Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Season 5 Episode 12

Spider Wars (1): I Really, Really Hate Clones

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jan 31, 1998 on FOX

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  • There should've been 2 more Spider-mens

    I think they should've also had a Spiderman that was still using the black symbiote costume because Black Spidey would be a good use against Spider Carnage since they're both bonded with symbiotes. Peter would tell Black Spiderman that the black costume is alive but Black Costumed Spidey would say that he knows and he's grown to get along nicely with it. Black Spidey would have a tougher attitude because of the alien costume, though. If Metal Spidey, yet again said that he should be the leader, Black Spidey with his aggressive attitude would say, "Hey, shut up, Metal Face! Nobody asked for your opinion!" They should also had the Spider-Man from 2099. Miguel O'hara would explain to them about his origin and how he looked at Spiderman's records and how he wanted to recreate Spiderman but things went a little more differently than he had planned. Metal Spider-Man would say, "This proves that we do succeed in our mission if this guy is from 100 years from Miguel would say, "Wonderful logic except none of Spiderman's records that I found contained ANY information even REMOTELY related to this Madame Web would explain to them that like different river paths travel faster than others, parallel realities travel at different speeds too and the original Spiderman from Miguel's time is now long gone.
  • A fond farewell

    A fitting last saga for this series. Spider wars marks the last 2 episodes of Spider-Man:The animated series. It supports a cast of spider-men from alternate dimensions fighting for the fate of not only our universe but every alternate one as well!
  • spider man

    I love the show and a fan of spider man
  • I really really like the clones in this episode.

    This was great episode. After finding out that he has been called for another reason he is sent to a different dimension. There he finds out that everything is ruined and that he is apparently a villian. He finds said villian who has the powers of Carthage. The Beyonder transports him away and he meets other Spideys. The other Spideys all had cool personalities and easily repersented what Spidey could've become from one change. They headd to take down the other Spidey and it was obvious what was with the other Spideys that made our Spidey the hero. Two Spideys went down and got transported. I thought the silver Spidey had cool weapons but he was too overconfident. Also Impact webbing was awesome and it had a great to be continued ending.
  • Awesome episode.

    This episode was part of the 2 part series finale and it was absolutely amazing. Easily my favorite episodes in the whole series. Spider Man gets taken to another dimension where he meets a whole bunch of other Spider Man that are all him except that they are from different dimensions. One is the Scarlet Spider, one is Armor Spider Man, and one is actually just a regular person who plays Spider Man on television in his dimension. It is all very clever. The animation is incredible and the fight scenes with all the different spider men are great too. Great episode.