Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Season 2 Episode 1

Neogenic Nightmare (1): The Insidious Six (1)

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 09, 1995 on FOX
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Neogenic Nightmare (1): The Insidious Six (1)

The Crime Lords, led by Silvermane, are holding The Kingpin accountable for his failure to eliminate Spider-Man. So six of the Wall-Crawler's greatest enemies are called together to do the job: Doctor Octopus, Mysterio, The Scorpion, The Rhino, The Shocker and The Chameleon. Unfortunately, Spidey's powers have been on the blink due to the changes in his blood chemistry.


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  • Spidey loses his powers while his greatest enemies are after him. It really is a nightmare!

    We start with one of Spidey's ussual slingings through the city, when suddenly he realizes that he is loosing his powers. OK, fair enough, nice plot to start with.

    Then, we get to see Kingpin who is dealing with weirdest bunch of supervillains and crimelords I've ever seen. They are forcing him to destroy Spider-Man or else. Yeah, after we saw Kingpin's power, like I'm shore that a metuzalem and an owl-like guy can harm him. Anyway, Kingpin promise them Spidey's head on a plate. So he organize a prison break for Dock Ock, Chameleon, Scorpion, Rhino, Shocker and Mysterio and uniting them as the Insidious Six. What? I though they were called the Sinister Six! But wait, the producer said that "sinister" sounds too evil. Then, why didn't they called Mr.Sinister in the X-Men cartoon, Mr.Insidous? Anyway, all of the badguys are more then eager to whupp Spidey's ass. Meanwhile, Spidey sees a doctor about his powerlosing issues, that Connors guy. And to makes things even more weird, Spidey refuses to tell doc, how did he got his powers. Well then how the hell does he expects the doc will cure him? Anyway, according to doc's diagnosis, Spidey's a dud now. Later, for some strange reason, the I6 kidnaps Peter's Aunt May and they leave Peter a note to tell Spider-man to come to some warehouse place, I don't know, or else, the old-lady gets it. Well, he accepts the invitation, despite the fact that he is powerless now. He arrives at the randevouz-point and it's party time!

    To be continued...

    The main flaw of this episode is, I think, that they used too much different and intence details and plotlines for the first episode after the season 1, which had ordinary stories. They should have do it spontaneously. They should have put some other story before this one to introduce this chapter-sagas. With this thing they made, I think it was a big nerve attack on the viewers. Beside that, the plotline, beside those details I ridiculed, is not bad, altough, I would, personally use it as a finale of a season, not introduction.moreless
  • The Neogenic Nightmare begins, as Spidey has to battle not one, not two, but six of his most powerful enemies.

    The episode begins with a nice and short but in the same time consistent recap of everything that happened so far on the show, also showing us how Spidey's life is going along, and his fear of what his "disease" might actually be.

    Another interesting turn of events featured in this episode is the introduction of a new character, Michael Morbius, a new love interest for Felicia Hardy, and apparently Peter's rival (not only in love), but also for a science project at school. This is only the beginning though, as Morbius will play a much bigger and exciting role later in the series.

    Meanwhile, the Kingpin is freeing some of Spidey's greatest foes so far, and convinces them to try and work together in order to destroy Spidey once and for all. A nice touch is Dr. Octopus' line about how he is a scientist, and not a warrior for hire. The others are presented pretty well, as they each decide to join the Kingpin's army for different reasons.

    Spidey's life is taking a turn for the worse with this episode, as his "disease" is causing him to lose his powers from time to time, especially when he needs them the most. Doctor Connors is re-introduced in this episode, no longer the Lizard, but Spidey's friend and one of the few people Spidey can trust. The most important thing presented in this episode is probably Spidey's unknown disease. He falls on his bed and wakes up to find Spidey has been up to no good alongside his "Insidious Six". This is of course the Chameleon's work, and Spidey decides to stop them even if he knows he can lose his powers at any moment.

    This is just the case, and Spidey barely manages to escape from his aggressors. The Insidious Six decide to start looking for Peter Parker though, since they know he is the one who usually takes pictures of Spidey for the newspaper. Doc Ock is the one who goes to Peter's house and convinces Aunt May to follow him to the hospital, saying Peter is ill.

    Peter comes home to find his aunt gone and a note saying that if he ever wants to see her again, he must tell Spider-man to come fight them. Peter, even without his powers, must now save his aunt from the Insidious Six. And so, the battle starts...moreless
Nicky Blair

Nicky Blair


Guest Star

Michael Rye

Michael Rye

Dr. Farley Stillwell


Linda Gary

Linda Gary

Aunt May Reilly-Parker

Recurring Role

Martin Landau

Martin Landau


Recurring Role

Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Goofs: Just before Spider-Man's powers fail him the second time, he picks up a newspaper headlined for Saturday. Afterward, he returns home and sleeps. When Aunt May tells Peter he was asleep for over 24 hours, he realizes it's now Thursday. If that's the case, then the newspaper he picked up before should have been marked for Wednesday.

