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  • Take a peek at the main page.

    This show introduced me to the beauty of comics, how could I not love it?! It was a perfect blend of "smart #$$" sarcasm and killer action. It didn't matter how old you were, you would be instantly captivated. I know I was. Even the voice casting was totally perfect. A plus show!
  • Spider-Man was a great series. They did a great job following the comics. Peter Parker is an ordinary boy whose life is changed forever when he is bitten by a radioactive spider. Peter Parker dons a costume and assumes the name of Spider-Man. He becomes a

    Spider-Man was a great series. They did a great job following the comics. Peter Parker is an ordinary boy whose life is changed forever when he is bitten by a radioactive spider. Peter Parker dons a costume and assumes the name of Spider-Man. He becomes a hero. In the Spider-Man series, they showed many appearances of other Marvel characters, such as Iron Man, War Machine, and various X-men. The Spider-Man animated series showed classic villains, such as Kraven, Kingpin, and obviously, Venom and Carnage. They showed many classic events, such as Peter's wedding with Mary Jane and the Secret Wars.
  • This show starts from the very begining and shows in detail how he got his powers. It progresses through an incredible story line which contains most of the main villains in the spiderman franchise. It has alot of great sounds included such as the theme

    This is the Greatest spiderman cartoon ever made. It has Great story lines and a variety of bad guys. I grew up watchin this cartoon and i wish they would put all the episodes on dvd season by season. It does have unforgettable character and guest superheroes which do come such as the xmen, iron man, war machine, shield, fantastic four. The theme song is the best spiderman theme song also. My favorite epesodes are with venom and carnage I just love how they talk. The insidous six were also great. The only downfall to this show was the conclusion of spiderman. I would have loved to see him rescue MJ, but seing stan lee in cartoon was also pretty good.
  • A great show that's still fun to watch.

    Who can't help get enthralled by watching Spidey and all of his drama? I really wish that they would play - Shriek of the Vulture and The Final Nightmare. I really don't know why they don't. Only criticism is Peter Parker is a little pathetic when it comes to Mary Jane. But that's more the actual character's flaw than that of the series. The series just tells the story.
  • A classic series with a classic superhero.

    The series is great. It presents Peter Parker as a complex character, with adsolutely no luck in his love life and who constantly thinks on giving up being a superhero.
    Every good or bad guy is introduced in the series in verry well writen episodes.
    This series had great story-lines and is a classic as far as I'm concerned.
  • One of the best!

    I wish this show came on later than six in the morning, it would be easier to watch then. If they put it on more often it would be easier to watch also. I'm just glad that it's still on and it should never be taken off televison, they should never give up on this show, I can even remember watching it as a kid. I will never forget this show for as long as I live, non-stop fun, great artists and voice actors. Venom is perfect, couldn't get any better, i'm sure of that. Just keep this show on and i'll be happy, so will Stan Lee!
  • A decent, though ultimately disappointing TV series of everyone's favorite web-spinner.

    Spider-Man is all-time favorite character ever. To me, nobody else comes close. Spider-Man was someone everyone could relate to - he was a teenager dealing with acne, overdue homework in his high school classes, couldn't get a girl to date him and worked part-time to help pay the rent, all the while fighting super-villains with his incredible powers. What's unique about Spider-Man is that his alter ego, Peter Parker, is just as interesting as he is when he's wearing the famous red-and-blue, webbed costume. So, being a kid at the time, you could only imagine my excitement when I learned there was going to be an animated series of his adventures.

    The series works like the early Stan Lee/Steve Ditko comics, with a mix of modern comics continuity. In this version, Peter is a college student who deals with girl problems, overdue bills and trying to get work as a photographer for the newspaper The Daily Bugle, but still finds the time to don his superhero suit to pick on the occasional super-powered enemy in a colorful costume. The series boasted a surprising amount of talent for voice actors when it came to the villains, including Efrem Zimbalist Jr. ("Hot Shots") as Doctor Octopus, Mark Hamill (hey, kids, it's Luke Skywalker!) as the Hobgoblin and Hank Azaria (Apu and Moe from "The Simpsons") as Eddie Brock/Venom, reminding me of the famous guest villains of the live-action, 1960s "Batman" series without being campy. Two of the best, and most frequent, villains were Roscoe Lee Browne ("Soap") as the Kingpin and Maxwell Caulfield ("Grease 2") as Alistair Smythe. And to me, nobody else voiced the nerdy Peter Parker, a.k.a. the amazing Spider-Man, better than Christopher Daniel Barnes. He had just the right voice for the role and sounded youthful enough to make you believe you were listening to a college kid as a superhero as opposed to a talented older actor voicing a teenager.

