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  • What is this garbage? Every episode is the same old thing, computers, and freaks. This show is so complicated to watch that I would get headaches from trying to understand the plot of the story itself. If you want to be entertained, I recommend BATMAN TAS

    What is this garbage? Every episode is the same old thing, computers, and freaks. This show is so complicated to watch that I would get headaches from trying to understand the plot of the story itself. If you want to be entertained, I recommend BATMAN TAS, BATMAN GOTHAM KNIGHTS, SUPERMAN, BATMAN BEYOND, AND JUSTICE LEAGUE.
  • bad comic cartoon. you have spiderman go in to the desert and he is still doing his signeature move of grapling on to something in the freakin dessert.

    This show was pathetic you would watch the guy do that swing kick in the dessert what does he have a blimp to keep swinging on to. And I feel sorry for the group that syndicated the song spiderman no one knows who they are and associated with grappling to things in the sky in the dessert. Not to mention the horrible music.
  • Decent but that's about it.

    Unlike DC Comics, Marvel have never had an animated series that was truly spectacular. Spider-Man TAS is no exception.

    For the most part, this is a decent series. Peter Parker a.k.a Spider-Man fights supervillains, worries about Aunt May, laments the fact that he's not with Mary Jane and has college to deal with. Sadly, this series was severely restricted by FOX in terms of censorship. In other words, Spider-Man was not allowed punch anyone (despite the fact that he has super strength), everyone used laser guns instead of guns with real bullets and Black Cat's cleavage was barely there compared to her comic book counterpart.

    When it came to the origin for the characters, it was pretty accurate compared to the comic book origins, although why they decided to alter Black Cat's origin is beyond me.

    As for the plots, there were some good ones in there. Once the "Neogenic Nightmare" started, the series went downhill. "Neogenic Nightmare" which focused on Spider-Man's powers mutating further was too long and drawn out. It got quite boring which would not have been so bad if it hadn't continued on for so long.

    Is this series worth watching? If you're a fan of Spider-Man, it's worth a look. If you're not a fan of the Arachnid hero, watch JLU instead.
  • Stock footagepalooza.

    Spider-Man started out wonderfully. Beginning with the first encounters with many of his villains, the universe was entertainingly set up. But as it went along, it became obvious that the animators were cutting a lot of corners to save money. In almost every episode, there's a ton of recycled footage. Someones just a few seconds, sometimes more. But it's painfully obvious, and obnoxious.

    Then there's how the plots started getting strange. Suddenly, we have Green Goblin puppeting his son from Limbo, Mary Jane the water clone, Carnage and Venom serving under Dormammu, a horde of alternate Spideys, and a completely unsatisfying series finale.

    That, and two scenes in the wrong order in the conclusion of the Six Forgotten Warriors finale that makes it almost unwatchable.

    Started out well, ended badly, slowly eroded in basic sanity as it went along. No wonder it didn't stick around longer.
  • Too corny and too much censorship.

    When I watched this show for the first time ,I naturally thought it was cool ,but...now when I'm about 10 years older ,and after I watched every episode for 100 times ,I beg to differ.
    One reason is ,of course ,censorship ,which made the show childish and corny.It is preety ridiculous if you can't mention the word 'death' ,or 'kill' ,show blood or punches ,and then you introduce a character called Carnage.If I read the comics in which Carnage is a maniacal killer ,he will look preety silly if he just 'collecting souls'.And why did they erased Gwen Stacy character because of things that happened to her ,if they put Mary Jane in that same situation.If there is one thing I hate ,it's when they create a show strictly by the comic.
    There is one more thing I dislike ,and that is the fact that Stan Lee have to involve in every Marvel cartoon and his opinion what is cool and what is not.I really respect Stan Lee ,and everything he has done for Marvel ,but there are just some things that you just have to hand over to the new blood.The other thing is Peter Parker's character design.He is shown as a wimp and nerd ,but he looks like Schwarzenegger.
    Anyway ,it's OK if you are Spider-Man fan ,but it's mostly for kids.
  • Good but flawed

