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  • This is Spider-Man?!

    A few years ago I watched a few reruns of this show on Jetix. Let me just say: um what? Where was MJ? Harry? Who the hell is Fire Star? What's up with the dog? Since when does Spidey have a secret room that transforms into a high tech secret head quaters? Doesn't Spidey seem like more of a solo act? Once I got through this barage of questions I sadly realized Peter Parker's personal life had been completly started from scratch and changed around for the worse. This sad excuse for concept angered me, as well as the general corniness/80-ness of the show. The dialouge was horrible and I just couldn't get past the changed formula. However, people for some odd reason, liked this show. According to Wikipedia, Firestar was popular enough to add to the comics (not as Spiderman's teammate, but still a character). So I guess you have to be an eighties child to apericate this one...
  • spider-man and his amazing friends was made to rival superfriends and made a bit better. the human torch was the original idea for amazing friends but the makers of the show changed there minds for some reason and came up with firestar

    ted swartz this time did not voice spider-man which was a shame as i liked him as spider-man any way the animation was the same as the solo series and seems to get more credit over the solo series im not saying this show is bad because it wasnt but please release the spider-man solo cartoons on

    1st the best episode in the series has to be the origin of spider-man

    2nd the origin of firestar
    3rd the origin of iceman
    4th the origin of the superfriends
    5th the x-men adventure

    it was a shame the fantastic four didnt show up
    they used video man far to much to
  • The first Marvel Cartoon from the eighties that I got to see.

    I was born a year after the first season premiere, so unfortunately I was unable to see most of the series in it's original full 24 minutes. What I did get to see was, well amazing.

    The first episode I got to see was "The X-Men Adventures". At the time I didn't get to see anymore of the series. Eventually due to a video rental and the series run on UPN I got to experience and record the rest of series.

    And while there weren't any long running subplots (unless you count Videoman), the show was simply good and harmless fun. The high point being the interaction between Peter, Bobby and Angelica. And while I'm more of a Peter/Mary Jane fan, I did enjoy the chemistry between Peter and Angelica.

    Hopefully the series will see an unedited box set.
  • spider-man and his amazing friends I dont like this series but there my favorite character spidey man or spider-man horray hope for spider man 2007 episode and they must put it in dvd or cd and for games toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    spider-man and his amazing friends I dont like this series but there my favorite character spidey man or spider-man horray hope for spider man 2007 episode and they must put it in dvd or cd and for games toooo this video sorry I get exagerated thers starfire ice-man and spidey I wonder why doom is in there I thought his a fou of fantastic 4 well his not the main villian Im saying this because I dont know what to said just what to have points oh I hate there opening hope it comes in new sound and graphics .
  • It shouldn't work.... but it does.

    By rights Spiderman and His Amazing Friends should be an absolute mess of a show. You have his sidekicks who are not to be seen in the Spiderman stories of old, who remarkably resemble his girlfriend Mary Jane and his high school nemesis Flash Thompson, and to top that, they are voiced by the same people who did those latter named characters in Spiderman the animated series. Yet somehow, even with their preposterous flat sharing, this show is fantastic. It even survives the dated animation by having stand alone episodes of quality and different powers from the main protagonists. So basically despite it's shortcomings on the outside, inside once viewed it is a surprising cartoon classic.
  • Spider-man really goes to town in this version of the animated classic.

    I grew up watching this show. It's actually the thing that got me into Spider-Man. I just loved the many adventures they went through. All the characters, voices, everything was perfect. All though, I could have done without the repetitive animation. Regardless, this show was one of my favourites. And still is. I admired it's suberb writing, voice acting, animation everything. It also brought something to Spider-Man that the other shows didn't bring: struggle. Spider-Man finally seemed more 3 demensional. He always was in a fit. Not knowing wheather to abandon his loves, to save others. His jokes and puns were hilarious too! My only beef was Madame Web. Arrg! She stiked me as a tad bit too arrouguant. And not to mention she made Spidey seem stupid. He always seemed to be getting along well in the episode, until he's stumped and Madame Web comes to give him some advice and a lesson. Not that that was a big problem though. Anyway, I felt the show ended at the right time. It had done it share of worthy adaptions, characters, and much much more. But, I do wish we could have figured out what happened to MJ. But her not returning does make it much more sad for Spidey. After all his battles he never got see her again. Or did he?
  • Hello?! The graphics are appalling, it should be replaced with Spiderman Unlimited, the second best Spider-Man series.

    Okay, this is just embarrassing! The more recent, 2001 Spider-Man Unlimited is not on TV, but this horribly animated, horribly written, series is? Disney must have been wishful thinking, because they are trying to shunt the 1994 mega-hit series with this. Even worse, the Green Goblin is poor, and should be sad to be on the show, because not only he is poorly animated, his lines and VA are horrifying! And the Peter Parker in this terrible reality is an airhead. Please, cut it off, the 80s are over!
  • A 80's version of Spiderman wih a few added friends to help him out.

    A 80's version of Spiderman wih a few added friends to help him out. Dan Gilvezan provided the voice of Peter Parker and Spiderman and the show had 2 different Narrators Dick Tufeld and Stan Lee. additional voices were provided by June Foray as Aunt May, Frank Welker as Bobby Drake, Ice-Man, Flash Thompson and Ms. Lion and Kathy Garver as Angelica Jones and Firestar. Again maybe just a marketing ploy but the show was pretty decent. It does dives the appearance of desperation when you start adding characters that have nothing to do with the original story.