    The first season worked well, but season two kind of dragged on with the whole "Spidey is infected with a mutation disease" story arc. Season three was arguably the best, featuring the introductions of both the Green Goblin and Carnage, Madame Web training Spider-Man for a secret mission he'd soon undergo, guest hero Daredevil helping Spider-Man clear the name of a framed Peter Parker, and a two-part episode with Doc Ock including Spidey meeting his number one fan, a terminally ill little girl. The real highlight of the show, and my favorite episode, dealt with the Green Goblin discovering Spidey's true identity and abducting his girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson. In an episode that echoed the "Green Goblin's Last Stand" two-part story from the comics, Spidey's decision to ignore Madame Web results in the loss of both Green Goblin and Mary Jane in limbo, though Spidey thinks she may be dead when he doesn't see her vanish.

    Season four started off strong, including the origin of the Black Cat, Peter's former friend Harry Osborn taking up his missing father's role as the new Green Goblin to get revenge on Peter/Spider-Man, and the return of Mary Jane. But season four trailed off when two of Spidey's coolest villains left the show (Kraven and Mysterio, respectively, who were both voiced by Gregg Berger) and the introduction episode of the Prowler was poorly written. Season five had a good season premiere, with Peter and Mary Jane getting married, but was the most disappointing season. One of the most disappointing stories was the "Forgotten Warriors" five-part story that included Captain America, the Red Skull and Electro. If Electro hadn't been an all-new character named Kragov (and the German son of the Red Skull!) instead of electrical lineman Max Dillon like in the comics, or that the framing of Peter Parker's parents had been handled better, the story would've been fine.

    But the following "Return of Hydro-Man" two episode tale - which had the Mary Jane that Spidey wed and Hydro Man both turn out to be clones - was awful and led to the equally lame, oddly dull "Secret Wars" three-part storyline. In the comics, "Secret Wars" was a twelve issue mini-series that affected all of the Marvel Universe and featured almost every major character for big battles. On the series, it was more Spider-Man centric, including only a handful of heroes (Captain America, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four and Storm) and villains (Doctor Doom, Doc Ock, Lizard, Red Skull and Smythe). However, without such popular heroes as the X-Men and the Hulk missing from the team and at only three episodes, the major storyline fizzled as a glorious example of "what might have been cool".

    The nail in the coffin came with the two-part series finale, in which the Spider-Clone storyline nearly took center stage. The big mission Madame Web trained Spidey for was actually to take down Spider-Carnage, an alternate version of himself rendered insane when bonded with the Carnage symbiote, alongside other alternate reality Spider-Men, including one with an armored suit, the Scarlet Spider clone and an actor who plays Spidey on TV. Even with such appearances by well-known Spidey comic character Gwen Stacy and Spider-Man's co-creator himself Stan Lee, the storyline was just terrible, had little action and didn't even include Spider-Man's much-anticipated reunion with the real Mary Jane.

    In terms of seasons, three was the best and as good of a season any series could possibly ask for. As a whole, however, the series could have handled the stories better, had better explanations for episodes and easily could have included characters who never even made it onto the series, like guest super-heroes such as the Hulk or some more of Spider-Man's more popular comic villains such as the Sandman. Instead, the stories revolved too much around overused villains (Doc Ock and Lizard are both important enough to merit lots of episodes, but the Scorpion and the Shocker were used a bit much), didn't feature enough episodes of the villains (such as Mysterio, Venom or Norman Osborn when he became the first Green Goblin) or just downright dragged on stories into several episodes instead of coming up with new ones. Altering storylines and characters didn't work well either, including the mentioned Peter Parker parents storyline, and including the much-loathed clone saga onto the show was just awful on so many levels.

