Spider-Man (1981)

Season 1 Episode 10

Revenge of the Green Goblin

Aired Unknown Jan 01, 2007 on
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Revenge of the Green Goblin
Norman Osborn's memory of the Green Goblin is restored in a train wreck. He then seeks revenge against Spider-Man. On Holloween night at an E.S.U. party, Peter Parker is trapped by the Green Goblin. The Goblin then steals an memory amplifier dvice to reveal Spider-Man's identity to the public. The Goblin then terroizes Jameson by destroying the Daily Bugle issue that day with a disintegrating compound, and kidnaps Jameson. Spider-Man must save Jameson before the Goblin reveals his identity to him.moreless

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  • A train wreck, causes Norman Osborn to transform into the Green Goblin. He seeks revenage on Spider-Man by threatening to reveal his secret identity to the Daily Bugle publisher; Mr. Jamerson.moreless

    OK, one must keep in mind that this entire solo Spider-Man series was, essentially, an extended test run for future animated projects.

    For the early 1980s, the character artwork and animation is pretty good as is the voice acting. However, the comics themes and storylines were often ignored or watered down in order to appeal to a much younger audience.

    Case in point: It is implied that the Norman Osborn transforms into the Green Goblin, who was dead in the comics, not unlike a vampire or Mr. Hyde. The action sequences between Spider-Man and his enemies were, apparently, limited by network censors or simply bad writing. For example, while the Green Goblin did learn Spider-Mans secret identity, it is a bit of a stretch to watch the animated Spider-Man prevent the Goblin from telling Mr. Jamerson his secret identity and the storyline has even less crediblity to believe that the cynical and hardnosed Mr. Jamerson would simply take the Goblin for his word.moreless

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    • Norman Osborn should not have been able to survive a severe train derailment and explosion like he did here. Apparently, the other passengers and crew members all died in the wreck.

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    • This episode is available on the VHS Marvel Comics Video Library Volume 16 "Green Goblin: Revenge of the Green Goblin".

    • The episode features a heroic and quite humorous moment where Peter runs into a deserted academic building, unzips his clown costume and strips it off to reveal a second costume -- the muscled uniform of Spider-Man -- underneath.

    • An in-joke can be seen as one of the passenger's on the same train as Osborn is reading the old Marvel humor-mag, Crazy, with a bizarrely-colored Iron Man on the cover.

    • Another in-joke, one of the party-goers is dressed a (again, bizarrely-colored and bare-chested!) Cyclops.

    • According to this episode, Spidey first encountered the Green Goblin three years previously (which would strictly make it 1978), on Halloween night.

    • The events of the Green Goblin and Spider-Man discovering each others' identities three years prior to this episode (as shown by the Green Goblin's memory amplifier), first occurred in the comics with The Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #39-40 in 1966.

    • The memory amplifier later appears as a much more simplified device (plotwise as well as visually), called the Future Finder in the "The Triumph Of The Green Goblin" episode of Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends.

    • The plot of the first episode ("The Triumph Of The Green Goblin") of the Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends series, which was produced at the same time as the latter episodes of this series, is very similar to this episode, with some scenes virtually identical to the later series' episode.

    • This is the only episode in which Spidey's underarm webs are (briefly) seen.