    This show was great! and it really knew how to keep to the comic books. However this show is severly flawed, i mean laser beams instead of guns? what the heck, and some of the dialogue was cheesy, then again its cheesy in the comics. Overall this show was good, but due to editing and other censorship it really hurt the show. Maybe if the dvd comes out they could have a uncut version, if the dvd ever comes out. Until then i guess i can watch the episodes on youtube. Like everyone else, but i really want this show on dvd, along with X Men
  • spider-man

    a teen ager caled peter parker went to a science trip. in the science museme he got bitten by a poisonus spider. peter perker then had problems and his body started hurting all over. soon he descovered his powers and called himself the human-spider. that was then changed to spider-man. a man who could climb walls and everything! sooner he descovered the greatest part of it; shootin out his web.


    he is the hero and wants to go out with mary jane.

    mary jane:
    a girl who spider-man loves.

    aunt may:
    spider-man's grand ma.
  • A decent, though ultimately disappointing TV series of everyone's favorite web-spinner.

    Spider-Man is all-time favorite character ever. To me, nobody else comes close. Spider-Man was someone everyone could relate to - he was a teenager dealing with acne, overdue homework in his high school classes, couldn't get a girl to date him and worked part-time to help pay the rent, all the while fighting super-villains with his incredible powers. What's unique about Spider-Man is that his alter ego, Peter Parker, is just as interesting as he is when he's wearing the famous red-and-blue, webbed costume. So, being a kid at the time, you could only imagine my excitement when I learned there was going to be an animated series of his adventures.

    The series works like the early Stan Lee/Steve Ditko comics, with a mix of modern comics continuity. In this version, Peter is a college student who deals with girl problems, overdue bills and trying to get work as a photographer for the newspaper The Daily Bugle, but still finds the time to don his superhero suit to pick on the occasional super-powered enemy in a colorful costume. The series boasted a surprising amount of talent for voice actors when it came to the villains, including Efrem Zimbalist Jr. ("Hot Shots") as Doctor Octopus, Mark Hamill (hey, kids, it's Luke Skywalker!) as the Hobgoblin and Hank Azaria (Apu and Moe from "The Simpsons") as Eddie Brock/Venom, reminding me of the famous guest villains of the live-action, 1960s "Batman" series without being campy. Two of the best, and most frequent, villains were Roscoe Lee Browne ("Soap") as the Kingpin and Maxwell Caulfield ("Grease 2") as Alistair Smythe. And to me, nobody else voiced the nerdy Peter Parker, a.k.a. the amazing Spider-Man, better than Christopher Daniel Barnes. He had just the right voice for the role and sounded youthful enough to make you believe you were listening to a college kid as a superhero as opposed to a talented older actor voicing a teenager.

    The first season worked well, but season two kind of dragged on with the whole "Spidey is infected with a mutation disease" story arc. Season three was arguably the best, featuring the introductions of both the Green Goblin and Carnage, Madame Web training Spider-Man for a secret mission he'd soon undergo, guest hero Daredevil helping Spider-Man clear the name of a framed Peter Parker, and a two-part episode with Doc Ock including Spidey meeting his number one fan, a terminally ill little girl. The real highlight of the show, and my favorite episode, dealt with the Green Goblin discovering Spidey's true identity and abducting his girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson. In an episode that echoed the "Green Goblin's Last Stand" two-part story from the comics, Spidey's decision to ignore Madame Web results in the loss of both Green Goblin and Mary Jane in limbo, though Spidey thinks she may be dead when he doesn't see her vanish.