    Many will say that the series is good and one of the best Spider-Man TV series to date, which it is. But disappointing stories, missing characters and a terrible, terrible series finale does not a good TV series make. The show was decent, but here's hoping the next TV incarnation for the amazing Spider-Man is just that: amazing.
  • One of the best animated sereis of the 90's

    Spiderman was a great show. It follows peter parker and his alter-ego as he tries to rid his city of villians and win the love of Mary Jane. The show was great, I used to watch it before going to school. The show had a great story. All the villians were in this show. Everyone from the Green Goblin to The shocker.
  • Great Show. :)

    This series is great, flawless. It lasted long and the quality of the show... I don't think it's as good as BTAS was but I would consider it up near Superman, since The Xmen show was one of the best Marvel Series I saw till Xmen Evo came out.

    Overall, this is really a great series, and if you haven't seen it already, watch it.
  • Great show, but what happened to Marry Jane, how did spiderman save her?

    This show was simply great. The animation the cast of characters, the color, just great, great television. I used to wake up every Saturday morning just to watch what Spiderman would do next. The bad part about it, is that they left us with the cliff hanger which I did not appreciate. Sure he met his creator (Stan Lee), but what about Marry Jane? How in the world did he save her (somebody dropped the ball here).
  • best spiderman cartoon next to that old one

    this was a good show i remember when it first came on and i was a young skipper doo of a kid and i the first episode i saw he met the xmen in their training room i dont think this is the first episode but hwo knows anyway needed a better theme song to tell us that he could do whatever a spider can.

  • The best Spider-Man cartoon

    This is,by-far, the best Spider-Man I have ever seen.Although they tend to re-use a lot of the same animation at some point,but thats not really an issue,Im just nit-picking).My only real complaint is that why havent they released the full seasons on DVD? I tired of this "selected episode to help tie in with the movie" crap. I know its a marketing thing but come on. I really hope the guys at marvel and whoever elese has the rights to market Spider-Man wise up.And soon.
  • A very good Spider-Man cartoon.

    This show had some amazing action in it. I think this is the best Spider-Man show of all time.
    The show showed all of Spider-Man's villains(except for SandMan) and more. Spider-Man joined forces with other superheroes(Black Cat, Captain America, Iron Man, etc.), and fought crime in New York. I'll admit to not seeing all of the episodes, but it's pretty good. If it wasn't for the Spider-Man movie, I wouldn't have gotten interested in this show. The main plot is Peter getting bit by a radioactive spider, giving him spider-powers(except for webbing, he made a device to do that). With those powers, he fights many supervillains.(My favorite is Electro.)
    To make this short, this was a good 90s action cartoon, even if real guns weren't used.
    I never did figure out what happened to Mary Jane, though. It's worth watching.


  • The best Spider-Man adaptation of all time. I loved it.

    This show deserves an Emmy(did it get one?). It was the best Spider-Man adaptation and one of the best superhero shows of all time period. It could have made more episodes, had it not been for the contract the Marvel signed, to produce no more than 65 episodes. They wanted to make more, but FOX did not. :(
  • Of all the Marvel Comic shows I have seen, this one is my favorite.

    I used to watch this on FOX before Disney bought Fox Kids and turned it into Jetix and I loved it and I still do now that I can see it every night on Toon Disney. This show has a lot of action and drama and some comedy too, The first Marvel comics show I ever watched was X-Men, but I have to say, this series was just better for me. My favorite villain is probably Doc Ock, but I also liked the Green Goblin, and also Venom, ALL RIGHT, I like them all. I just like this show so much.

    I like this about the main character Peter Parker, when he was bitten and got his powers, he first used them to earn some money, yet it turns out when he had a chance to stop a criminal yet didn't think he should bother, until it cost him his Uncle Ben's life, that's when he learn (shall I say it) "With great power comes great responsibility." Now Peter uses his identity has Spider-Man to protect the city from many villains yet realises that some of the villains were created cause of him and though he has these powers, he does not call them a gift, to him he is both gifted and cursed with these powers, he does so much good yet so much bad from it also happens, I feel this is true realisim for a super hero. And I also find it that while he fights for justice, he is disliked and hated by many as well, while there are also those who see him as the hero he is trying to be. I feel this explored more character then any other super hero show. And I am glad to have this show back airing on television once again.

    I would recommend this to anyone who loves Action, Drama and some comedy.
  • Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider and his world is turned upside down. Now with great power comes great resposibility. Guys, how many times have we heard that one. Spidey takes on villains from the rooftops to the sewers to other planets t

    The show that many of us grew up with and was so good that it could only get better with excellent live action. Well a little after the turn of the century, thats what we got. This show is still fun to watch, especially the carnage and venom episodes. The last episodes were great and you thought he was going to find Mary Jane. This shows how much Fox is willing to get rid of a good show. This show ended too early and was ahead of its time. Bring it back!
  • This series is what made Spider-Man my favorite super hero. My only nock to this series is it never tells you what happened to Mary-Jane!!!!

