Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Season 5 Episode 13

Spider Wars (2): Farewell, Spider-Man

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jan 31, 1998 on FOX
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Spider Wars (2): Farewell, Spider-Man
Spider-Man is sent through several dimensions trying to fix time and seal away Spider-Carnage. Peter meets his would be girlfriend Gwen Stacey and Stan Lee.

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  • Spiderman's final journey

    I'll admit I was sad to see the show go, but in all honesty I wasn't sure where else it could of gone. Unless they based the next season or two on the time both Peter and Mary Jane are married. But anyway Spiderman in this show has spun his last web and it's time for him to go.

    This episode is obviously a little inspired by DC Comics graphic novel "Crisis on Infinate Earths" but I think it's a great take on it. And everything else in the episode was great the fights but most of all the drama.

    My favorate part of the episode was seeing Peter Parker/Spiderman go to the Metal Spiderman's world and it really looked like a fun place to live. Yeah there is the bad which is MJ in that world doesn't know him and is kinda cold, and the Metal Spiderman in that world obviously is a bit of an egotist due to his fame. However there are great things about that world, one of them that is my favorate is Gwen Stacy. I loved how the show handled her I felt she was better than her predecessor, for one thing she's hot, but most of all is feminine, feisty and smart which makes her not useless. From the things she said I belived Peter/Spidey could of married her if it was the other way around. But best of all Uncle Ben, I really loved that interaction Peter/Spiderman had with him it was touching and a bit emotional, it's sort of that wish forfillment of that common need to talk with a late loved one one more time and to see who we've become.

    And there was that moment with the creator Stan Lee which was practially breaking a fourth wall almost. It could have been played chesey but it was played right, it felt touching in a strange way and was also sort of a wish forfillment fantasy we all have of meeting a superhero in the flesh and just talking with him or her.

    The only bad thing about the episode was not seeing the final result in the final minutes of the episode of Peter/Spiderman finding Mary Jane which left me a bit unsatisfied. Though I kinda get the idea that he probably will find Mary Jane. But still it felt like something more was needed in those final minutes, it wouldn't of been hard but oh well.

    Well Peter Parker/Spiderman I'm going to miss you and this show, but you've fought your final battle and won and now it's time to swing to your destiny. This show like the superhero has became a legend that will never die.moreless
  • nearly fantastic ending

    the reason this episode wasent as great as i excpected was that i any probably many others wanted to see spiderman reunited with his true love to top things off......... ohhhhhhhh i really want to know and need some one to tell me if john semper,stan lee, or anyone has written a story book,novel,or comic book based on the 65 episodes of the series and the extended/alternate ending that was never aired..if so please inform me of this cause i would buy it.......my aim is juniorstayfly....and my email is juniorstayfly@gmail.com......my myspace email is juniorstayfly@aim.com id highly appriciate it if someone lets me know if or if not a comic or book exsists of the 65 episodes or a similar story line with a better ending....id highly apriciate it!!!!thank you!!!!moreless
  • Brilliant Episode

    Best Episode Ever I Enjoyed This Episode So Much I Even Scored It 10.0 Cause It Was Best Brilliant Ending Best Tv Channel Is CITV On Toonattik To Bad They Didn't End It With The Last Episode They Ended It With Episode Partners It Was Good But Still I Have Downloaded It The Hole Series Great Quality With Fox Kids Logo It Is Soooooooooooooooooooooooo Fantastic I Feal Brilliant Ahhhhhhhhhhh Aw The Episode Has Brilliant Start Ending And In The UK It Also With Villian's Such As Kingpin Spider-Carnage Spider-Man's Toughest Villian Evvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr He Is A Threat To All Of Reality. Spidey Can Stop Himmoreless
  • A great conclusion to a great series.

    The final episode of this series of Spider-man. It was awesome. Everything is going haywire after the 6 armed spiderman turned into a Man Spider. The Beyonder transport no power Spidey in and Man Spider out. But he used to much power and has to go home. So carnage Spidey nearly succeeds in his goal and the Spideys tell Kingpin of Carnage Spidey's real plot. However he escapes into a different dimenison. Our Spidey follows him and ends in Metal Spideys universe. Things are different here. Spidey doesn't know Mary Jane and is engaged to Gwen Stacey. J. Jonah even likes this Spiderman. Then eventually carnage tries to attack Spiderman with Metal's robot Spidey. However it explodes from two different Spidey's talking to it. He then takes Gwen(well some other stuff happens but I cant remember) and our Spidey realises what he has to do. He gets Uncle Ben (who is alive in this world) and he convinces Carnage Spidey to fight off Carnage. It works and Spidey ges to one last past. No power Spidey's home. He meets Stan Lee and they talk and Spidey even takes him swinging. It ends with a to be cotinued ending that is never continued but still it's good.moreless
  • The last episode.

