Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

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  • Season 3 Episode 7: The X-Men Adventure

  • Possible Goof: Why didn't Cerebro detect the unauthorized landing of Cyberiad's ship right in the front lawn of the X-Mansion?

  • Goof: When the mysterious figure we later learn is Cyberiad breaks into the X-Mansion, it shorts out the security system at the front door with its right hand. When Cyberiad is revealed, though, the LEFT side of his body is the prosthetic one. Cyberiad should have then used his left hand to short out the security at the door and not his right.

  • Cyberiad was also the name of a Mutant detection system once employed by Emma Frost at Massachusetts Academy in New Mutants Volume I, #43.

  • In the Danger Room, Spidey says that holograms don't smell, after smelling the ozone from the laser, deducing it's real and not a hologram. Yet, Cyberiad is able to eventually program in, after forgetting to have add it before, the brimstone smell of Nightcrawler's teleportations for his holograms in the Maze Of Madness.

  • After Professor X determines that Cyberiad is in Cerebro's logic circuits, Firestar says "all the way up in the attic?" and Professor X responds, "Yes, in the sub-basement." And they thought the Maze of Madness was confusing....

  • When Firestar fused out Cyberiad's circuits at the end of the episode, how did she avoid searing the rest of his remaining flesh off in the process? The scene is animated with her engulfing Nathan in an aura of flame.

  • Why didn't Xavier detect that the Nightcrawler hologram wasn't real, even with the added fake scent of brimstone? Surely, after a first such a trick, Charles would be on his guard to scan Kurt the next time he appeared.

  • There is either an edit or a script non-sequitor in the final showdown between Firestar and Cyberiad. After he hits her with that bolt from his finger, she says to him, "Nathan, you can't let the machine win!" There's a slight pause of silence, when she then resumes: "Then, I'm sorry, Nathan!"

  • Actually - there's no goof here - Prof. X actually says "Yes, *WE'RE* in the sub-basement..." that's why they have to go up all the way.

  • Season 3 Episode 6: Spidey Meets The Girl Fro...

  • The writer of this episode, Dennis Marks, died one week after ABC Family Channel reran it in the 2nd week of January, 2006.

  • It is revealed that Firestar is a Sagitarius, and that Iceman is a Pisces.

  • If Ariel and her brother got sick in Earth's past because they had no white blood cells to fight Early Earth's germs, and if Peter cannot stay in the future for the same reason, why does he allow himself to KISS Ariel?

  • Since Peter did journey to the future, and he is a carrier of Early Earth's germs, hasn't he already doomed the future race by bringing the germs with him?

  • How, exactly, would returning Ariel and her brother to their own time period cure them of the diseases they've already caught while in Peter's time zone? Future Earth obviously doesn't have the ability to cure these diseases, because Ariel's father claims that Peter would have to be quarantined because he carries Early Earth's germs, and they'd never see each other again.

  • Season 3 Episode 4: Attack Of The Arachnoid

  • While in prison, spidey comments the guards took his web shooters. Thats strange, considering the Scorpion, nevermind the Human fly were let in their cells in full armor

  • When Zoltan turned back to human he is wearing black pants. yet when he turned he was wearing his fake Spidey costume.

  • Season 3 Episode 3: The Education Of A Superhero

  • In this episode (episode 19), the Spider Friends act as though they've never meet or even seen Videoman before. But in episodes 7 ( Videoman) and 14 (The origin of Iceman) they clearly know who he is and what types of powers he possesses. Although he is seen as a good guy in this episode, he looks exactly like the Videoman that was created by Electro.

  • Season 3 Episode 2: The Transylvanian Connection

  • The map the pilots are using as Spider-Man looks in through the window shows 3 countries marked up Yugoslavia, Transylvania & Bohemia. Time for a new map folks.

  • It's strange that after Angelica was kidnapped from the college dance, and Spider-Man and Iceman went all the way to Transylvania to rescue her, they returned to what seems to be the same dance by the time this episode is over. After all, Transylvania is several hours ahead of New York City, add the fact it took several hours to travel there (and back). Realistically, the dance should have been long over. The only possibility is that it was a two-day event. But chances of that was doubtful and even if it was, would the superheroes really wanted to go back there after all that time? Factor in a lack of sleep and a lot of jet lag, and they would have been better off going home to their bedrooms.

  • Season 2 Episode 3: A Firestar Is Born

  • In this episode, Firestar is shown using her powers as a young girl despite the fact that most mutants do not develop their powers until puberty.

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