    Season four started off strong, including the origin of the Black Cat, Peter's former friend Harry Osborn taking up his missing father's role as the new Green Goblin to get revenge on Peter/Spider-Man, and the return of Mary Jane. But season four trailed off when two of Spidey's coolest villains left the show (Kraven and Mysterio, respectively, who were both voiced by Gregg Berger) and the introduction episode of the Prowler was poorly written. Season five had a good season premiere, with Peter and Mary Jane getting married, but was the most disappointing season. One of the most disappointing stories was the "Forgotten Warriors" five-part story that included Captain America, the Red Skull and Electro. If Electro hadn't been an all-new character named Kragov (and the German son of the Red Skull!) instead of electrical lineman Max Dillon like in the comics, or that the framing of Peter Parker's parents had been handled better, the story would've been fine.

    But the following "Return of Hydro-Man" two episode tale - which had the Mary Jane that Spidey wed and Hydro Man both turn out to be clones - was awful and led to the equally lame, oddly dull "Secret Wars" three-part storyline. In the comics, "Secret Wars" was a twelve issue mini-series that affected all of the Marvel Universe and featured almost every major character for big battles. On the series, it was more Spider-Man centric, including only a handful of heroes (Captain America, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four and Storm) and villains (Doctor Doom, Doc Ock, Lizard, Red Skull and Smythe). However, without such popular heroes as the X-Men and the Hulk missing from the team and at only three episodes, the major storyline fizzled as a glorious example of "what might have been cool".

    The nail in the coffin came with the two-part series finale, in which the Spider-Clone storyline nearly took center stage. The big mission Madame Web trained Spidey for was actually to take down Spider-Carnage, an alternate version of himself rendered insane when bonded with the Carnage symbiote, alongside other alternate reality Spider-Men, including one with an armored suit, the Scarlet Spider clone and an actor who plays Spidey on TV. Even with such appearances by well-known Spidey comic character Gwen Stacy and Spider-Man's co-creator himself Stan Lee, the storyline was just terrible, had little action and didn't even include Spider-Man's much-anticipated reunion with the real Mary Jane.

    In terms of seasons, three was the best and as good of a season any series could possibly ask for. As a whole, however, the series could have handled the stories better, had better explanations for episodes and easily could have included characters who never even made it onto the series, like guest super-heroes such as the Hulk or some more of Spider-Man's more popular comic villains such as the Sandman. Instead, the stories revolved too much around overused villains (Doc Ock and Lizard are both important enough to merit lots of episodes, but the Scorpion and the Shocker were used a bit much), didn't feature enough episodes of the villains (such as Mysterio, Venom or Norman Osborn when he became the first Green Goblin) or just downright dragged on stories into several episodes instead of coming up with new ones. Altering storylines and characters didn't work well either, including the mentioned Peter Parker parents storyline, and including the much-loathed clone saga onto the show was just awful on so many levels.

    Many will say that the series is good and one of the best Spider-Man TV series to date, which it is. But disappointing stories, missing characters and a terrible, terrible series finale does not a good TV series make. The show was decent, but here's hoping the next TV incarnation for the amazing Spider-Man is just that: amazing.
  • Fun, but lacking

    This series of the 90\'s was fun, but it just didn\'t measure up to the highs of the X-Men or Batman series. Also, Spidey seems to be for a younger audience than the previously mentioned shows. For one thing, Spider-Man never lands a punch due to concerns of violence. Once you know this little fact, it is comical to watch the show and see Spidey miss every punch he throws, and having to otherwise subdue his foes. Also, frequent CG city scenes do not tend to blend too well into the traditionally animated show. Still, the show is fun to watch, and adapts many of the key comic stories well including the Venom Saga.

    Each season plays as a long 13 part arc with many side stories and guest heroes along the way. I personally thought there was too much spider slayers and kingpin and not enough of some of Spidey\'s other foes, but overall, most of the foes made it to the screen. Nevertheless, this is stillone of the better Marvel series out there, and worthy of a superhero fan\'s time.
  • A great show that's still fun to watch.

