Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

Season 1 Episode 1

Triumph Of The Green Goblin

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Sep 12, 1981 on NBC

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  • Spider-Man, Firestar and Iceman battle the Green Goblin who is plotting to turn the residents of New York City into goblins.

    A decent pilot for the popular 1980s animated series. For its day, the animation, artwork, voice acting and script are all pretty good. Having various college students dress up as various other Marvel Comics superheros was a nice touch and forwarded the various cameo/special guest star apperances.

    Then and now, I disliked the idea of the Green Goblin being an actual Goblin, as opposed to a crazy man in a costume. I understand that certain things will change when moving from one form of media to the next, especially for children's cartoon but the 1960s animated Green Goblin seemed closer to the comics then this 1980s version. Overally, a solid episode that laid the foundation for a pretty cool superhero series.
  • This episode was worth the wait and a good start to a good series.

    Granted, my first exposure to the episode was the comic adaptation of it, but I figured the episode would be fairly different (Such as Spider-Man and Iceman stopping those thieves early in the episode).

    The first time I got to see the majority of the series was it's airing on UPN. I missed this one because the cable went out on it's UPN premiere. Thanks to it's airing on Jetix, I got to finally see the episode.

    Also, for those who thought the Ultimate Spider-Man introduced Norman actually transforming into the goblin, this cartoon did it first.

    It was worth the wait, even if not the best episode. I did enjoy the costumed cameos being a Marvel Comics fan. The only downside was the absense of the actual Spider-Woman. This episode set up Bobby's respect for Captain America quite nicely.

    Better than the solo series' episode Revenge Of The Green Goblin (which was still ok).