses Goron to take over their minds. Spider-Man then runs into Goron when Doom sends him to New York to uses his growth beams. Goron then goes to Cape Canaveral where Goron is to use his beam on a space platform to feed the world; instead he traps the scientists and steals the guidance systems for the country's missile guidance system. Spider-Man must stop him from activating every one of the United States's nuclear missiles.moreless
    • Triangle of Evil
      Triangle of Evil
      Episode 11
      Peter Parker considers about appearing on the Beyond Belief show to win a cash prize by doing stunts. Jameson, meanwhile, reveals that his company has been sent a threat that a diamond and urn will be stolen by a Triangle of Evil that night. Spider-Man stops the burglaries, but pays for the damage caused by fighting with the Triangle. The Triangle's leader, Stuntman, offers to appear with Spider-Man on the Beyond Belief Show to pay his damages. The Stuntman is really Jack Riven, a stuntman struck by lightning and wants revenge. Spider-Man must defeat Stuntman on the show.moreless
    • Revenge of the Green Goblin
      Norman Osborn's memory of the Green Goblin is restored in a train wreck. He then seeks revenge against Spider-Man. On Holloween night at an E.S.U. party, Peter Parker is trapped by the Green Goblin. The Goblin then steals an memory amplifier dvice to reveal Spider-Man's identity to the public. The Goblin then terroizes Jameson by destroying the Daily Bugle issue that day with a disintegrating compound, and kidnaps Jameson. Spider-Man must save Jameson before the Goblin reveals his identity to him.moreless
    • Carnival of Crime
      Spider-Man has been accused of three robberies, the latest at a downtown jewellery store. Spidey sets out to prove himself innocent of these crimes, but is sidetracked when Aunt May reminds him of their trip to the carnival. At the carnival, Peter senses that something is wrong, and finds out that the Ringmaster, who is at the carnival, is using a hypnotic gas and skilled acrobatic performers to fool people into thinking that Spider-Man is committing crimes. Spidey does battle with the Ringmaster and his goons, but is forced to leave the scene when the Ringmaster releases all the caged animals. While Spidey rescues everyone at the carnival, the Ringmaster's group goes to the 1st Federal Bank. There, they commit another crime by robbing the place of a hundred million dollars' worth of gold, with the blame again going to Spider-Man. Spidey tracks down the Ringmaster, and has to defeat him, clear his own name, and retrieve the gold.moreless
    • The Doctor Prescibes Doom
      Across New York, delegates from the U.N. Security Council are kidnapped and replaced by android duplicates. Meanwhile, in the distant kingdom of Latveria a peasant, known as Johan, frees his father from captivity, vowing to also free his country from Doctor Doom, who is the one responsible for the replacement of the U.N. members. Soon, Doom is invited to the U.N. assembly to make a speech, where he claims that the true answer to the world's problems is to have a single leader in charge of the world. Since he replaced the U.N. members with android duplicates, Doom is elected master of the world, apparently legally. It isn't long before Spidey realizes what has happened, and he goes to Robbie for help. In a battle with Doom's henchmen, Robbie accidentally falls out of one of the Bugle's windows, when it is revealed that he too was an android duplicate. With this unknown to Spidey however, he vows to get revenge on Doom for the death of his best friend. Doom himself also has plans to steal the Black Diamond from the U.N. building using his androids. Spidey confronts Doom at the U.N., and attempts to show the world of Doom's treachery, and to stop Doom himself.moreless
    • The Pied Piper of New York Town
      Spider-Man is invited to Mysterio's Disco Palace and finds out that Mysterio is hypnotizing everyone, and created an army. Mysterio does the same thing at E.S.U. the next day, and Peter is not affected. Mysterio increases his army and travels to the First City Bank to commit a robbery, but Spider-Man is easily outnumbered and gets locked in the bank vault. After escaping, Mysterio plots to steal a nuclear misile. Spider-Man must free the people and then stop Mysterio.moreless
    • When Magneto Speaks....People Listen
      Communication sattelites and power generators start to disappear, and a mysterious individual, Mr. M, broadcasts that it was him who caused the blackouts and thefts of the sattelites. He will return the sattelites and power for a million dollars. Spider-Man uses the Insternational Communications sattelite to find out that Magneto is responsible, and he attaches Spidey onto the sattelite. Spider-Man then uses the sattelite like a space shuttle, and flies to Easter Island to face off against Magneto in hope to reclaim the communication methods.moreless
    • The Sandman is Coming
      Peter and Sally-Ann Beaumont are invited by NASA to witness Explorer One, a space probe, landing back on Earth after collecting radioactive soil samples. The Sandman steals the radiation to make himself more powerful. Spider-Man is unable to beat him, and Peter is blamed by Sally-Ann by not being around while Spider-Man was fighting the Sandman. He now faces expulson from the college, and the Sandman starts to rip off banks. Peter must expose his identity to the school board to safe face if he wishes to stay in college. But he must also stop the Sandman!moreless
    • Curiosity Killed the Spider-Man
      The Black Cat crashes a New Years' party at the Daily Bugle, stealing partygoers' jewellery. Spider-Man follows her and returns the jewels to Jameson's guests, but loses track of the Cat. The next day, the Black Cat visits the Bugle again, and asks Jameson to issue a challenge to Spider-Man, stating that she will steal the famous Maltese Mouse artifact. Spidey manages to stop the Cat from stealing the Mouse from the cargo ship carrying it, and is offered the job of guarding the artifact on the televised Johnny Griffon Show. That night, the Black Cat appears on schedule and steal the Mouse from under Spider-Man's nose in front of millions of viewers. Spidey pursues the Black Cat, with full intentions of capturing her, and retrieving the Maltese Mouse.moreless
    • Lizards, Lizards, Everywhere
      The Lizard releases all reptiles in Central Park Zoo and goes on a rampage. Spider-Man saves everybody, but the Lizard uses a gorilla to distract Spider-Man so he can make his getaway. The Lizard derails two subway cars to make a breeding ground for his reptile army. The Lizard then decides to turn New York into a massive jungle to perfect his reptile army, and Spider-Man must stop him.moreless
    • Dr. Doom, Master of the World
      Doc Doom captures Air Force One and brainwashes the President. Peter Parker is at the airport with the rest of the journalists, and decides to investigate on the late arrival. Spider-Man makes it to Doc Doom's blimp, but Doom sends Spider-Man to his doom on the crashing plane and goes to kidnap the U.N. assembly members. Spider-Man escapes and confronts a nuclear robot of Doc Doom. Spider-Man defeats the robot, but his real goal is to keep Doc Doom from brainwashing the Secretary-General of the U.N.moreless
    • Bubble, Bubble, Oil and Trouble
      Spider-Man finds Doctor Octopus stealing a ruby from a New York museum, but Doc Ock gets away with the ruby. Spider-Man also forgets to finish his homework assignment on New York landmarks. While researching more on his homework, Spidey clashes against Doc Ock, who is trying to steal a crystal. Will Spider-Man stop Doctor Octupus's plot with the crystals?moreless