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  • One of the greatest superhero animated series I've ever seen, this easily gets a high place in my heart just because I am a Spidey fan. However, under the surface still resides a series that closly follows the path the comics take, giving it a terrific fe

    Spider-Man is easily one of the greatest and most favored superheroes of all time. Aside from his unique ability to crawl on walls, he also has a humanlike lifestyle. This animated series follows that path closly, while having a decent amount of action mixed in.

    The voices in this show are very good. It gives you a feel for the characters themselves. Spider-Man's voice is easily one of the greatest voice-overs I've seen for Spider-Man. Venom's voice is...simply identicle to what I expected. Manatical characters like Hobgoblin, Green Goblin, and Carnage make you feel the insanity simply flowing off of them. Good feeling.

    But voices aren't the highlights of this series. The plots also are, although not exactly like the comics, are very close indeed. It is this that makes the series great! Almost every major villian in the series (excluding characters like Sandman, who is replaced by Hydroman). The Kingpin is made much more important then he really is in the comics, but this gives the series a good feel all the same. Some characters, like Venom and the Green Goblin, should have been used more, but their appearences have all been grand!

    The artwork in this cartoon is very...well, it immerses you into a comicbook world! In seconds! Characters are illistrated almost the exact same as in the comics (exceptions being Doc Ock, but aside from that...).

    All in all, this series is hooking, terrific, and also has a connective link with various other superhero animated series throughout the series (most famously the Secret Wars Saga). If you like Spider-Man, you MUST watch this series. If you don't, watch this series anyway!!!!
  • Best Spiderman show ever!!!!

    Must be the best Spider-man show ever. The show has awesome villains such as Venom and Carnage. The show is almost as good as the comics. To me Spiderman ia the greatest hero of all time. The series also include characters from the comics like Madame Web and The Prowler. The series is just as amazing as Batman the Animated Series. The series also have crossovers with X-Men, Iron Man and Fantastic Four. I really like season two (Neogenic Nightmare), Season four(Partners in Danger)& Season 5. And having a villain like Venom really made this series unforgettable. Spider-man mutating into a monster in season 2 made me really amazed. Also the crossovers are really great especially the one where he meets The X-Men. This is really my most favourite superhero show of all time.
  • This is the best Spider-man Show there is out there!!!! Spider-man incounters many villians and at the sametime he joins teams with heros as Punisher, Blackcat, and my favorite the X-men.

    Overal this show ranks high while it is older it definatly hold a spot high on the chart and in my opinion it beats MTV's Spider-man show hands down. The problem with the new one is they try to replace the great plots of the old one with their new and improved graphics.

    Overall if you like Spider-man, cartoons & superheros i would definatly watch this show!!!
  • I loved this show.

    I loved this show and still do I have recorded all of the episodes beginning to end.I watched this show when I was little and thought i could crawl walls now a show that makes you think you can do that has to have a major effect on you haha!I honestly do not like the movies of spider-man its too much of a romance,not enough action,now the cartoon has a little bit of both mixed into it and if not both it mostly has comedy and fighting which is what im looking for in a spider-man epsiode.

  • Spider-man is my favorite super-hero, so naturally, I would love this show. Yet, that's not why I do. It tells the Spider-man story without watering it down like other cartoons, giving perhaps the most complete look at Spidey, the hero and the man.

    Spider-man is my favorite super-hero, so naturally, I would love this show. Yet, that's not why I do. This show had tons to offer. It tells the Spider-man story without watering it down like other childrens' cartoons, giving perhaps the most complete look at Spidey, the hero and the man. The most interesting aspect of this show is that it began with the origins of Spider-man then porgressed chronologically as the comic book would have. The story matches up so perfectly that any comic book geek (including myself) would be pleased. If you used to read the comic book, I highly recommend checking out the "Venom Saga". It stays so true to the comic and also gives the origin of the coolest villain ever to grace the pages of Marvel Comics. If that's not enough for you, then maybe this will turn you...This show doesn't just focus on Spider-man, it also gives an indepth look at the mind and emotions of the man behind the mask as he deals with his power and the way it affects his world. All in all, it is one of th emore thorough super-hero cartoons and ranks right up there with "Batman the Animated Series".