    Who can't help get enthralled by watching Spidey and all of his drama? I really wish that they would play - Shriek of the Vulture and The Final Nightmare. I really don't know why they don't. Only criticism is Peter Parker is a little pathetic when it comes to Mary Jane. But that's more the actual character's flaw than that of the series. The series just tells the story.
  • woo spidy

    When I was a kid I used to be obsessed with this show. I would get home from school and wait for this show to come on. I even had like millions of the toys that had to do with this show. This is probably one of the best comic book related cartoons that have ever been made. It's weird that I used to love Spider-man so much, because i don't even like him even more, the movies were pretty good (besides the third movie that was just terrible), but I'm still not spidy fan.

    could think of a hundred words so i rambled on at the end.
  • Haha,I remember this show.

    This show was before SpiderMan movies.

    I shorta enjoy this except I'm not anymore.

    Still it's a great show for new-borns but it was in the past and they don't show it anymore.

    Maybe they should bring it back for a reason.

    Too bad they won't because if they did I'll still watch this show rather than the movies.
  • One of the best animated sereis of the 90's

    Spiderman was a great show. It follows peter parker and his alter-ego as he tries to rid his city of villians and win the love of Mary Jane. The show was great, I used to watch it before going to school. The show had a great story. All the villians were in this show. Everyone from the Green Goblin to The shocker.
  • It was a good show.

    I never thought it would ever come to an end, but as soon as I knew it, it came to an end. It was really unexpected. I had really started to like the show, but I guess that is what growing up is like. When I was a kid, I liked watching this show because of the villains. I had a few of the action figures and I became a fan of the show. The show had some good action and some good comedy when needed. The stories were okay and it was very entertaining. Overall, this brings back some memories. Thank you.
  • I loved watching this when I was little.

    Ah, Spiderman, the friendly neighbourhood Spiderman. I loved this cartoon, used to watch it every weekend. This cartoon got me into liking Spiderman, and now I have Spiderman one and two on DVD, and I cannot wait for the third one to come out in the cinema. My best character was venom. This cartoon was one of the best in it's days, along with Batman of course.

    This along with other programmes is in my childhood television memories. I sometimes watch re-runs if it's on, as it was and still is a very entertaining show to watch, and always will be.
  • I'm not a fan of comics, but this show is good to this Ninja Turtle/anime fan.

    I'm not a comic book geek in anyway, but this Spider-Man cartoon today still has some of the best 3-D animatics today, and this was using 1995 technology. And it was well thought out, and many lessons were taught and given, such as the mini-series: "Sins of the Fathers" and "Partners in Dangers." Everybody made an appearance in this show, I'm surprised they didn't break the barrier and have a DC episode. It's a party with HobGoblin, the Green Goblin, the KingPin, Tombstone, X-Men, DareDevil, Blade, Carnage, and many others in this show.
  • Peter Parker tries to live a normal but can't since he's Spiderman!

    This show is a classic. I still believe that this is the most exciting one out of all the shows that have been made about Spiderman. The graphics and drawings may be outdated but the content is still there and it is great. They should release the show on DVD already!!
  • Good to watch the older Spider-Man, by older I mean the 90's on. Was a good time when this was shown, with X-Men. Had some of the best plot and storylines.

    Cross superheroes from other places, made this show seem to pass by quicker. Captain America, X-Men, Iron Man, Fantastic 4, Dr. Strange and others. Made this show seem cool. Spider-Man learn some lessons that you could take into real life. Stan Lee even had a sense of humour to add his wife as an actoress. Overall, they ended in a bad spot, and I wanted to see him recuse MJ.
  • When a lab accident gives Peter Parker superhuman powers and he loses a loved one to crime, he vows to use his new found abilities to protect the innocent even when it involves risking his life and sacrificing personal happiness. Peter Parker is Spider-Ma

