Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Season 3 Episode 10

Sins of the Fathers (12): The Spot

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 19, 1996 on FOX

Episode Recap

This episode at first takes place at Stark enterprises where Tony Stark decides he is no longer interested in interdimensional technology. The scientist who was working on the project Johnathan Ohn, isn't ready to abandon it. He goes to work for the Kingpin. With the help of Ohn's assisstant Slyiva, Ohn is able to make portals come out of a device that he calls the time dilation accelerator. But, when Ohn gets sucked into a portal he now has the power to generate them at will. Ohn closed up most of the holes that generated during his accident and calls himself the Spot. Tired of working for the Kingpin the Spot steals some money from the bank to set up his own lab. After the Spot eludes Spiderman he goes back to Kingpin's lair to take Slyvia away with him. But, she doesn't want to see him take on the Kingpin and lose. Kingpin tells Ohn that he wil hurt his girlfriend if he doesn't bring Spiderman to him. Ohn tracks down Spiderman and the two fight but this time Spiderman gets the upper hand and the two work out a deal. Ohn brought Spiderman to Kingpin with Spiderman pretending to be hurt. After Spiderman and the Kingpin fight for a little bit they discover that one of the black holes the escaped earlier is in the sky and has grown very powerful. Using one of Kingpin's jets Spiderman, Ohn and Slyvia fly up to seal the hole. Ohn tells them that the only way to close the hole is if he is inside it. He jumps inside and is soon followed by Slyvia. He closes the hole and leaves Spiderman to think about their decision.