    My final review: A MUST SEE for comic book fans. For those interested in cartoons and action cartoons in general, it also is highly recommended.
  • I want this show back on the air! This show played a big role in my life!

    After Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles, but Before Pokemon, DBZ, and whatever else I like...Spider-Man was one of my favorite crazes of all time! This is the Best Spider-Man show ever because the storylines from the comics are more interpeted than any other show. Like X-Men, Spider-Man had really big hypes. I had a lot of spider-Man Action figures, playing video games with him in it(Marvel vs. Capcom series is my faves of all Spider-Man games). I never let him down for anything. Spider-Man is the best,and it's not an opinion, it's a fact! Watch this show, you'll love it a lot! Best storylines since the movie ones(even though Columbia rushed the plot a little).
  • What a great show.

    This SpiderMan and the 1960's SpiderMan are my favorites two SpiderMans to watch. This show has plenty of action and adventure and is a huge souce of television for Marvel lovers. This show comes on later in the night on Jetix a late night section of the Disney channel. This has always been a classic and without any doubt anways will be.
  • Peter Parker tries to live a normal but can't since he's Spiderman!

    This show is a classic. I still believe that this is the most exciting one out of all the shows that have been made about Spiderman. The graphics and drawings may be outdated but the content is still there and it is great. They should release the show on DVD already!!
  • Good to watch the older Spider-Man, by older I mean the 90's on. Was a good time when this was shown, with X-Men. Had some of the best plot and storylines.

    Cross superheroes from other places, made this show seem to pass by quicker. Captain America, X-Men, Iron Man, Fantastic 4, Dr. Strange and others. Made this show seem cool. Spider-Man learn some lessons that you could take into real life. Stan Lee even had a sense of humour to add his wife as an actoress. Overall, they ended in a bad spot, and I wanted to see him recuse MJ.
  • When a lab accident gives Peter Parker superhuman powers and he loses a loved one to crime, he vows to use his new found abilities to protect the innocent even when it involves risking his life and sacrificing personal happiness. Peter Parker is Spider-Ma

    A good series that showcased Spider-Man's most insidious foes and showed the viewer that a hero can be a normal person. Peter Parker balanced many pursuits including school, romance, and responsibilities at home while fighting crime and also battled his inner selfishness. Spider-Man as superhuman as he is, was shown to be very human and struggled with many of the same pressures as most youths. It drew from the comic without being redundant but at the same time was faithful in very important respects. It set the bar for the big screen adaptations and was in a way a testing ground for them. The characters are voiced well and the animation is clear and crisp. Although the cartoon, Spider-man and his Amazing Friends is revered by many as the better series, I hold that this is the first cartoon that really brought us far into the Spider-Man universe and gave Peter Parker a real heart and a believable life. Other than the last few episodes of the series which dabbled in the overly wierd, it was a good example of how to bring a comic book hero to the small screen without minimizing him in the process.
  • The well known story of Peter Parker and his famous spiderbite that turned him into Spiderman. Learn how he coped with the change and fought lots of really bad super villains.

    I watched this cartoon as a kid because I liked watching super heroes kick butt and everything. Recently I rewatched all the episodes and all I can say is wow. In my opinion this is the best Spiderman cartoon and quite possibly the best super hero cartoon of all time.

    Sure the story is off from the comics and some of the episodes are dull but this is still one of the greatest cartoons. The story is great and the animation isn\'t that bad either (other then the whole swinging on buildings that aren\'t there).

    The secret wars is probably the best episode of the series.

    Its dissappointing to me that they were going to make more episodes but never did. They left with a big cliffhanger. They should make a DVD with all the episodes on it and possibly a couple episodes never seen before.
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