Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

Season 1 Episode 2

The Crime Of All Centuries

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Unknown on NBC
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Episode Summary

Kraven the Hunter captures Firestar and attempts to unleash a Dinosaur Army.

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    June Foray

    June Foray

    Aunt May

    Dick Tufeld

    Dick Tufeld

    Narrator (Season 1)

    Frank Welker

    Frank Welker

    Bobby Drake/Ice-Man, Flash Thompson, Ms. Lion

    Kathy Garver

    Kathy Garver

    Angelica Jones/Firestar

    Dan Gilvezan

    Dan Gilvezan

    Peter Parker/Spider-Man

    Stan Lee

    Stan Lee

    Narrator (Season 2)

    Dan Gilvezan

    Dan Gilvezan

    Biker gang leader

    Guest Star

    Robert Rigley

    Robert Rigley

    Kraven the Hunter

    Guest Star

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (8)

      • Firestar fires into the incubation accelerator thing that Kraven developed to reverse the growth of the T-rex back to a baby form. How exactly would the ray do that and how did she know how to set it and work it to do that?

      • When the fully grown dinosaur starts to attack near the end of the episode, Ms. Lion easily escapes the cage Kraven had put the dog in. Why didn't she escape earlier then?

      • When Kraven is driving off with Firestar as his captive, he releases some kind of orange goo on the streets, claiming it will throw any pursuers of his trail. What exactly is that stuff, then? Seems more likely that trails of mysterious goo would be a bigger clue as to where the truck is going. Or just follow the strong scent that would be residue left on the truck.

      • If Kraven has never had access to either the Eye Of India ruby or Firestar's powers, both of which he says he needs to power his incubation acceleration ray, how did he even develop the ray to begin with and/or know that it works in the first place? He never could have tested it.

      • How would cold be a weakness to Firestar? Several times she falls victim to freezing based attacks, yet, as a ball of fire, any freezing attack directed at her should fail. The ice would melt before it reaches her or cool her off enough before dissipating.

      • The biker gang who robs the movie theater at the beginning somehow manage to convince the ticket seller to hand over all the money even though they are not carrying a single weapon. She's even safely behind the window.

      • In the middle of the episode, Aunt May scolds Bobby for being late with the rent. Yet, at the end of the episode, when Bobby apologizes for being late with his share and intends to pay her, she says, instead, that he's so forgetful. That Peter and Angelica had already paid her his share along with their envelopes. ON TIME. So, why did she take Bobby to task about being late with the rent earlier if she thinks he'd already paid it?

      • Kraven's not too bright. He has all three Spider Friends trapped in cages, yet, he never bothers to unmask Spider-Man or even apparently PEER into Iceman's cage, since he has reverted to Bobby Drake! Knowing something like a hero's secret identity MIGHT just be useful for a rainy day.

    • QUOTES (2)

      • Kraven the Hunter (being chased by Firestar): I have the speed of a cheetah.
        Firestar (to Kraven): Even a cheetah can be caught.

      • Kraven the Hunter (to Firestar): Firestar, that was fantastic.
        Firestar (to Kraven): Thanks.
        Kraven (to Firestar): I'm Kraven the Hunter who have stalked every dangerous beast on this Earth.
        Firestar (to Kraven): Why, you're even handsome in person than on your poster.

    • NOTES (6)

      • In an interesting turn of related events, Simon Williams is also the name of an artist who currently works on Marvel titles, through Panini, in the UK, such as Spectacular Spider-Man.

      • This is one of many dinosaur themed scripts that Donald F. Glut has written over the years. Most notably, he wrote the Dinobot centric episodes of The Transformers first two seasons.

      • Check out the movie marqee... it Stars Karen Page (girlfriend of DareDevil) and Simon Williams (Wonder Man of the Avengers)

      • When Ms. Lion leads Spider-Man and Iceman to the shop, pay attention to the name on the sign. It reads Stan's. The man in the shop who gives Ms. Lion a bowl of food looks suspiciously like Stan Lee whose hair has been colored entirely grey.

      • Apparently, Kraven really DID pay Iceman the $50 he asked in exchange for "anything" to help him. Because, by the end of the episode, when Kraven and his dinosaurs are being carted off at the airport, Bobby does finally have the money to pay Aunt May.

      • Firestar is knocked unconscious with freezing gas on three separate occasions in this episode by Kraven the Hunter and his henchman Skelton.

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