Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Season 2 Episode 2

Neogenic Nightmare (2): Battle Of The Insidious Six (2)

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 16, 1995 on FOX

Episode Recap

As a powerless Spider-Man does battle with the Insidious Six, one of Doctor Octopus' attacks knocks down Mysterio's box containing his holocubes. Buying some time, Spider-Man uses the jungle illusion, cast by one of the cubes, to hide. Spider-Man's safety is short lived as Doctor Octopus finally captures him. Watching a live feed of the battle from his headquarters, the Kingpin receives a call from Silvermane that he and the other crime lords have ran out of patience with him. The Kingpin shows him the live feed of his Insidious Six capturing Spider-Man and tells Doctor Octopus to unmask him. The Insidious Six are shocked to discover that Spider-Man is really Peter Parker. It isn't long that Doctor Octopus deduces that Peter isn't the real Spider-Man, that his performance was nowhere near that of the real Spider-Man. They conclude that Peter was worried about his aunt and came there himself in a cheap costume. Before being picked up by Doctor Octopus, Peter picks up a couple of Mysterio's holocubes off the ground. He then tells Peter that if he wants to see his aunt again, he must lead them to the real Spider-Man. After making his Aunt May think that he's at a real hospital and is doing better, Peter, as well as Mysterio, the Chameleon, and Doctor Octopus head out to find the real Spider-Man. Disappointed that all the Kingpin did was capture an old lady and rough up her nephew, Silvermane contacts Hammerhead and tells him that the time to strike the Kingpin is now. Expecting an attack from the other crime lords, the Kingpin decides to hit them first.

Back at Silvermane's headquarters, the Chameleon, disguised as Hammerhead, tells Silvermane that the Kingpin is going to attack him and that he's there to help get him to safety. As the Rhino, Scorpion, and Shocker begin their attack, the Chameleon handcuffs Silvermane to the elevator, allowing the Kingpin to capture him with his helicopter. He then transforms into Silvermane and falls out of the captured elevator. He follows up by telling one of Silvermane's men to call off the attack on Kingpin. Later, Peter directs the Insidious Six to the top of a hotel, claiming that this is where he meets Spider-Man. As the Insidious Six prepares to ambush him, Peter tosses a holocube, allowing Peter to escape. As the Shocker blasts Peter off the roof, he discovers that his powers are returning since that blast should have finished him off. He then changes into his Spider-Man costume and reaches the top of the building to face the Insidious Six. He soon sees the Kingpin, nearby in his helicopter, as he throws out Silvermane, attached to the helicopter's crane. It isn't long until Spider-Man is able to free him as he swings Silvermane and himself into a nearby building, to which the Insidious Six chase after them. After tricking and defeating the Insidious Six, Spider-Man is able to get Silvermane to safety. Meanwhile, the Insidious Six decide to disband and go their separate ways.

After running into Felicia and finding out that she is seeing Morbius now, Peter goes home to let his aunt know that he is better now. He soon sees Dr. Connors as Spider-Man to find out about the test results. He finds out from him that he is still changing and that his DNA will change into something else, something that isn't human.