    This series is what made Spider-Man my favorite super hero. The acting was top-notch, in fact, when I read the comics, I hear the voices from this cartoon. Even the comic book based on the movies, I hear the voices from this show. My only nock to this series is it never tells you what happened to Mary-Jane!!!!!! Other than that, awexome show. Truly amazing. They truly could have gone on for years and had awexome stories. It's just too bad that they had to end it with Spidey going off to find MJ. What a cliffhanger! Superhero fans should definitely check out this series.
  • a fabulase show about spiderman aka peter

    Spider-Man was a great cartoon.The stories were amazing in my opinion and had nice action even if Spidey wasn't allowed to throw punches and the bad guys had laser guns.Spider_Man also had alot of crossovers with a lot of other Marvel superhero.Peter Parker was always strugging with giving up being Spider-Man or continuing battling crime as the web slinger.
  • The one the best Super hero shows of the ninties.

    Back in the ninties, there was a trend of Superhero cartoons. Batman:TAS, Superman:TAS, Fantastic Four, and X-Men just to name a few. Out of all of them, i have to say Spiderman was my favorite.

    Spiderman has always been my favorite superhero, so I was no surprise I loved this show. Out of all the spiderman cartoon series and video games, Spiderman is potrayed best in this series.

    All the major characters (with the exception of Sandman) make appearances in this series. From Aunt May to the Green Goblin. Other second stringers like Madam Web, and Debra Whitmen can also be seen. All the characters are represented well, compared to their comic book counter-parts. Spiderman, like always, is a smart-a$$, Jameson is the same annoying geezer, Mary Jane is still the party girl, and Aunt May is the same caring, naive, motherly saint.

    The voice acting in the show is also fantastic. Christopher Daniel Barnes potrays Spiderman better than all the other voice actors (eat that Toby Maguire). Barnes is able to put a lot of emotions into his role, that is what makes him the best.

    The best part of this show was the story arcs. Each story arc left me wanting more. Whether it was the development of Venom and Carnage, or the introduction of Black Cat, each story arc was fantastic. The stories never strayed to far from the comic books. Even the filler episodes were exciting.

    So yeah, I could continue going on about how awesome this show was. It's ashame that they ended it with a cliff hanger, but I still get to watch it every night on Toon Disney so I'm cool with it.
  • Decent but that's about it.

    Unlike DC Comics, Marvel have never had an animated series that was truly spectacular. Spider-Man TAS is no exception.

    For the most part, this is a decent series. Peter Parker a.k.a Spider-Man fights supervillains, worries about Aunt May, laments the fact that he's not with Mary Jane and has college to deal with. Sadly, this series was severely restricted by FOX in terms of censorship. In other words, Spider-Man was not allowed punch anyone (despite the fact that he has super strength), everyone used laser guns instead of guns with real bullets and Black Cat's cleavage was barely there compared to her comic book counterpart.

    When it came to the origin for the characters, it was pretty accurate compared to the comic book origins, although why they decided to alter Black Cat's origin is beyond me.

    As for the plots, there were some good ones in there. Once the "Neogenic Nightmare" started, the series went downhill. "Neogenic Nightmare" which focused on Spider-Man's powers mutating further was too long and drawn out. It got quite boring which would not have been so bad if it hadn't continued on for so long.

    Is this series worth watching? If you're a fan of Spider-Man, it's worth a look. If you're not a fan of the Arachnid hero, watch JLU instead.
  • Spier-Man was one of the best shows of all time. This show had so much in it like the villains and the others.

    This Show is a great Show. I think that this Spider-Man out of all the others that were made is the best. I say this because this Spider-Man was more up to date on the cartoon animation and they were able to do a lot with this series. They had some of the old villains like The Green Goblin, but they had some new villains like Venom. They were able also to have other series brought into Spider-Man like X-Men. What also made the show one of a kind was the fact that they made Spider-Man have a lot more villains to fight and they also had Peter Parker use not only his strength but his brains as well when he fought people like Venom and Hydro-Man. Some of my favorites are "I Really Hate Clones" "Farewell, Spider-Man" and "Six Forgotten Warriors" and they are some many others as well. I will close by saying that this was the best Spider-Man out of all of them and this was one of the best shows of all time.
  • A great show one of the best cartoons I watched in my childhood.This show should have had at least one more season.

