Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

Season 3 Episode 7

The X-Men Adventure

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Unknown on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Possible Goof: Why didn't Cerebro detect the unauthorized landing of Cyberiad's ship right in the front lawn of the X-Mansion?

    • Goof: When the mysterious figure we later learn is Cyberiad breaks into the X-Mansion, it shorts out the security system at the front door with its right hand. When Cyberiad is revealed, though, the LEFT side of his body is the prosthetic one. Cyberiad should have then used his left hand to short out the security at the door and not his right.

    • Cyberiad was also the name of a Mutant detection system once employed by Emma Frost at Massachusetts Academy in New Mutants Volume I, #43.

    • In the Danger Room, Spidey says that holograms don't smell, after smelling the ozone from the laser, deducing it's real and not a hologram. Yet, Cyberiad is able to eventually program in, after forgetting to have add it before, the brimstone smell of Nightcrawler's teleportations for his holograms in the Maze Of Madness.

    • After Professor X determines that Cyberiad is in Cerebro's logic circuits, Firestar says "all the way up in the attic?" and Professor X responds, "Yes, in the sub-basement." And they thought the Maze of Madness was confusing....

    • When Firestar fused out Cyberiad's circuits at the end of the episode, how did she avoid searing the rest of his remaining flesh off in the process? The scene is animated with her engulfing Nathan in an aura of flame.

    • Why didn't Xavier detect that the Nightcrawler hologram wasn't real, even with the added fake scent of brimstone? Surely, after a first such a trick, Charles would be on his guard to scan Kurt the next time he appeared.

    • There is either an edit or a script non-sequitor in the final showdown between Firestar and Cyberiad. After he hits her with that bolt from his finger, she says to him, "Nathan, you can't let the machine win!" There's a slight pause of silence, when she then resumes: "Then, I'm sorry, Nathan!"

    • Actually - there's no goof here - Prof. X actually says "Yes, *WE'RE* in the sub-basement..." that's why they have to go up all the way.

  • Quotes

  • Notes

    • As with most episodes, subsequent versions have featured many edits made to their first run premieres. Here are some of them for The X-Men Adventure.

      NBC reruns:

      Act I - Small edits made to the beginning of the robot training sequence with Firestar.

      Act II - Early reruns made small edits made to Stan Lee's narration recapping Act I. Later reruns removed Lee's segment entirely.

      Act III - Kitty's dialogue in the Maze Of Madness was removed.

      Best Film & Video Corporation VHS version:

      Has one major edit. In Act I, Stan Lee's voice over is removed describing when Firestar leads the heat seeking missile away from Spider-Man in the Danger Room. All other Lee voice overs are kept, unlike other versions. Why this single one was removed is odd. Has added company logos for Marvel Productions and New World Pictures after the closing credits.

      Marvel Action Universe version:

      All of Lee's voice overs are removed.

      Act I - Firestar's training against the robots in the Danger Room is removed; the episode starts off oddly with Firestar falling on her butt and chided by Xavier.
      Cuts all of from where Firestar apologizes to Xavier up to where Cyberiad's ship lands. Removes most of the sequence showing Firestar leading the heat seeking missile away from Spider-Man. Cuts from Spidey almost falling into the trap door to Firestar flying away from the missile as it crashes into the wall.

      Act II - Starts immediately with Storm getting rid of the gas and fusing the vent shut. The entire sequence of the elevator cable being cut and the elevator car falling down it was removed entirely.

      Act III - A sequence with Cyberiad is removed after the first "web out" scene change. It cuts immediately to the next scene where everyone is rotating in a circle in the Maze Of Madness.

      Uses Marvel Action Universe's common closing titles sequence with the theme music to the Incredible Hulk cartoon, not the one where the Amazing Friends are running towards the screen.

      ABC Family/Toon Disney Jetix version:

      Act I - Kitty's "You'll be sorry!" line to Spider-Man is cut just before he is in the Danger Room. When the nitride gas fills the room, the scene is edited to cut to commercial before anyone can start coughing, choking, and dying.

      Act II - A brief sequence of Spider-Man securing the elevator car at the top of the shaft with webbing is cut.

      Act III - The same edit made to the Marvel Action Universe version that removed the first Cyberiad scene is present here as well. A short sequence of Firestar flying through the hole she burns in the roof of the X-Mansion leading to where she burns a hole in the window of Cyberiad's escape ship is cut.

    • In the Spider-Man series (1981), Cyberiad had a different name and a different origin. In the last series, he was Jack Riven, a stuntman. Spider-Man caught him stealing money from a studio safe. He ran onto a fence to get away until lightning stucked it, disfiguring his body permenently. He blamed the accident on Spider-Man and tries to get even with him. Here, Cyberiad blames Firestar for the accident during the AIM raid.

    • While they are not referred to as AIM agents in the story, the yellowed bee-keeper soldiers who interrupt Nathan's experiment most likely were sent by Advanced Idea Mechanics. At least, the characters are based on the standard AIM grunt. Nice little cameo thrown in.

    • Cyberiad bears a VERY striking resemblence, almost to the point of copyright infringement, to a DC comics character called Tharok. Tharok was a villain featured in DC's Legion of Super-Heroes comics.

    • In the X-Men comics, John Proudstar/Thunderbird I didn't have the power to turn into North American animals like a Grizzly Bear. He had great strength, agility, and damage resistance skin. He was killed trying to stop a plot by Count Nefaria in Issue 95 and they say he exists in spirit and in the form of his younger brother at X-Force, James Proudstar (AKA Warpath and Thunderbird II). Here in this reality, he's not dead and can turn into any North American animal.

    • There were plans for an X-Men series from Marvel and was to feature Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Shadowcat, Lady Lightning (an animated version of Ms. Marvel that's been kicking around for years), Thunderbird I, and Video Man (???). Also, the action would've had them as students to Professor Charles Xaviar, but the idea was passed over for more shows in The Smurfs' category.

    • Probably just a typo, but, a character sheet for Cyberiad made by the animators lists his name as Cyberaid instead.

    • The X-Men featured in this episode are Professor X, Cyclops, Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Shadowcat, and Thunderbird I.

    • In this episode, Shadowcat was called Sprite since that was one of the aliases she had besides Ariel.

  • Allusions

    • Spider-Man - Let's go and let's be careful out there.

      Said as they split up into 3 groups to search for Cyberiad. A nice allusion to Hill Street Blues

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