Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Season 3 Episode 14

Sins of the Fathers (14): Turning Point (2)

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 23, 1996 on FOX

Episode Fan Reviews (2)

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  • Lost Victory.

    The greatest crime a supervillan commits is not robbing a bank or even trying to take over a city but attacking the ones you love.

    This episode is loosely based on a famous tragic comic book arc in the series. It's a bit different here obviously, but still I felt it did a good job at tugging at our emotions, this episode really takes an unfun turn and just like that arc it shows sometimes Superheroes can have empty victories.

    I really did love the drama before the incident which I though was sweet seeing both Peter and Mary Jane becoming a couple again, from their interaction you know those two belong together.

    Down to the final conflict where Norman/Green Goblin is at his scummy worst, I was litterally begining to hate the villian because he crossed the line. It's a tense situation where we see Mary Jane's life is held hostage, Spiderman tries to negotiate but it does no good. Green Goblin simply just drops her down into a vortex that leads nowhere. At that point Spiderman beats the crap out of Goblin till he falls into the same portal.

    In the end I just felt empty even though Peter won the conflict he was unable to save Mary Jane whom is now lost in the portal. In a way that left a cliffhanger where we wonder if Peter will be able to find a way to get her out of there but I wasn't sure.

    I don't feel this episode has the same impact as that arc due to the fact I presented but all the same I felt sad in the end, Spiderman has gained a lost victory.
  • When the Beast with Two heads rises from the netherworld and discovers the true identity of Spiderman, nothing will ever be quite the same...

    Spiderman has some of the most well remembered and bizarre rogues of any superhero. Doc Ock with his 4 mechanical arms, Sandman the living man of sand, Mysterio the supervillain with a fishbowl for a head. But only one was ever able to truly attack Spiderman beyond any other. Not even Venom was able to claim that prize, though he did come pretty close on quite a few occasions.

    Even though Venom also knew almost everything about Parker, he never succeeded being actually able to use it to deal critical damage to Parkers life. No, it would be the Green Goblin who would find out who Spiderman really was, then succeed in attacking his heart.

    This episode is based on three comic book stories, Amazing Spiderman #39-#40, Spectacular Spiderman #2 and Amazing Spiderman #121-122.

    The first is where the Green Goblin discovers Parkers true identity. The second is when Norman invites Parker to a dinner party and nearly reveals his secret identity to the guests. The third is when the Green Goblin takes his girlfriend hostage at the top of a Bridge, then Peter vows vengeance on him for a final battle between the two.

    The actual adaption is extremely well done, even if they had to use giant dimensional holes as an alternative for plain old death. If the Censors loosened themselves up a little, they could of done even more. But as it stands, its still one of the best episodes in this series.
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