Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

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Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

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Following the Spider-Man (1981) cartoon, NBC decided they wanted Spidey to go in a different, more accessible direction. So in order to reach a wider audience, they added the X-Men character Ice-Man, a new character called Firestar, gave Peter Parker a room that turned into a secret superhero hi-tech headquarters, and renamed the show SPIDER-MAN AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS. What kid can't relate, right? Regardless of the reasoning, the changes must have worked many people watched this show. Not only do the Spider-Friends fight Spider-Man's enemies (Dr. Octopus, Scorpion, Green Goblin, Kraven the Hunter, Swarm (not Fritz Von Meyer in this reality, just a bunch of bees), The Chameleon, Electro, Mysterio, Kingpin, The Shocker, The Sandman, and The Beetle) and other Marvel universe villians (Dr. Doom, Magneto, Loki, Mordred, The Red Skull, and The Juggernaut), but also new villians made only for the show. There were episodes when the Spider-Friends teamed up with other Marvel superheroes like Sunfire, Captain America, Shanna the She-Devil, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Dr. Strange, The Hulk, Thor, The Black Knight III, and the X-Men. For the second season, the title became THE INCREDIBLE HULK AND THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, becoming an hour show that featured 30 minutes of Spidey (and friends) and 30 minutes of Hulk. By third season, the concept was the same, only in reverse order with a new title, "THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN AND THE INCREDIBLE HULK". Despite the name changes, this area will focus on all three seasons of Spidey and friends.

Dan Gilvezan

Dan Gilvezan

Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Dick Tufeld

Dick Tufeld

Narrator (Season 1)

Stan Lee

Stan Lee

Narrator (Season 2)

Frank Welker

Frank Welker

Bobby Drake/Ice-Man, Flash Thompson, Ms. Lion

June Foray

June Foray

Aunt May

Kathy Garver

Kathy Garver

Angelica Jones/Firestar

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  • This is Spider-Man?!

    A few years ago I watched a few reruns of this show on Jetix. Let me just say: um what? Where was MJ? Harry? Who the hell is Fire Star? What's up with the dog? Since when does Spidey have a secret room that transforms into a high tech secret head quaters? Doesn't Spidey seem like more of a solo act? Once I got through this barage of questions I sadly realized Peter Parker's personal life had been completly started from scratch and changed around for the worse. This sad excuse for concept angered me, as well as the general corniness/80-ness of the show. The dialouge was horrible and I just couldn't get past the changed formula. However, people for some odd reason, liked this show. According to Wikipedia, Firestar was popular enough to add to the comics (not as Spiderman's teammate, but still a character). So I guess you have to be an eighties child to apericate this one...moreless
  • spider-man and his amazing friends was made to rival superfriends and made a bit better. the human torch was the original idea for amazing friends but the makers of the show changed there minds for some reason and came up with firestarmoreless

    ted swartz this time did not voice spider-man which was a shame as i liked him as spider-man any way the animation was the same as the solo series and seems to get more credit over the solo series im not saying this show is bad because it wasnt but please release the spider-man solo cartoons on


    1st the best episode in the series has to be the origin of spider-man

    2nd the origin of firestar

    3rd the origin of iceman

    4th the origin of the superfriends

    5th the x-men adventure

    it was a shame the fantastic four didnt show up

    they used video man far to much tomoreless
  • The first Marvel Cartoon from the eighties that I got to see.

    I was born a year after the first season premiere, so unfortunately I was unable to see most of the series in it's original full 24 minutes. What I did get to see was, well amazing.

    The first episode I got to see was "The X-Men Adventures". At the time I didn't get to see anymore of the series. Eventually due to a video rental and the series run on UPN I got to experience and record the rest of series.

    And while there weren't any long running subplots (unless you count Videoman), the show was simply good and harmless fun. The high point being the interaction between Peter, Bobby and Angelica. And while I'm more of a Peter/Mary Jane fan, I did enjoy the chemistry between Peter and Angelica.

    Hopefully the series will see an unedited box set.moreless
  • spider-man and his amazing friends I dont like this series but there my favorite character spidey man or spider-man horray hope for spider man 2007 episode and they must put it in dvd or cd and for games toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomoreless

    spider-man and his amazing friends I dont like this series but there my favorite character spidey man or spider-man horray hope for spider man 2007 episode and they must put it in dvd or cd and for games toooo this video sorry I get exagerated thers starfire ice-man and spidey I wonder why doom is in there I thought his a fou of fantastic 4 well his not the main villian Im saying this because I dont know what to said just what to have points oh I hate there opening hope it comes in new sound and graphics .moreless
  • It shouldn't work.... but it does.

    By rights Spiderman and His Amazing Friends should be an absolute mess of a show. You have his sidekicks who are not to be seen in the Spiderman stories of old, who remarkably resemble his girlfriend Mary Jane and his high school nemesis Flash Thompson, and to top that, they are voiced by the same people who did those latter named characters in Spiderman the animated series. Yet somehow, even with their preposterous flat sharing, this show is fantastic. It even survives the dated animation by having stand alone episodes of quality and different powers from the main protagonists. So basically despite it's shortcomings on the outside, inside once viewed it is a surprising cartoon classic.moreless

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