Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Season 2 Episode 3

Neogenic Nightmare (3): Hydro-Man

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 23, 1995 on FOX
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Neogenic Nightmare (3): Hydro-Man

Mary Jane is being stalked by her former boyfriend, Morrie Bench, who's undergone an accidental metamorphosis and become Hydro-Man. Sweeping Mary Jane off her feet in a wave of water he insists she will love him. Spider-Man is nearly beaten by the semi-liquid culprit, but with a little help from Mary Jane, can the two put an end to Hydro-Man?


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  • An enjoyable, but somewhat out of character episode in which Spidey must battle Hydro-Man.

    This episode was a good one, for various reasons. Firstly, because of the quality of the animation. Once again, the special effects and visuals in this episode were outstanding. Most notably when Hydro-Man is using his powers, his morphing abilities and especially seeing Spidey soaked and punching Hydro-Man only to have his fists sunken into Hydro-Man's chest. This episode featured some of the best animated scenes the show had in a while.

    Another thing that made this episode enjoyable, was the character development involved, especially the relationship between Peter and Mary Jane. Not only that, but Mary Jane gets some character development for herself; we find out more about her past, and why she is so afraid to have a relationship with Peter. Until now, anyway. Also important is that she starts developing feelings for Spider-man as well, which will become an important factor during the series.

    A rather smart move was making Mary Jane look like the hero in this episode, she being the one who actually defeats Hydro-Man. Hydro-Man's "death" was also really well done, with the superb animation quality this episode offers.

    The only downside this episode had was that it was placed rather randomly; it didn't really fit after the superb ending the previous episode had. Still, the episode was good, but nothing outstanding. It did help introduce Hydro-Man on the show, and already presented his relations with both Mary Jane and Spidey. However, his next appearance will create even more confusion later on during the series.

    Overall an enjoyable episode. The highlight of the episode is definitely the quality of the animation. That's followed by the quality of the plot, and that's about it. One thing is for sure, anyone who will watch the episode won't be bored.moreless
Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

Morrie Bench/Hydro-Man

Guest Star

Ray Berrios

Ray Berrios

Additional Voices

Guest Star

Marla Rubinoff

Marla Rubinoff

Liz Allen

Recurring Role

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    • Mary Jane: (To Peter, after winning a carnival prize) Stick with me tiger, and I'll teach you how to beat the odds.

    • Mary Jane: (Reaching the top of the skyscraper) Looks like the end of the line.
      Hydro-Man: That's right, nowhere left to run.
      Spider-Man: So why don't we all just take a break.

    • Mary Jane: (To herself) Guess we're not so different, huh dad. When things got tough, I turn tail and ran too, but not for long. The difference between us is I'm not going to run anymore, no matter what.

    • Spider-Man: (After knocking down the water silo containing Hydro-Man) That's water under the bridge, but I bet that barely slowed him down. I better find M.J. before Don Won in a bottle does.

    • Hydro-Man: (To Spider-Man within a water silo) Forget your water-wings, dude?

    • Hydro-Man: (As Spider-Man's hands are stuck in his chest) Is the big shot hero, wall crawler, stuck? Let me give you a hand. (Shoots water from his hand at him)

    • Hydro-Man: (After placing a pearl necklace around her neck) Boo, guess who? It's good to finally see you again Red. It's been too long.
      Mary Jane: (Looks at the pearl necklace) What is this?
      Hydro-Man: I always said I'd give you the world. This is just a down payment.

    • Mary Jane: (Over the phone) No, I can't meet you. I won't.
      Hydro-Man: You can and you will Red. It's as inevitable as the tides.

    • Guard: Look, Spider-Man really is the thief.
      Spider-Man: (To himself) Great, Jameson will probably be selling "Spider-Man Really Is The Thief" tee-shirts by noon tomorrow.

    • Spider-Man: (After falling into a tank of electric eels) Uh oh, chow time, and I'm the main course.

    • (After Spider-Man stops Hydro-Man with special webbing)
      Mary Jane: What did you do to him? Is he okay?
      Spider-Man: No, he's stuck. I mixed a powerful coagulant into my web fluid. One that would react with the H20 in his body, and become a hardening agent.
      Mary Jane: What?
      Spider-Man: Basically I stirred powdered gelatin into him. Let's just say he's getting his just deserts.

    • Spider-Man: (After hearing the aquarium's alarm go off) Huh? Don't tell me the Beluga whales are having a midnight clambake.

    • Spider-Man: Three minutes underwater; Do I get my merit badge now?

    • Hydro-Man: You can butt out, wall-crawler!
      Spider-Man: Can't. They'd take away my superhero license.

    • Hydro-Man: Pathetic, you don't really think you can match the power of Hydro-Man do you?
      Spider-Man: Did you say Hydrant-Man? The dogs must love you.
      Hydro-Man: It's Hydro-Man! Dude, and it's the last name you'll ever hear.
      Spider-Man: For somebody new to this super-villain gig, you've sure got the cliches down.

    • Mary Jane: Spider-man, what are you doing here?
      Spider-Man: A 50 foot geyser in Washington square and you're wondering why I'm here?

    • Hydro-man: Haven't you figured out yet that you can't beat me?
      Spider-Man: I don't have to, slick. She already has.
      Hydro-man: Huh?
      Spider-Man: Don't you get it, Bench? She led you away from the water that feeds you. You're barely holding yourself together, pal.

    • Mary Jane: Boy, now you sound like my friend Peter Parker.
      Spider-Man: Hey, don't insult me.

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