Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Season 3 Episode 4

Sins of the Fathers (4): Enter The Green Goblin

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM May 18, 1996 on FOX
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Sins of the Fathers (4): Enter The Green Goblin

Harry's father Norman Osborn disappears after an explosion at his chemical plant. Spidey's search for his friend's father one way or another meets with complications. Namely an airborne fiend who calls himself the Green Goblin!

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    Philip Abbott

    Philip Abbott

    Wardell Stromm

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    Rodney Saulsberry

    Rodney Saulsberry

    Joseph "Robbie" Robertson

    Recurring Role

    Linda Gary

    Linda Gary

    Aunt May Reilly-Parker

    Recurring Role

    Neil Ross

    Neil Ross

    Norman Osborn/Green Goblin

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • When the Green Goblin kidnaps Jameson, he snatches him right from the sunroof at the rear of his limosine. When the driver stops the car and steps outside, the sunroof is seen at the front instead.

      • When Harry helps his father and Spider-Man escape the catastrophe toward the end, they go to a speed train. When Harry presses a button to start it on the closeup shot, it looks like he's wearing a white glove and a long purple-sleeved shirt even though he only had a short-sleeved green shirt and no gloves.

    • QUOTES (18)

      • Spider-Man: (Pulling off the Green Goblin's mask) Norman Osborn!
        Green Goblin: No no, that weakling was destroyed in the explosion, the same explosion that gave birth to me. The exploding gas gave me great strength. And of course the Hobgoblin's weapons were right there at Oscorp, ripe for the picking, but they no longer were meant for him, the gas saw to that. There was only one true goblin, the Green Goblin!

      • Jameson: What's your angle in this?
        Spider-Man: Saving your ungrateful life.

      • Spider-Man: (As the Green Goblin laughs) All you megalomaniacs have such a weird sense of humor.

      • Green Goblin: (Catching Mary Jane snooping around Oscorp) Well well, someone spying on me. Didn't you know that curiosity killed the cat? (Swoops in to kidnap her)

      • Spider-Man: Do you have any idea what these high profile kidnappings have in common?
        Lt. Lee: Yeah, but why should I tell you? Just because you saved my life once?
        Spider-Man: Twice, but who's counting.

      • Spider-Man: (As Spider-Man jumps from the edge of the Goblin Glider's wing to the center before falling off) Agility one point, gravity zero.

      • Harry: (As the Oscorp board of directors discuss the matter of a succesor to Oscorp) Hey, wait a second! They never recovered a body. There's still a chance my father survived.
        Jameson: Don't torture yourself with false hope my boy.
        Harry: Don't call me boy! I am every bit the man that my father was! He considered you all his friends, and look how you betrayed him. If he really is gone, then you are all guilty of driving him to his destruction.

      • Norman: (To the Kingpin, on the monitor) You!
        Kingpin: You are running out of time Osborn.
        Norman: Why did I ever allow myself to be controlled by you. Now I could lose everything.
        Kingpin: Most unfortunate, however, discontinuing the manufacture of the gas is not an option. While as Wilson Fisk I must pretend to loathe it, as the Kingpin I require the gas for my various enterprises. If you do not deliver it quickly, you will be useless to me. And you know what that will mean to you, and your loved ones.

      • Norman Osborn: I have another announcement. I'm going to ease up on the affairs on Oscorp. I need a rest. It's time my son, Harry, started playing on a more active role in the running of Oscorp. (to Harry) I like you by my side if you feel you're ready.
        Harry: Absolutely!

      • J. Jonah Jameson: (after Fisk destroyed the place) Wilson, why did you do that?
        Kingpin: Jonah, we have to get rid both of those maniacs.

      • Green Goblin: (as he finds Fisk trying to break free) Good thing I made your shackles out of indestructible titanium too, eh? Justice will be served and all of you will suffer for your crimes against Norman Osborn. (flies to the statue) Justice is blind no longer! (removes sheet revealing the Green Goblin face on the statue)

      • Harry: How did you get in here?
        Spider-Man: I followed a kidnapper who calls himself the Green Goblin.
        Harry: The Green Goblin? Did you catch him?
        Norman Osborn: Where am I? Son!
        Harry: Did the Green Goblin hurt you, Dad?
        Norman Osborn: Green who? I can't remember anything.
        Spider-Man: You won't have to worry about the goblin anymore. It looks like he was destroyed back in the complex.

      • Green Goblin: You are all charged with the crime of hypocrisy, a crime that destroyed Norman Osborn. (to J. Jonah Jameson) You claimed to be his friend. You filled your newspaper with stories to ruin his reputation! J. Jonah Jameson: That's a lie! Green Goblin: You called Osborn a threat to humanity but who was it that funded Dr. Otto Octavius, one of the greatest criminals of all time! Mrs. Hardy: You're mad! Let us go!

      • Green Goblin: (to Spider-Man) Double jeopardy, Spider-Man? There's no way you can save two of them at the same time. Is there? (releases Felicia and her mother)

      • Spider-Man: Let these two go, and we'll settle this just between us.
        Green Goblin: Are you joking? The more, the merrier.

      • Spider-Man: All right, Hobgo... You're not the Hobgoblin.
        Green Goblin: How observant you are. (grabs Spdier-Man) No, I am not the Hobgoblin. I'm the Green Goblin. You'll not live long enough for it to matter.

      • Green Goblin: (after capturing Fisk) Didn't you count on me having super-strength or titanium cables, did you, big boy?

      • Green Goblin: (To Fisk) Your sins are exceeded only by your gut!

    • NOTES (3)

      • GG first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #14. His identity was revealed to Spidey at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man #39.

      • This episode was released on video and DVD called "The Ultimate Villain Showdown" during the run of the Spider-Man movie along with other episodes.

      • Some elements from this episode were used in the 2002 theatrical movie, including the Goblin's enhanced strength and his vendetta against the Oscorp board of directors.

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