  • A butchery of the comic.

    This show no only disgraces the spiderman comics, but the X men, Thor and Captain America. The style of animation is also poor, as is the voice acting. The episodes make a complete mockery of the comic. The show itself is full of unconnected episodes, and random attacks made on the heroes. Not only this, but the many of the episodes are inconsistent and boring. With every episode tending to become repetitive. The show adds and deletes characters when it feels like it should and makes little sense when you look at the level of the personal lives of the characters.
  • Who can't resist watching Spidey?

    Yeah, you could say that the cartoon is a little cheesy, but I don't care, I love watching it. Maybe because it reminds me of my childhood when I'd get up Saturday mornings to watch it. It's still an enjoyable show to watch from time to time, and hey, it's Spidey.
  • A show about Spider-Man, Ice-Man, and Firetstar...with tons of cameos throughtout the run.

    I found myself bored one day and saw this show of ABC Family, never had I watched it before, but in an incredibly short period of time this became by far one of my favorite...if not my favorite, version of any Spider-Man cartoons. The jokes were legitimately funny, and the animation...well the animation was definately early 80's, obviously.

    Anyway I really loved about the show was the insane amount of cameos by tons of other Marvel heroes and villains. Mind you this isn't the best superhero show ever, but it's good. Watch it sometime, I bet you'll agree, or you should.

    Jarred Fouche
  • Fantastic

    This cartoon was great I still watch it all the time now, I know Firestar and Iceman didn't really have that much to do with Spidey but there addition really made this show stand out, and Firestar is hot(lol) so that helps! I think this show was slightly superior to the 1981 cartoon but the 90's animated Spiderman still remains the best.
  • hey hey

    never scene it just wanna level up today ay aya ya spider man spider man does whatever a spider can does the jig when hes lonely and mary jane wont chomp on his boloooogna he misses aunt may cuz she liked his bologna every day spiderman best show ever made

  • Spider-Freinds, Go For It

    Marvel know what to do with a concept that offers promise and no punch, SUper-Freinds was precisly that, hence why "Spider-Man and His Anmazing Freinds" is one of the better of the early Spidey cartoons, the second being the 1980s' solo series, which was slightly superior.

    Spider-Freinds' strengths come in the context of bedrooms transforming into crime labs, a three team unit allowed for more condensed character interaction, but they made the most with that, the originality in using Firestar as opposed to Johnny Storm, would eventually result in Marvel creating a comics version of the charatcer, who would then become a part of the "Maximum Carnage" franchise in the 1990s' as a tribute of sorts to her contributions to Spider-Freinds.

    The series' best episodes, "Triump of the Green Goblin" and "ALong Came A Spider", are excellent examples of the kind of writing and animation the series could often display, and so Spider-Freinds does deserve continuous repeat airing, and the inevtiable DVD release, provided Disney ever realise more box sets make money than reruns
  • All I can say is despite the flaws the show still stands out today having lost none of its charm.

    I could be cynical now watching the repeats of the show on TV but I choose not to. They may the odd plot flaw. However the impact of the show in my eyes was always positive as it did revive the flagging spider man series at that time. I still like a lot of the episodes now.
  • A great test for any cartoon show is when you grow older and if you still like it. Most of the episodes even now stand out. Recent repeats has shown the show still has all its magic.

    A great test for any cartoon show is when you grow older and if you still like it. Most of the episodes even now stand out. Recent repeats has shown the show still has all its magic. It is also fair to say on reflection that about three episodes are not quiet what I thought they were but they are still very good. If it wasn't for this brave and unique show I hugely doubt Spiderman would have been as popular to me or as popular worldwide. The show's impact cannot be under-valued.
  • Anyone not liking the show does not appreciate the show. It was very brave having introduced characters such as the X-men. It stood out because it was different.

    Anyone not liking the show does not appreciate the show. It was a very brave show having introduced characters such as the X-men. It stood out because it was different. Most kids can relate to the show additionally there was a strong female superhero and for comic reasons a dog. The combination of a female superhero and two male superheros as a team was very unique at the time. The interaction was great and funny, the show also didn't try too much unlike some of the 80's cartoons. I firmly believe it helped lay the foundation of Spiderman's worldwide appeal.
  • a very lax attempt to bring Spider-man to the small screen. Spidey shared the air time with some very misplaced superheroes and they fought villains and shared an apartment and Aunt May had teh worst looking cartoon dog I've ever seen.

    I respect it because it came before the 1990's animated version of Spider-Man, however, it's unbearable to watch except in order to laugh at it's ineptness to portray an even 2-dimensional character. It introduced Spidey villains and other Marvel heroes and that much was good. Sadly all were poorly done and the addition of FireStar and IceMan to what might have been a decent Spider-Man show if it remained in the Spider-Man universe is unforgivable. It lacks cohesiveness and every episode is just like, "hmmmmmmm..... you know what would be good? An enormous plant monster. let's do it!" And by the way, having a female character doesn't make up for the lack of Mary Jane....