    A good series that showcased Spider-Man's most insidious foes and showed the viewer that a hero can be a normal person. Peter Parker balanced many pursuits including school, romance, and responsibilities at home while fighting crime and also battled his inner selfishness. Spider-Man as superhuman as he is, was shown to be very human and struggled with many of the same pressures as most youths. It drew from the comic without being redundant but at the same time was faithful in very important respects. It set the bar for the big screen adaptations and was in a way a testing ground for them. The characters are voiced well and the animation is clear and crisp. Although the cartoon, Spider-man and his Amazing Friends is revered by many as the better series, I hold that this is the first cartoon that really brought us far into the Spider-Man universe and gave Peter Parker a real heart and a believable life. Other than the last few episodes of the series which dabbled in the overly wierd, it was a good example of how to bring a comic book hero to the small screen without minimizing him in the process.
  • Great show, but what happened to Marry Jane, how did spiderman save her?

    This show was simply great. The animation the cast of characters, the color, just great, great television. I used to wake up every Saturday morning just to watch what Spiderman would do next. The bad part about it, is that they left us with the cliff hanger which I did not appreciate. Sure he met his creator (Stan Lee), but what about Marry Jane? How in the world did he save her (somebody dropped the ball here).
  • Good, but it could have used some more action

    Don't get me wrong, this show was the bomb. The revelations and confrontations were first-rate. The action was good. he guest stars were well-handled. And the girls were SPICY hot (especially Felicia). However, the one problem that I saw with this series was the lack of high-quality fight scenes. Unlike the 2003 and Spectacular incarnations of the hero, this series focused more on the ability of Spidey to think through a problem and talk through a problem with small attention being given to his abilities in an actual fight (strength, dexterity, spider-sense). His spider sense seemed to serve only to warn him of a problem that he STILL couldn't avoid. His strength was often made to pale in comparison to that of his enemies. However, at the close of the day, it was still an awesome show. Though I think Pete should have wound up with the insanely hot Felicia over the whiny Mary Jane.
  • The life of Spiderman as a troubled young adult and in the meantime crime fighter.

    This new installment of the Spider-man saga has been my favorite, I also prefer it over the movies and the 80s TV show. What I like about this version is that we are presented with a human Spider-man. He is a troubled young man who happens to discover his super natural powers thus being faced with many different situations in which he has to either use his supernatural powers or act in a more subtle way. The animations are very good too, although, I hate the CGIs the show had in the first season that were removed later in the series.
  • check out the amazing spider-man face off against mighty foes such as the green goblin, dr. octopus, kraven the hunter, and more.

    when young peter parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, he inherited the strength, speed, and agility of said spider, proportional to those of your everyday person.

    with these poweres gained, peter remembers his fallen uncles words, "with great power, comes great responsibility." peter creates the persona, spider-man, to bring super-human enemies to justice. however, this is never an easy task.

    through out peter's/spider-man's adventures, he comes to find that some of the people he loves, will soon face great danger, either through fate (mary jane, the damsel in distress) or personal choice (harry osbourne becoming the new green goblin).

    although continuity with plots never lined up accurately with the comics, one must remember that comics seldom maintain their own continuity, especially at the time this review is being written.

    for those of you interested in the tangled web of spider-man, this cartoon offers simple explanations for both young and mature audiences to grasp, maintaining the classic struggle of good versus evil, and peter's personal balance of power and responsibility. hope you enjoy!
  • Spider man travels around saving the day and defeating his foes. Often he has to face new challenges which test him to the limmits making a great programme.

    I have not watched this show in years. I use to watch it when I was younger and I remember really enjoying it. It has everything you dream of when you're young. You have a super hero saving the day endlessly who has the abillity to use spider webs to almost fly. Often children find themselves wishing they could be like this. That is what makes a child show great and they really have achieved this with Spider Man. The story lines are good aswell and it is not always the same. Each one is individual making and exciting and entertaining show. Worth watching if you're young.

    this show was my childhood i am a geek i am a big spidy fan and i wish they made more of it after just three seasons it was great the storys the action and best of all it was SPIDERMAN what more do you want in a show. sure it had some bad voices but i didnt care i was i kid this is classic stuff.

    i give this show: 9
  • This show go right behind Batman tas and X Men.