    This episode was part two of the two part series finale and it was absolutely amazing. Easily my favorite episodes in the whole series. Spider Man gets taken to yet another dimension that belongs to Armor Spiderman and he beats Spider Carnage. In the first episode, he meets a whole bunch of other Spider Man that are all him except that they are from different dimensions. One is the Scarlet Spider, one is Armor Spider Man, and one is actually just a regular person who plays Spider Man on television in his dimension. It is all very clever. The animation is incredible and the fight scenes with all the different spider men are great too. Great episode.moreless
Christopher Daniel Barnes

Christopher Daniel Barnes

Scarlet Spider, Octo-Spidey, Armor Spidey

Guest Star

Stan Lee

Stan Lee


Guest Star

Brian Keith

Brian Keith

Uncle Ben

Guest Star

Rodney Saulsberry

Rodney Saulsberry

Joseph "Robbie" Robertson

Recurring Role

Linda Gary

Linda Gary

Aunt May Reilly-Parker

Recurring Role

Matthew Laborteaux

Matthew Laborteaux

Flash Thompson

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When the chrysler building blew up, Madame Web chose to save Fisk, but for some reason left Smythe and the Green Goblin/Hobgoblin to die.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Spider-Man : Excuse me, I'm looking for some guy named Stan Lee.
      Stan Lee: What? Spider-Man? (Picks up his phone) Pam, hold my calls for a while. I think I finally gone crazy.

    • Spider-Man: How did you know the Peter Parker downstairs wasn't me?
      Gwen Stacy: He's nutty as a fruitcake! A girlfriend notices little things like that.
      Spider-Man: You don't know the half of it.

    • Metal-Spidey: What's he doing? Why isn't he trying to save my girlfriend?
      Madam Web: Be quiet. He is using his head for once. Something you may never learn to do.

    • Stan Lee: Now how do I get down from here? I guess I could wait for the Fantastic Four to give me a lift.

    • Madame Web: Face front, true believer. We're going to find the real Mary Jane Watson. It's been a long, hard journey and I think you're finally entitled to some happiness.
      Spider-Man: Amen to that, dear lady. Amen to that.

    • Uncle Ben: Peter, do you remember what I told you about great power?
      Spider-Carnage: [tears in eyes] Yes. With great power must also come great responsibility.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Many episodes of the show were written, past 65, but only 65 could be animated. John Semper mentioned in a famous interview that had he continued on with the story, he would have had Spider Man finding Mary Jane in a Colonial England and they will fight with Carnage, who became Jack the Ripper.

    • At the end of the episode, Spidey says Stan Lee is quite a guy and Madame Web adds "I think he's truly special". Joan Lee who provides the voice of Madame Web is Stan Lee's wife in real life.

    • This series was the longest-running animated Spider-Man show.

    • At the time this episode was in production, the producers believed that they would be coming back for another season or two. Therefore, they left the ending open so they could deal with the search for Mary Jane in the next season. However, FOX decided to cancel the show since they wanted their future animation projects to only be done with SABAN Animation. Consequently, Marvel Films was shut down, and it was way too late to alter the ending of this episode so it wouldn't end without Peter finding Mary Jane.  

    • This episode marks the first time that Peter Parker's first love Gwen Stacy is used as a character in a Spider-Man series.


    • Stan Lee: "And I said to Jack, what if his skin turns green?"
      This is an apparent reference to another of Stan Lee's creations, the Incredible Hulk. 'Jack' probably refers to Jack "The King" Kirby, a very famous comic writer and artist who worked with Stan Lee on a number of projects.

    • Stan Lee: I guess I can wait for The Fantastic Four to give me a lift.
      This is a reference to The Fantastic Four, who were seen earlier in this saga. Stan Lee also created The Fantastic Four.