    Spider-Man was a great cartoon.The stories were amazing in my opinion and had nice action even if Spidey wasn't allowed to throw punches and the bad guys had laser guns.Spider_Man also had alot of crossovers with a lot of other Marvel superhero.Peter Parker was always strugging with giving up being Spider-Man or continuing battling crime as the web slinger.
  • spider-man

    a teen ager caled peter parker went to a science trip. in the science museme he got bitten by a poisonus spider. peter perker then had problems and his body started hurting all over. soon he descovered his powers and called himself the human-spider. that was then changed to spider-man. a man who could climb walls and everything! sooner he descovered the greatest part of it; shootin out his web.


    he is the hero and wants to go out with mary jane.

    mary jane:
    a girl who spider-man loves.

    aunt may:
    spider-man's grand ma.
  • bad comic cartoon. you have spiderman go in to the desert and he is still doing his signeature move of grapling on to something in the freakin dessert.

    This show was pathetic you would watch the guy do that swing kick in the dessert what does he have a blimp to keep swinging on to. And I feel sorry for the group that syndicated the song spiderman no one knows who they are and associated with grappling to things in the sky in the dessert. Not to mention the horrible music.
  • Want it back

    I think this is the best spiderman series in the world.The plot and the episodes were all good.The problem I found with this series is it never had a real ending and was left like that.The creators should be ashamed to not have a real ending of such a good series.But it still should be remembered as a good show.
  • This show is great!

    This show is good because It features great charecters and great storyline and intense action. The graphics were pretty bad for it's time. Another good thing is that there are a lot of villans so it's not the same fight every time. For people who don't like this show Stay away from the forums.

    They need to bring this cartoon back it was amazing all the plots where so complex and so good. This and X-men are the greatest cartoons ever but i think i like Spider-Man more than X-Men, but im not sure. Im watching Spider-Man right now, its on every night @ 10:30 on toon disney and X-men is on @ 11:30 every night on toon disney...incase anyonee wants to watch it

    its your friendly neighborhood spiderman!!!!! it doesn't air anymore, except on abc family channel in the mornings of the weekends, but if you are really a true fan: you would buy all the season dvd's. what are you waiting for? go get them now! great story, great plot. i mean you would have to be living under a rock for 30+ years if you havent come across spiderman once in your life!
  • As one of my favorite saturday morning cartoons growing up, I have a certain soft spot in my heart for this series. However, even today I still find myself thinking back to the good old days of waiting on baited breath each weekend to see the next new ep

    Growing up, Spider-man was one of the staples of my saturday morning cartoon diet. I found that I was drawn into the very atmosphere that surrounded the show and became so engaged with what was happening in each episode that, when one ended, I couldn't wait for the next one.

    However, enventually the show was over and I stopped watching and caring about what happened. However, recently I've began to see some of the old episodes again and all I can say is that I can't believe that those same episodes that enticed me 10 years ago as a child are still very enjoyable to watch. I'm amazed at how even with overused animations and cheesy CG of downtown NY, I can still manage to block all of it out and just enjoy the series.

    Finally, I would recommend this series to pretty much anybody who is into the superhero scene and/or someone who wants to learn more about the Spider-man (but doesn't want to read about him). Obviously, if you're a fan of Spider-man, then this is a must watch tv series.

  • Stock footagepalooza.

    Spider-Man started out wonderfully. Beginning with the first encounters with many of his villains, the universe was entertainingly set up. But as it went along, it became obvious that the animators were cutting a lot of corners to save money. In almost every episode, there's a ton of recycled footage. Someones just a few seconds, sometimes more. But it's painfully obvious, and obnoxious.

    Then there's how the plots started getting strange. Suddenly, we have Green Goblin puppeting his son from Limbo, Mary Jane the water clone, Carnage and Venom serving under Dormammu, a horde of alternate Spideys, and a completely unsatisfying series finale.

    That, and two scenes in the wrong order in the conclusion of the Six Forgotten Warriors finale that makes it almost unwatchable.

    Started out well, ended badly, slowly eroded in basic sanity as it went along. No wonder it didn't stick around longer.
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