Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Season 2 Episode 4

Neogenic Nightmare (4): The Mutant Agenda (1)

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 30, 1995 on FOX

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  • This is awesome.

    And they even used the Theme Music of the X-Men series, I loved that one too !
  • Spidey meets the X-Men in this outstanding episode.

    This episode was definitely one of the best crossovers the show ever made. Featuring a cast of not only Spidey and the return of the Hobgoblin (like I said one of the coolest villains featured on the show), but also all the (important) X-Men, together with my all time favorite, Wolverine. Thanks to the quality of the animation this show had (far superior to the one used on the X-Men show), the X-Men looked awesome. The opening was really intense, and exciting. Spidey arrives at the X-Mansion, only to be captured and attacked by the X-Men. He has a little fight with them, and somehow gets lost in the Danger Room, where he has to face a Sentinal. Once again, its design was a little changed but it looked cool anyway. And seeing Spidey go up against a Sentinel isn't something you see any day.
    It was nice to see the continuity between the episodes, as Spidey actually has a reason to come to the X-Mansion: wanting to learn more about his mutation, his "disease" as he calls it. However, he is not in the right place, as Xavier admits he does not try to cure mutants at his Institute. Spidey notices he is not wanted there, and leaves. The scene is really well done, as he finally says that he is supposed to be a hero and save everyone millions of times, but when he needs help, there's nobody to actually help him.
    Beast still wants to help Spidey, and goes after him to tell him to visit an old friend of his, at the Landon Foundation. This sets up the plot, as Landon's real plan is to capture mutants and destroy all of them. He is sponsored by Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin, who believes Landon will create an army of mutants for him.
    Beast is the one who is captured by Landon's men, and soon he will be the first test subject for Landon's experiment. A nice touch was using Beast as one of the main characters in this and the next episode, as he never had too much screen time on his own show. Not only that, but they even mentioned his origin on Spidey's show. Another one of those priceless moments that made this show so great.
    The Hobgoblin was the real villain, after all. Once again he does what he does best, tricking and blackmailing others. This time, Landon is his target. In the meantime, Wolverine is worried about Beast, since he never came back from his talk with Spidey. Using his super developed tracking powers (you know what I mean; he's Wolverine, after all), he manages to track Spidey down. Right when Spidey was fighting the Hobgoblin. Wolverine doesn't care, he wants to know what happened to Beast, and fight Spidey again. The episode ends with a cliffhanger, but a good one nevertheless.
    Overall a superb episode, even though it only serves as a pilot for the actual episode (the second part). Seeing the Hobgoblin again, all the X-Men and (of course) Spidey, made this episode truly great.