    This is a Show that I would call not finish The last episode was not good and the ending could have been better. Overal the show is great and it is right behind Batman tas and X men. The only problem is some of the episode were not good and threw me off. Spiderman had a lot of good episode to but the show is very good.
  • a great animated series about the adventures of Spider-man.

    One of the best (if not the best) Spider-Man show. With comic adaptions, characters, action, romance, mystery, it's everything you've ever wanted in a Spider-Man show! Whoo. Spider-Man. I grew up watching this show. It's actually the thing that got me into Spider-Man. I just loved the many adventures they went through. All the characters, voices, everything was perfect. All though, I could have done without the repetitive animation. Regardless, this show was one of my favourites. And still is. I admired it's suberb writing, voice acting, animation everything. It also brought something to Spider-Man that the other shows didn't bring: struggle. Spider-Man finally seemed more 3 demensional. He always was in a fit. Not knowing wheather to abandon his loves, to save others. His jokes and puns were hilarious too! My only beef was Madame Web. Arrg! She stiked me as a tad bit too arrouguant. And not to mention she made Spidey seem stupid. He always seemed to be getting along well in the episode, until he's stumped and Madame Web comes to give him some advice and a lesson. Not that that was a big problem though. Anyway, I felt the show ended at the right time. It had done it share of worthy adaptions, characters, and much much more. But, I do wish we could have figured out what happened to MJ. But her not returning does make it much more sad for Spidey. After all his battles he never got see her again. Or did he?
  • good show...

    Spiderman the animated series is another one of my favorite animated shows of the 90s. they made the peter parker of this show a cool guy and not some nerd like in all the other shows. Spiderman has one of the best rouges gallery out there well he's right up there with batman and superman. But you get to see appearances by the green goblin, venom, the lizard , doc ock, and so many more villains that I can't even name them all. there is a few episodes where spiderman teams up with other marvel heroes like blade, the x-men, daredevil. I don't care what anybody says this is a true classic. Later...
  • Heavily censored, but still a good show!

    One day during an experiment, a spider gets in the way of a nuclear ray and bites a guy named Peter Parker. This causes him to gain intelligence, agility, and super human strength. Before he became Spider-Man and fought crime, he was just showing off his powers by being a wrestler so he could make extra money. When he sees a robbery he doesn't bother and lets the bad guy get away because it wasn't his business. It wasn't until his Uncle Ben gets killed that Peter finds out the killer to be none other than the guy he didn't stop. This is when Peter Parker learned that with "Great power comes great responsibility". So a new superhero was born!

    During its time, the show was heavily censored. The producers were not allowed to have Spider-Man punch and guns were not allowed. Out of all 65 episodes Spider-Man has only punched like one time. Also, because of the events of 9/11 some of the episodes have been censored even more, scenes with the Twin Towers are cut off. Despite all the censoring, it still turned out to be a great show.

    Spider-Man would fight various villains throughout the shows run. There wasn’t any main villain in the show, Spider-Man just fought like every villain that appeared in the comics. The Sandman was the only villain that didn’t make it to the cartoon. A lot of other characters from the Marvel universe also made guest appearances. X-Men, Daredevil, Captain America, just to name a few.

    The show ended with a cliffhanger after 65 episodes. Spider-Man/Peter Parker was never reunited with the real Mary Jane Watson. There was originally supposed to be one more season in which Spider-Man goes searching for the real Mary Jane and finds her, but the show was cancelled before the episodes could be made.
  • best spiderman cartoon next to that old one

    this was a good show i remember when it first came on and i was a young skipper doo of a kid and i the first episode i saw he met the xmen in their training room i dont think this is the first episode but hwo knows anyway needed a better theme song to tell us that he could do whatever a spider can.

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