Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

Season 3 Episode 7

The X-Men Adventure

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Unknown on NBC



  • Notes

    • As with most episodes, subsequent versions have featured many edits made to their first run premieres. Here are some of them for The X-Men Adventure.

      NBC reruns:

      Act I - Small edits made to the beginning of the robot training sequence with Firestar.

      Act II - Early reruns made small edits made to Stan Lee's narration recapping Act I. Later reruns removed Lee's segment entirely.

      Act III - Kitty's dialogue in the Maze Of Madness was removed.

      Best Film & Video Corporation VHS version:

      Has one major edit. In Act I, Stan Lee's voice over is removed describing when Firestar leads the heat seeking missile away from Spider-Man in the Danger Room. All other Lee voice overs are kept, unlike other versions. Why this single one was removed is odd. Has added company logos for Marvel Productions and New World Pictures after the closing credits.

      Marvel Action Universe version:

      All of Lee's voice overs are removed.

      Act I - Firestar's training against the robots in the Danger Room is removed; the episode starts off oddly with Firestar falling on her butt and chided by Xavier.
      Cuts all of from where Firestar apologizes to Xavier up to where Cyberiad's ship lands. Removes most of the sequence showing Firestar leading the heat seeking missile away from Spider-Man. Cuts from Spidey almost falling into the trap door to Firestar flying away from the missile as it crashes into the wall.

      Act II - Starts immediately with Storm getting rid of the gas and fusing the vent shut. The entire sequence of the elevator cable being cut and the elevator car falling down it was removed entirely.

      Act III - A sequence with Cyberiad is removed after the first "web out" scene change. It cuts immediately to the next scene where everyone is rotating in a circle in the Maze Of Madness.

      Uses Marvel Action Universe's common closing titles sequence with the theme music to the Incredible Hulk cartoon, not the one where the Amazing Friends are running towards the screen.

      ABC Family/Toon Disney Jetix version:

      Act I - Kitty's "You'll be sorry!" line to Spider-Man is cut just before he is in the Danger Room. When the nitride gas fills the room, the scene is edited to cut to commercial before anyone can start coughing, choking, and dying.

      Act II - A brief sequence of Spider-Man securing the elevator car at the top of the shaft with webbing is cut.

      Act III - The same edit made to the Marvel Action Universe version that removed the first Cyberiad scene is present here as well. A short sequence of Firestar flying through the hole she burns in the roof of the X-Mansion leading to where she burns a hole in the window of Cyberiad's escape ship is cut.

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