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  • The greatest Marvel cartoon of all time

    I watched all the Spider-Man seasons on netflix. I watched it also when it was on jetix. This show brought back alot of memories. The overall of this is off the hook , its an awesome show
  • The one the best Super hero shows of the ninties.

    Back in the ninties, there was a trend of Superhero cartoons. Batman:TAS, Superman:TAS, Fantastic Four, and X-Men just to name a few. Out of all of them, i have to say Spiderman was my favorite.

    Spiderman has always been my favorite superhero, so I was no surprise I loved this show. Out of all the spiderman cartoon series and video games, Spiderman is potrayed best in this series.

    All the major characters (with the exception of Sandman) make appearances in this series. From Aunt May to the Green Goblin. Other second stringers like Madam Web, and Debra Whitmen can also be seen. All the characters are represented well, compared to their comic book counter-parts. Spiderman, like always, is a smart-a$$, Jameson is the same annoying geezer, Mary Jane is still the party girl, and Aunt May is the same caring, naive, motherly saint.

    The voice acting in the show is also fantastic. Christopher Daniel Barnes potrays Spiderman better than all the other voice actors (eat that Toby Maguire). Barnes is able to put a lot of emotions into his role, that is what makes him the best.

    The best part of this show was the story arcs. Each story arc left me wanting more. Whether it was the development of Venom and Carnage, or the introduction of Black Cat, each story arc was fantastic. The stories never strayed to far from the comic books. Even the filler episodes were exciting.

    So yeah, I could continue going on about how awesome this show was. It's ashame that they ended it with a cliff hanger, but I still get to watch it every night on Toon Disney so I'm cool with it.
  • The 1994 version of the spider-man series. A classic.

    I personally love Spider-Man, I have ever since I was a kid. I'm 13 now and I'm still into it! This series is the 1994 version of the '60's version. Since it's first appearance in the comics by creator Stan Lee it has been a major favorite of people. Set in New York and also different places. Spider-Man goes around New-York stopping things from petty crimes like a mugging to stopping super-villains such as Venom and the Sinister Six. He doesn't do this all alone. He has worked with the Avengers, Daredevil, The Hulk, And so on. He has connections. So in summation this is one of my favorite shows and it is a classic. 10/10!
  • Incredible show. Spider-Man had a great story line and episodes. The characters looked great and there was plenty of action for everyone. It's not like any of these remakes of the cartoon that aren't any good at all. I wish the show would.t have ended.

    Peter Parker, other wise know as Spiderman, has to fight crime in New York city. He gets his powers from a radioactive spider bite. He has super strength and agility with the legendary spider sense. However, the web part is different from the movies. In the show, Peter makes a special material and keeps it in his gloves in web canisters. That is originally how the comic was written. In the movie, he gains webbing as a power. The show is great. Spiderman even teams up with other marvel superheroes. Including Blade, Daredevil, The Punisher, X-Men, Captain America, The Fantastic Four, Iron Man, and who could forget Black Cat. But of course there are villians. Venom, Carnage, Kingpin, Morbius, Shocker, Rhino, Mysterio, Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, scorpion, Kraven the Hunter, Dr. Doom, Dr. Octopus, and more. Peter is always torn between Spiderman and his personal life which includes Mary Jane. I highly recommend watching it if your into superheroes.

    Just finished the series. Probably the best cartoon series that I have ever seen. It gets a little strange at times but for the most part is just plain awesome!
  • Spidey!

    Spider-Man is the best superhero ever made and this is the best Spider-Man TV Show ever made. Did you guys know that Spider-Man was the first superhero of this generation with an equal distribution of his personal and superhero lives which sometimes mix in each plotline, with a superhero who still goes to school, and where just about everyone hates him? He is awesome! In this show, he faces off against most of his classic villains, such as Doc Ock, Green Goblin, Electro, and Lizard, a few newer villains like Venom and Alistaire Smythe, and even a few villains who barely anyone even knows exists, including Hydro-Man. Plus, it relives many of the classic plotlines, such as the Secret Wars, Peter Parker, Criminal, Mutation Disease, Mysterio frames Spidey, and the Quennsboro/Brooklyn/Washington Bridge incident featuring the death/disappearance of Mary Jane Watson/Gwen Stacy!
  • This is the best interpretation of spider-man!

