Problems with and from "NeoGenic Nightmare"

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    Okay, the ending of this story doesn't make sense to me. Recall towards the beginning of the series that Doc Connors told Spiderman that his disease (which would later make him become the Man-Spider) was simply the next stage of his evolution caused by his mutating DNA (which spiderman knew was caused by that spider that bit him, giving him his Spider Powers to begin with). First of all I would expect that when Toomes drained the mutating aspect of Spiderman's DNA from him along with his youth, he (Spiderman) would revert back to being a normal human being, or at least have his powers severely weakened. Furthermore when Doc Connors returned Spiderman's youth to him, but left the mutating aspect of his DNA in Toomes, I would have expected the loss or weakening of Spiderman's powers to be permanent. It seems that none of this was the case, however.

    Another thing is that the next time you see Toomes again in the series, which I believe is season 4 episode 5, he's not having problems with the Man-Spider anymore. This seems to me to be a flat-out inconsistency.

    Any thoughts on any of this?

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