Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Season 3 Episode 13

Sins of the Fathers (13): Goblin War! (1)

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 16, 1996 on FOX



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    • Hobgoblin: Who are you and where did you get all of these weapons? I thought Osborn give me these stuff.
      Green Goblin: Osborn has a new best friend: me!

    • Jason Macandale: Look, whatever Osborn's paying you, I'll double it. Triple it!
      Green Goblin: You think I'm doing this for money?
      Jason Macandale: Well, what then?
      Green Goblin: To make life easier for my creator, Norman Osborn. Once I eliminated his enemies, then he won't have to suffer anymore.

    • Hobgoblin: (after the Green Goblin tosses the desk to him) How did you lift that?
      Green Goblin: Because I am the real deal, you cheap imitation.

    • Green Goblin: (to Norman Osborn) Norman, don't you understand. I'm your friend.

    • Green Goblin: I'm your friend, Norman.
      Norman Osborn: You're not my friend. You're some monster.
      Green Goblin: No, the others. They're the monsters. Kingpin, Hobgoblin, Spider-Man. They all try to hurt you, squeeze you, crush you.
      Norman Osborn: Yes, that's exactly what they're doing to me.
      Green Goblin: And you should let me stop them.
      Norman Osborn: But that would be wrong.
      Green Goblin: Wrong is what they're doing to you and they want to do with Harry.
      Norman Osborn: I can't!
      Green Goblin: You can. You must! Let me out, Norman! Let me out now!

    • Green Goblin: Stand back for the real goblin!
      Hobgoblin: What?!
      Green Goblin: The Green Goblin!
      Hobgoblin: I thought you were just a rumor.
      Green Goblin: You're going to wish I was.

    • Kingpin: The only one who's going kaboom is you. I'm going to break you in two! (grabs Spider-Man and squeezes him)
      Spider-Man He's crushing me!

    • Green Goblin: You're still alive?
      Spider-Man: Alive and sticking!

    • Peter: (As Jason talks about his decor) My Spider-sense was right about one thing. I'm in danger alright; I'm in danger of being bored to death!

  • Notes

    • Carl Ballantine, voice of the hapless fellow named Lenny in this episode, is the father of Saratoga Ballantine, voice of Mary Jane.

    • Felicia calls herself a "black cat", refering to her bad luck in love, and incidentally foreshadowing her transformation in just a few episodes.

    • The Hobgoblin's true name is Jason Phillip Macendale.

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