    Spider-man is probably Marvels greatest comic book inventions ever and the tv series, this one in particular, are know different. It is a classic tv show no spiderman fan should not see. Each episode is perfect up until the 5th season and its bad storyline. While the ending is abrupt and leaves you wishing for more the build up to the finale is great. The ongoing story arcs are exciting and thrilling and tie into one great but unfortunately unresolved story focusing on mary jane. I have decided that I can easily rate almost every episode with over an eight. So this show is definetly recomended
  • inaccurate

    i was really confused about season 2 with the neogenics nightmare, i dont suppose that spiderman really turned into a mutated monster in the actual comics itself, and ofcourse i was abit dissapointed about the ending where mary jane was not found ''yet''. and electro was not a german spy, he was a electician that was shocked by high voltage of electricity whilst fixing a electric cable. overall, i think i was amazing, but a bad ending.
  • Great Series

    I loved this show as a kid, and it has aged well. Great story, character, and plot development. This is the series that introduced me to Spider-Man, and I never looked back since...
  • Best show ever.

    This show was amazing. Every episode was incredible because it was all part of an ongoing story arc which made you always want to watch the next episode to see what happened next. They had almost all the villains from the comics and they were all done properly. The dialogue and writing was excellent and the animation was great too. The show lasted 5 seasons which is a long time and never once did it seem like it was running out of ideas. I actually think the last season was the best season. That whole story with Secret Wars and the Six Forgotten Warriors was amazing. Great show.
  • The best spiderman cartoon until now

    While this used to be the cream of the crop when it comes to spiderman cartoons, it has respectfully given its crown to the spectacular spiderman now. As a kid this show was amazing, best show I had ever seen. When I watch it now (which I do all the time still) I realize it was a very lazy and thrown together show. Every episode had a scene that was repeated atleast 4 or 5 times. This was a very good source tho if you didnt read the comics or couldnt keep up with the comics. Great representation of characters and very thrilling and intriguing stories. The show went out on a weird note IMO. Wish they would have tied it up a little more.
  • where can I download the episodes of Black cat Black suit Spiderman as well as blades episode?

    but obviously a classic very good storys and awesome characters my favs have to be Black-Suit Spiderman, Black Cat, and Blade which reminds me where can I find their episodes for download? Also the new version of the series also know as Spectacular Spider man is fantastic and a nastalgic trip of the good old cartoons that you can really only watch now in the three hundreds on digital tv. what ever happend to the good stuff why are people making such horrible new things why can they not use more of the good ideas like marvel heros and things like that.
  • The well known story of Peter Parker and his famous spiderbite that turned him into Spiderman. Learn how he coped with the change and fought lots of really bad super villains.

    I watched this cartoon as a kid because I liked watching super heroes kick butt and everything. Recently I rewatched all the episodes and all I can say is wow. In my opinion this is the best Spiderman cartoon and quite possibly the best super hero cartoon of all time.

    Sure the story is off from the comics and some of the episodes are dull but this is still one of the greatest cartoons. The story is great and the animation isn\'t that bad either (other then the whole swinging on buildings that aren\'t there).

    The secret wars is probably the best episode of the series.

    Its dissappointing to me that they were going to make more episodes but never did. They left with a big cliffhanger. They should make a DVD with all the episodes on it and possibly a couple episodes never seen before.
  • The Greatest Spider-Man Animated Series Ever!

    This is the best Spider-Man animated series ever made. It is also one of the best superhero animated series ever. The story arcs were epic and unpredictable, Spider-Man had the perfect personality and voice in Christopher Daniel Barnes, and nearly every major character in the Spider-Man mythos made an appearance. Also, the majority of the character designs were great to look at and had a very realistic look to them.

