Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Season 2 Episode 5

Neogenic Nightmare (5): Mutants Revenge (2)

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 07, 1995 on FOX

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    You gotta love mark hamill. And I think I am using the review function not right.
  • Spidey teams up with Wolverine in order to save the Beast.

    Continuing directly from where the last episode left off, Spidey finds himself attacked by Wolverine, who just won't believe Spidey is telling the truth about Beast. Not only that, but the Hobgoblin is hovering above them on his glider, finding the entire situation amusing, and to make sure he will be the winner of the fight (even though he isn't really fighting), launches one of his bombs towards Spidey and Wolerine. This helps him get away, and Spidey and Wolverine decide to join forces to search for Beast. The team up between Spidey and Wolverine was definitely one of the best this show ever had, and not only one of my personal favorites. Obviously the highlight of this episode was seeing them work together.The chemistry between them was presented really well, with all their sarcastic lines about each other, and another strong point for this episode was the fact they kept the same voice actor who voiced Wolverine on the X-Men animated series. Except for Wolverine, the other X-Men didn't do too much here, but it certainly was nice to see them again. Also, the Beast had quite an impressive role in this episode as well, even if he was locked in a cage for most of the episode. They actually explained his origin in this episode (more or less, but definitely more than it was ever explained on the X-Men animated series). A little surprising seeing how this was Spidey's show, but it worked really well with the theme of the episode, and Landon's obsession of destroying all the mutants in the world.
    The ending was a little weird, but still a good one. It was rather silly and unexpected to see Landon turn into an energy eating mutant (but it was still decent, as Beast mentions the irony of the fact that Landon is now what he hated the most: a mutant). The fight against Landon was well done, and each of the other X-Men got a chance to hit the monster at least once. Landon remains a half-mutant, half-human being, and will appear later on the show as one of the Kingpin's men.
    The final scenes were superb, as Spidey learns he can always count on the X-Men, they are his friends. That is what he needed to hear, that he has friends. The ending is once again a cliffhanger as usually. Spidey decides to take Doctor Crawford's antidote for his disease. This will lead up to yet another story arc.
    Overall a superb episode, and enjoyable as well as exciting too. One of the best, if not the best, crossover episode this show ever had.