Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

Season 2 Episode 3

A Firestar Is Born

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Sep 25, 1982 on NBC

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  • Firestar and Iceman go to a X-men reunion, while Spider-Man makes an uncessful attempt to prevent the Juggernaunt from getting to the X-men mansion. Plently of cool, "new" X-men guest stars. Limited to what network tv would allow.

    Ok, Marvel was clearly trying to get an X-men animated series going. Aside from Firestar and Iceman, two mutants, several Spider-Friends episodes had mutants as guest stars and or camoes.

    Their efforts would eventually pay off, with a decent 1989 pilot and a much better 1990s X-men animated series. Yet, back in the 1980s this was all that we had and it was pretty good. Season 2 of Spider-Friends was short lived but had some of the best animation and serious-action packed stories that were possible. The problem was that American network television was much more prohibitive about what such a 'childrens' show could do. This is why Wolverine is quickly and rather oddly defeated by the Juggernaunt. His claws were just to violent. Compare fight sequences from the 1990s X-men and Spider-Man to this 1980s series and you will get a sense of how restrictive things were.
  • We get Firestar's secret superhero origin, just in time for the show to end.

    This episode really had two stories. One was okay, if generic, and the other was just generic. The first one was Juggernaut appearing and attacking the X-Men, who then need the Spider-Friends' help to fight him off. The other is how Firestar became a superhero by catching a stuck-up cheerleader who'd stolen a trophy. Not exactly an explosive break into the hero business. I liked it when I was three, but twenty years later, a lot of the charm has worn off.