Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Season 5 Episode 2

Six Forgotten Warriors (1)

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 19, 1997 on FOX



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    • Spider-Man: (As he hangs onto the Insidious Six's hovercraft by a web, while it flies over the city) To bad this won't count towards my frequent flier mileage.

    • Spider-Man: (As he locates the Insidious Six, making their getaway) At last, I found the six stooges again.

    • Nick Fury: (To Spider-Man after chasing off the Insidious Six) Spider-Man, are you okay?
      Spider-Man: Yeah. I'd love to chat about old times, but we've got to stop those goons.

    • The Scorpion: (To Spider-Man when he is tackled into his tail by the Rhino) Hey, Spider-Man. Nobody said you were going to be up here. Now this is what I call a party.

    • Doctor Octopus: (To a restrained Spider-Man) Kingpin said we'd all gain a new lease on live. We'll start by depriving you of yours.

    • Doctor Octopus: (After being webbed up by Spider-Man) Spider-Man, here?
      Spider-Man: It's so gratifying to be recognized. I must compliment my P.R. firm.

    • Nick Fury: (To Keene Marlow) My job is to make sure that no matter what, Richard and Mary Parker's name must not be cleared. The official lie is that they died as Russian counter-spies, traitors.

    • Spider-Man: (As Spider-Man sneaks around S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters through the ventilation) Glad they haven't changed their ventilation system since I was here last.

    • Spider-Man: (While riding on the taxi Keene Marlow gets in, as it changes into a hovercraft) This looks interesting.

    • Peter: (After Aunt May gets upset over seeing the passports of Peter's parents) Aunt May, I didn't mean to.
      Keene Marlow: Son, leave her be.
      Peter: But I...
      Keene Marlow: Let me talk to her. Now, why don't you go out and take a walk or something.
      Peter: (To himself after changing into his Spider-Man costume) I need to do something all right, but I'll take wall crawling over walking any day.

    • Keene Marlow: So that's why I'm in town, just another boring convention.
      Peter: What line of work did you say you were in?
      Keene Marlow: Oh, this and that.
      Peter: (To himself) He's been giving me the run-around all evening. He'd make a great politician.

    • Aunt May: Please be careful, dear. Your helping me move wouldn't be worth it if you sprained your back.
      Peter: Okay Aunt May, I think I can handle it. (To himself) Afterall, I do have the proportional strength of a spider. (Trips on a toy fire truck) Of course that spider agility of mine could use a little practice.

    • Nick Fury: (To Keene Marlow) Sorry to yank you out of retirement commander, but I've got a problem only you can solve. (Inserts disk into a computer) This person is on the verge of unleashing a force that could destroy us all.
      Keene Marlow: (Shocked, as he sees the picture of May Parker on the computer monitor) No.
      Nick Fury: You must stop, May Parker.

    • Spider-Man: Happy to see me, big guy?
      Rhino: (Chuckles) Delighted!

  • Notes

    • This story arc is based heavily on The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5. This story arc also reveils the mystery to whatever happend to Peter Parker's parents.

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