    It is not a perfect show. There was a lot of reused animation (scene cuts from previous episodes reused in later episodes). Sometimes it would fit and look alright, and other times it was pretty obvious. Also, even though some things were toned down for being a children's show, I never got the feeling or impression that anything was lacking (even in later viewings as an adult). Anyway, I seriously doubt there will ever be another Spider-Man show that comes close to the quality of this one. This IS Spider-Man.
  • A Good Show

    This show is not perfect. It has A LOT of notable flaws. But what makes this series so great is the story arcs and Peter Parker/Spider-Man's character. If you can get past the flaws this is a really GREAT show.
  • Spider-Man Is My All-Time Favorite Cartoon!

    I absolutely love Spider-Man because he is awesome, and he is my favorite hero of all time. The TV show was amazing, exciting, and dangerous. I got Ultimate Villain Showdown and Daredevil vs Spider-Man for Christmas because they play great on my VCR. Disney XD currently airs the series. Returns: Summer of 2013. Once again, I love Spider-Man so much! :( ha ha ha
  • awesome show

    i remember when this show first came out. i was so excited, spider man is my second favorite marvel comic after the xmen. the animation was really good for the time. the stories could have been a little darker in my opinion, but it was supposed to be for kids to. i hope they bring spidey back to tv after all the movies are over.
  • This show starts from the very begining and shows in detail how he got his powers. It progresses through an incredible story line which contains most of the main villains in the spiderman franchise. It has alot of great sounds included such as the theme

    This is the Greatest spiderman cartoon ever made. It has Great story lines and a variety of bad guys. I grew up watchin this cartoon and i wish they would put all the episodes on dvd season by season. It does have unforgettable character and guest superheroes which do come such as the xmen, iron man, war machine, shield, fantastic four. The theme song is the best spiderman theme song also. My favorite epesodes are with venom and carnage I just love how they talk. The insidous six were also great. The only downfall to this show was the conclusion of spiderman. I would have loved to see him rescue MJ, but seing stan lee in cartoon was also pretty good.
  • The best Spider-Man adaptation of all time. I loved it.

    This show deserves an Emmy(did it get one?). It was the best Spider-Man adaptation and one of the best superhero shows of all time period. It could have made more episodes, had it not been for the contract the Marvel signed, to produce no more than 65 episodes. They wanted to make more, but FOX did not. :(
  • This was the best spiderman show ever.

    This spiderman show was interesting, with great dialoge and amazing art. The story was right on the comics (nearly). which means is let the comic fans of spiderman like me love this show. This show also brought on alot more spiderman fans, because this was just such a great show. It showed the characters and who they were in the comics really good. The show is not running anymore, unless they are repeats, this is the kind of show you really want them to bring back. Over all this is the type of spiderman show the fans want
  • One of the best (if not the best) Spider-Man show. With comic adaptions, characters, action, romance, mystery, it's everything you've ever wanted in a Spider-Man show!

    Whoo. Spider-Man. I grew up watching this show. It's actually the thing that got me into Spider-Man. I just loved the many adventures they went through. All the characters, voices, everything was perfect. All though, I could have done without the repetitive animation. Regardless, this show was one of my favourites. And still is. I admired it's suberb writing, voice acting, animation everything. It also brought something to Spider-Man that the other shows didn't bring: struggle. Spider-Man finally seemed more 3 demensional. He always was in a fit. Not knowing wheather to abandon his loves, to save others. His jokes and puns were hilarious too! My only beef was Madame Web. Arrg! She stiked me as a tad bit too arrouguant. And not to mention she made Spidey seem stupid. He always seemed to be getting along well in the episode, until he's stumped and Madame Web comes to give him some advice and a lesson. Not that that was a big problem though. Anyway, I felt the show ended at the right time. It had done it share of worthy adaptions, characters, and much much more. But, I do wish we could have figured out what happened to MJ. But her not returning does make it much more sad for Spidey. After all his battles he never got see her again. Or did he?
  • Peter Parker, as Spider-Man, defends New York City from super-villians in the best take on Spider-Man to date.

