the live-action movies borrowed alot from this cartoon

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    Green Goblin going after the people who have wronged his alter ego

    Replacing Gwen Stacy with Mary Jane for the bridge scene

    The Peter/Harry/Mary Jane love triangle (yes MJ dated both guys in the comics but they never pursued her at the same time because while Harry dated MJ, Peter was with Gwen)

    Dr.Curt Conners being one of Peter's college professors

    The idea of the symbiote bringing out Peter/Spider-man's dark side

    The whole Green Goblin was another personality of Norman Osborn who had conversations with himself

    Harry and Peter being friends first instead of starting off hating each other as in the comics before becoming friends

    Peter and Eddie being rival photographers at the daily bugle

    Also the Daredevil borrowed this cartoon's concept of the Kingpin being Daredevil's dad's killer.

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