Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Season 2 Episode 13

Neogenic Nightmare (13): Shriek Of The Vulture (1)

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Feb 17, 1996 on FOX
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Neogenic Nightmare (13): Shriek Of The Vulture (1)

Adrian Toomes wants revenge when Norman Osborn attempts to take over his company, Toomes Aerodynamic. He becomes the Vulture and uses his youth stealing talons to help him gain the strength to take out Norman. He is even able to use Debra and Dr. Connors, who work on Neogenics at his own lab due to the Toomes grant, to supply him with youth. Will Spider-Man be able to stop this bird of prey before he turns Norman into bird feed?


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  • i have seen this episode when it first came on and now havent seen it since. must be one of those episodes that have been banned from tv. the next episode in line is the same way. it hasnt been shown either. after the tragedy censorship is up and glorifiemoreless

    where did this episode go. i saw it when it was originally shown and now it doesnt come on anymore. after 9-11 anything much with the world trade center showing has been edited or not being shown in this case this one and the next one also. vulture is cool.
Rodney Saulsberry

Rodney Saulsberry

Joseph "Robbie" Robertson

Recurring Role

Linda Gary

Linda Gary

Aunt May Reilly-Parker

Recurring Role

Eddie Albert

Eddie Albert

Adrian Toomes/ Old Vulture

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (18)

    • Spider-Man: Rescued by Flash Thompson, how embarrassing.

    • The Vulture: This is none of your business.
      (Slices at the trees Spider-Man lands on)
      Spider-Man: Well fine, but don't blame me if you get a splinter in your wing.

    • Spider-Man: (To Norman Osborn, after hanging him from a suspended helicopter) Don't go anywhere.

    • Norman Osborn: (frazzled) Who, who are you? What, what do you want?
      The Vulture: Your head, Osborn. Ha, ha, ha, ha!

    • Boy: (After regaining his youth) What, what happened to me?
      Spider-Man: I don't know, but I want the name of the vitamins you took this morning.

    • The Vulture: (To Spider-Man as he's about to cut him with his razor wings) Okay Spider-Man, let's see how you like my cutting-edge technology.

    • Spider-Man: (To the Vulture as he stops him from taking Flash's youth) Ah ah. You didn't say may I.

    • The Vulture: You don't understand, nobody does. You're all out to get me!
      Spider-Man: You got that right.

    • Spider-Man: (While dodging Toomes's laser turret) Great, I'm trapped in a gigantic videogame. At least I don't need any quarters.

    • Spider-Man: (To Harry Osborn as he hangs him from the stage roof) Sorry guy. Just pretend you're the lead in Peter Pan.

    • Spider-Man: (To the Vulture who's flying off with Harry Osborn) What is it with you and the Osborn's? Hey, are you trying to start a collection?

    • Spider-Man: (After tripping Flash, thinking he was an intruder) Thompson, what are you doing here?
      Flash: Spider-Man, I was only looking for someone. See? (Holds out flowers)
      Spider-Man: For me, you shouldn't have.

    • Spider-Man: (After seeing Mary Jane and Harry Osborn hugging) Story of my life. Save the world, lose the girl.

    • The Vulture: (After noticing that he has only a few minutes left of youth) No time to finish.
      (Flies off)
      Spider-Man: Huh, I guess he had a cake in the oven.

    • The Vulture: You again, stop meddling in my affairs.
      Spider-Man: Not until you explain that aging trick. I hate mysteries.

    • The Vulture: (To Norman Osborn as he lifts him high into the air) Your stock is about to take a plunge, Osborn.
      (The Vulture drops Norman Osborn)

    • Toomes: (To Norman Osborn during a board meeting) How dare you. You are nothing but a corporate vulture. You think anti-gravity is a pipe dream? Ha! Mark my words Osborn. There's only room for one bird of prey in this company, and I am it.

    • Flash: What would somebody as brain-pumped as Deborah see in a jock like me?
      Peter: Hey, she likes ya, pal, so she can't be that smart!

  • NOTES (2)


    • Spider-Man: (after hanging Harry from the rafters) Just pretend you're the lead in Peter Pan.
      Peter Pan is a stage play created by J. M. Barrie in 1904 that is about a boy that never grows up and can fly. The lead actor that would play Peter Pan would normally be attached to a hoist/pully system to give the illusion of flight.