    This was one of my favorite cartoons when I was younger though I never followed alot of the series very well; always saw things out of order. When I first started watching it, I was too young to really understand the idea of an on-going series rather than just stand-alone episodes featuring similar characters. It wasn't until college that I found the time to catch up on all of the episodes and rewatch them in order that I really noticed how great the whole story being told really was.

    This series managed to have a lot of good episodes, whether or not it followed exactly as the comics did. I really wish it had been brought back for more episodes in order to give better closure at the end though. I'm waiting for the eventual DVD release so that I can continue to relive the excitement from this series the same way I used to back on Saturday mornings when I was in grade school.
  • A great show one of the best cartoons I watched in my childhood.This show should have had at least one more season.

    Spider-Man was a great cartoon.The stories were amazing in my opinion and had nice action even if Spidey wasn't allowed to throw punches and the bad guys had laser guns.Spider_Man also had alot of crossovers with a lot of other Marvel superhero.Peter Parker was always strugging with giving up being Spider-Man or continuing battling crime as the web slinger.
  • Good, but it could have used some more action

    Don't get me wrong, this show was the bomb. The revelations and confrontations were first-rate. The action was good. he guest stars were well-handled. And the girls were SPICY hot (especially Felicia). However, the one problem that I saw with this series was the lack of high-quality fight scenes. Unlike the 2003 and Spectacular incarnations of the hero, this series focused more on the ability of Spidey to think through a problem and talk through a problem with small attention being given to his abilities in an actual fight (strength, dexterity, spider-sense). His spider sense seemed to serve only to warn him of a problem that he STILL couldn't avoid. His strength was often made to pale in comparison to that of his enemies. However, at the close of the day, it was still an awesome show. Though I think Pete should have wound up with the insanely hot Felicia over the whiny Mary Jane.
  • Good to watch the older Spider-Man, by older I mean the 90's on. Was a good time when this was shown, with X-Men. Had some of the best plot and storylines.

    Cross superheroes from other places, made this show seem to pass by quicker. Captain America, X-Men, Iron Man, Fantastic 4, Dr. Strange and others. Made this show seem cool. Spider-Man learn some lessons that you could take into real life. Stan Lee even had a sense of humour to add his wife as an actoress. Overall, they ended in a bad spot, and I wanted to see him recuse MJ.
  • It was a good show.

    I never thought it would ever come to an end, but as soon as I knew it, it came to an end. It was really unexpected. I had really started to like the show, but I guess that is what growing up is like. When I was a kid, I liked watching this show because of the villains. I had a few of the action figures and I became a fan of the show. The show had some good action and some good comedy when needed. The stories were okay and it was very entertaining. Overall, this brings back some memories. Thank you.
  • Great show!

    After seeing the latest Xmen Movie, I got nostalgic over the old Fox Kids superhero cartoons and watched both Xmen and Spiderman. Got to say I'm not disappointed, they were great!
  • Top Shows - What got me into Spider-Man

    Various ep (94-98)
  • spiderman is the best!

    spiderman is the best super hero for me! actually,my favorite color is red and spiderman is red so i think sipderman's costume is very cool!!! i like his power that is a web comes out from his hands and fly over the sky by repeating his awesome web!!! spiderman is so active! never to forget spiderman coz' he's my one and only favorite!
  • This show was great.

    One of the greatest cartoons ever made. It was action filled and stay some what true to the comics. I liked the show more then the movies, I don't understand why the show hasn't been released on dvd but hope one day that it will. If the do make another spider-man series that is a cartoon I hope that it was some what like this one, but it will be pretty hard considering most cartoons now of day aren't what they used to be. This show will always been a personal favorite to me and to many others, lets get this show on dvd!
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