Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 7

Kraven The Hunter

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Apr 01, 1995 on FOX
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Kraven The Hunter

Robbie has set Peter up with a job interview with a researcher by the name of Dr. Mariah Crawford. However, when he gets to her lab, he finds her under attack by a monstrous man who deems himself Kraven the Hunter. Threatening Spider-Man by kidnapping Robbie, can Spider-Man rescue Robbie while fighting this beast of a man?


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  • A good episode, not the best, but not the worse either. A new character is introduced, who will later become both a villain and an ally for Spidey.

    This is arguably one of the weakest episodes the show ever had. The animation is good, as always, and is probably one the few things that are worth mentioning about this episode.

    The character of Kraven the Hunter is introduced, with a decent back story and a superb origin flashback. This character is really interesting, but this episode just doesn't make him justice. The fight scenes in which he is involved are animated excellently, and his movements look awesome. As well as his costume. But his character isn't really explored here.

    Kraven is threating here, but that doesn't seem enough for this episode. His later appearances on the show are a lot better, in both animation and story. Here, he is more of an average villain who needs to be stopped by Spidey. Robbie Robertson is used only as a hostage for Kraven in this episode, not really adding anything important to the story, but in the same time creating an interesting sub plot.

    Overall, a decent episode, but nothing compared to all the other episode which featured Kraven. The animation is good though, and makes the episode enjoyable.moreless
Rodney Saulsberry

Rodney Saulsberry

Joseph "Robbie" Robertson

Recurring Role

Linda Gary

Linda Gary

Aunt May Reilly-Parker

Recurring Role

Gregg Berger

Gregg Berger

Kraven the Hunter/Sergei Kravinoff

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (19)

    • Spider-Man: (While searching for Kraven's hideout) The African Jungle Exhibit. Oh, this is almost too obvious.

    • Spider-Man: (To Robbie) Penny for your thoughts.
      Robbie: Will you please just tell me what's going on here? How did I get involved?
      Spider-Man: I guess you have me to thank for that.

    • J. Jonah Jameson: (Listening to Robbie's answering machine message) Robbie where the heck are you? The airline says your plane let out hours ago. What happened to you? (End of message)
      Spider-Man: How does "I was kidnapped by a crazed big game hunter" grab ya J.J.

    • Robbie: Why are you doing this?
      Kraven: I was raised in the traditions of nobility, and now I live in the world of the jungle. The codes of conduct that govern both are very similar. If you take what belongs to another, there must be retribution.
      Robbie: I don't know what you're talking about. This isn't the jungle.
      Kraven: It's a concrete jungle, the same rules apply.

    • Spider-Man: (To Kraven) Yo, Jungle Jim, up here!

    • Kraven: Where is my woman?
      Spider-Man: Well you're the hunter, can't you find her?

    • Peter: (After seeing Mary Jane in her leopard skin print outfit) Wow, that outfit brings out the animal in me.

    • Spider-Man: (About Dr. Crawford) The fear in her eyes has got even me spooked, but I don't think this Kraven guy can find her. With any luck the cops will nab him first, or maybe animal control.

    • Spider-Man: (To Dr. Crawford) Stop worrying doc, we webbed across the city ten stories high. It's not humanly possible to track us.
      Dr. Crawford: Kraven isn't human, not anymore.

    • Dr. Crawford: (About Kraven) He'll be back. You can't stop him. Nothing can stop him.
      Spider-Man: Okay, okay calm down. Let's get out of here before mister right comes back for a second date.

    • Spider-Man: (About Kraven) Is this guy a pro wrestler? That would explain the tights.

    • Spider-Man: (To Kraven, as he dangles him from the top of a building) Thanks for showing me the view, but I'm afraid of heights.
      (Escapes by knocking Kraven backwards)

    • Kraven: (To Spider-Man) Spiders are revered as hunters, but you have proven to be easy prey.

    • Kraven: (After Spider-Man saves Dr. Crawford from falling) Whoever you are, this is none of your concern.
      Spider-Man: After what you just did to her, I'm concerned enough to haul you into the police.

    • Peter: Okay Pete, take a deep breath. Just nail this interview and you'll be working in a real research lab. (Hears trouble going on in Dr. Crawford's lab)
      Kraven: (To Dr. Crawford) You have found someone else?
      Peter: (While entering through the door) Dr. Crawford, is everything alright?
      Kraven: Stay out! (Throws desk knocking Peter out the door)
      Peter: I sure hope he's not interviewing for the same job.

    • Kraven: (About Mariah) I will not hurt her!
      Spider-Man: So you're gonna hurt me instead!

    • Spider-Man: (To Kraven) That costume. Don't tell me; You're a Leo, right?

    • Spider-Man: Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

    • Spider-Man: Correct me if I'm wrong but, isn't the hero suppose to get the girl. I saved the city from jungle boy and I'll be lucky if Felicia or Mary Jane even speak to me again.

  • NOTES (2)

    • This was adapted into comic book format in Spider-Man Adventures #6. It was later reprinted in Giant-Sized Amazing Spider-Man #1 (Reprint comic), Spectacular Spider-Man (UK Magazine) #1.

    • Kraven's first comic appearance was in The Amazing Spider-Man #15. But there are many big differences from the comic and this episode. Kraven was always a respected hunter who came to New York solely to hunt Spider-Man on the wishes of his half brother, the Chameleon. The potion that gave Kraven his strength and agility was regularly taken by him and it was given to him by an ancient tribe.


    • Spider-Man: Yo, Jungle Jim, up here!
      Jungle Jim was a comic strip hero that began in the 1930's. He was a hunter whose exploits were centered around the jungles of South-East Asia.

    • Spider-Man: When did Rhett Butler turn into Freddy Krueger? Spider-Man is referring to Kraven when he says this just after rescuing Mariah Crawford from him.
      He refers to "Rhett Butler", a fictional character, he is the handsome, dashing hero of Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell and played by Clark Gable in the film adaptation. Also, he refers to "Freddy Krueger", a fictional character from the "A Nightmare on Elm Street" series of horror films. He is an undead serial killer and child killer who can attack his victims supernaturally from within their own dreams and nightmares.

    • Guest at Fashion Show: Look! It's the guy from 'Cats'!
      When Kraven enters the fashion show, one of the guests mistakenly identifies him as "the guy from 'Cats'", the long-running Broadway musical. Most likely, they were thinking he was the Rum Tum Tiger.