Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

NBC (ended 1983)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Mission: Save The Guardstar
      Buzz Mason, an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (an elite security force that protects the Earth) enlists the help of the Spider-Friends to stop Lightwave, a mutant that possesses the ability to manipulate and control light, who's after a satellite called The GUARDSTAR. Spider-Man and Firestar finally learn from Iceman that Lightwave is his half-sister. But who's the real villian that's controlling her?moreless
    • The X-Men Adventure
      While the Spider-Friends are trying out the X-Men's Danger Room, Nathan Price, Firestar's former love, returns as the evil Cyberiad and blames Firestar for his condition (when the A.I.M agents attacked them) after taking over the mansion's computer system and starts to capture the X-Men one by one. Can Firestar stop Cyberiad from causing a meltdown?moreless
    • Spidey Meets The Girl From Tomorrow
      Dr. Octopus attempts to steal a spacecraft of siblings from the future.
    • Origin Of The Spider-Friends
      This episode tells us how Spider-Man met Iceman and Firestar and how they stopped The Beetle from stealing a crime-detection computer and the Power Booster that was invented by Tony Stark who built their headquarters.
    • Attack Of The Arachnoid
      After viewing a triumphant fight between the Spider-Friends and The Scorpion, a man name Zoltan Amadaeus and his female assistant Monica do an experiment that will make him have Spider-Man's powers and use them to frame Spider-Man in crimes. When that succeeds, Spider-Man has trouble with The Scorpion who's in the cell. Meanwhile Zoltan's powers causes him to change into a half-man half spider character called The Arachnoid.moreless
    • The Education Of A Superhero
      A teenager named Francis Byte gains the ability to turn into Video Man due to the Gamesman's plot to hypnotize young people and have them wreak havoc on the city. Unfortunately, Francis can't grasp on how to be a superhero, so the Spider-Friends help him out while battling the Gamesman at the same time. In the end, they leave Francis' superhero education to Professor Charles Xaviar.moreless
    • The Transylvanian Connection
      When Angelica is swept off her feet by a stranger at a dance, he lures her outside to hypnotize her. Her will drained, he kidnaps her aboard his private plane and they take off for Transylvania with Spider-Man and Iceman in hot pursuit. Once there, they manage to free Angelica from Dracula's control, but they still have to deal with the vampire himself, a werewolf and Frankenstein.moreless
    • The Bride of Dracula
    • 9/17/83
      The Spider-Friends are on vacation until Sandman appears at their vacation spot and discovers Spider-Man's identity. So the Spider-Friends try to convince Sandman that he's wrong.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1