    • When Flash shows Peter the news about how Spider-Man was leading the Insidious Six, the Chameleon is clearly disguised as Spider-Man, but he does not have his belt on.

    • For some reason The Shocker is still in his costume in prison.

    • Mysterio's voice is different in this episode from the one in "The Menace of Mysterio"

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Doctor Octopus: (After getting the signal that it's time to defeat Spider-Man) Excuse me my dear, I am needed in surgery, but I'll be back.
      Aunt May: What a nice man.

    • Mysterio: No more illusions, Spider-Man. (The other Insidious Six members arrive)
      Rhino: We're real. And we got you at last!
      Chameleon: (Disguised as Aunt May) Oh, you poor dear. Ready for the end… (Transforms into a witch form of Aunt May) MY PRETTY!!! (laughs evilly)

    • Doctor Octopus: (To the Scorpion about his plan of using Peter to get to Spider-Man) Good plan, too good for a clod such as yourself.

    • Doctor Octopus: Now where could an inane, arachnid aberration such as you, be going in so much of a hurry?
      Scorpion: Out of my way octopus!
      Doctor Octopus: (Grabs him with his mechanical arms) You didn't say please.

    • Spider-Man: (As the Rhino is stealing money) Hold it horn head, you didn't fill out a withdrawal slip.

    • Spider-Man: I go to sleep for one lousy day and I wake up in the Twilight Zone.

    • Debra: A little late, eh Peter. What's the matter, get wrapped up watching cartoons this morning?

    • Spider-Man: (About the Insidious Six) Can't find a trace of them anywhere. No bank robberies, no jewel thefts, not even any fresh graffiti.

    • Mysterio: (About joining the Kingpin's Insidious Six to help stop Spider-Man) The plot seems clever enough. The climax ought to be intriguing.

    • Rhino: (After a robot Spider-Man is destroyed) What do you know, all this time Spider-Man was really a robot.
      Doctor Octopus: Neanderthal, that wasn't the real Spider-Man, it was an obvious fake.

    • Mysterio: (After being freed) And I can resume my leading role of Mysterio. Now let's disappear. (Makes himself, the Scorpion, the Chameleon, and the Shocker disappear in smoke)

    • Spider-Man: What am I thinking? How could anybody commit to a guy who sneaks off to crawl on walls?

    • Spider-Man: (To Bruce the Gargoyle, as he looks down at the city) Look at them down there. I bet each one has somebody close. I feel so distant. I have nobody, except you of course. You're always here for me. You're rock solid, and best of all you laugh at all my jokes. Bruce, you're a heck of a guy. But I do wish I had someone a little prettier to talk to.

    • Spider-Man: (To Chameleon, disguised as himself) My, aren't you a handsome gent!

    • Dr. Octopus: Back off, you pea-brained, uncoordinated, absurdly-dressed excuse of a man!
      Scorpion: Hey, who are you calling "absurdly-dressed"?

    • Morbius: I had thought you would be my main competition Parker, but you will be lucky to make it to the starting line.
      Peter: Don't forget Michael, the tortoise beat the hare.
      Morbius: In my country, we eat tortoises.

    • Dr. Connors: You weren't born with your spider-powers, were you?
      Spider-Man: No, I won them on a quiz show.
      Dr. Connors: (Looking at a computer scan) These patterns imply Neogenics are involved. How is that possible?
      Spider-Man: That was the category I chose.

    • Chameleon: (The villains concentrate their attacks on the Rhino's door, but they have no effect)(Disguised as a guard) Very impressive. But try this instead. It's called "a key". (opens door)
      Rhino: Is it dinner time already?

    • Scorpion: Eat acid, Spider-Man!
      Spider-man: Sorry, I'm on an acid-free diet!

    • Felicia: [about Morbius] What horror movie did he come from.
      Peter: The return of Dracula's ego.

  • NOTES (6)

    • Although Owl makes his first and last appearance in this episode, he does not speak once.

    • The pictures that Dr. Connors shows his class about neogenics are the same ones shown in "Alien Costume".

    • In the comics, Silvermane originally appeared in ASM #76-78, Hammerhead in ASM #114-117, and the Owl in PPtSSM #72-74. (All numbers are approximations)

    • In the comics, they were called the Sinister Six and were up of Doc Ock (leader), Electro, Kraven the Hunter, Sandman, Mysterio, and Vulture in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1. Over time, they returned introducing, removing, and replacing a few members with guys like the Hobgoblin and Gog. At one point they even became the Sinister Seven and then the Sinister Twelve!

    • This marks the first time that the season uses "chapters", where they have one main name for every episode in the season, accompanied with another minor name. This is used until the final season.

    • Dr. Conners refers to the Toomes grant, foreshadowing the appearance of Adrian Toomes (the Vulture), in chapter 13 "Shriek of the Vulture".