Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Season 5 Episode 13

Spider Wars (2): Farewell, Spider-Man

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jan 31, 1998 on FOX

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  • nearly fantastic ending

    the reason this episode wasent as great as i excpected was that i any probably many others wanted to see spiderman reunited with his true love to top things off......... ohhhhhhhh i really want to know and need some one to tell me if john semper,stan lee, or anyone has written a story book,novel,or comic book based on the 65 episodes of the series and the extended/alternate ending that was never aired..if so please inform me of this cause i would buy it.......my aim is juniorstayfly....and my email is juniorstayfly@gmail.com......my myspace email is juniorstayfly@aim.com id highly appriciate it if someone lets me know if or if not a comic or book exsists of the 65 episodes or a similar story line with a better ending....id highly apriciate it!!!!thank you!!!!
  • Brilliant Episode

    Best Episode Ever I Enjoyed This Episode So Much I Even Scored It 10.0 Cause It Was Best Brilliant Ending Best Tv Channel Is CITV On Toonattik To Bad They Didn't End It With The Last Episode They Ended It With Episode Partners It Was Good But Still I Have Downloaded It The Hole Series Great Quality With Fox Kids Logo It Is Soooooooooooooooooooooooo Fantastic I Feal Brilliant Ahhhhhhhhhhh Aw The Episode Has Brilliant Start Ending And In The UK It Also With Villian's Such As Kingpin Spider-Carnage Spider-Man's Toughest Villian Evvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr He Is A Threat To All Of Reality. Spidey Can Stop Him
  • A great conclusion to a great series.

    The final episode of this series of Spider-man. It was awesome. Everything is going haywire after the 6 armed spiderman turned into a Man Spider. The Beyonder transport no power Spidey in and Man Spider out. But he used to much power and has to go home. So carnage Spidey nearly succeeds in his goal and the Spideys tell Kingpin of Carnage Spidey's real plot. However he escapes into a different dimenison. Our Spidey follows him and ends in Metal Spideys universe. Things are different here. Spidey doesn't know Mary Jane and is engaged to Gwen Stacey. J. Jonah even likes this Spiderman. Then eventually carnage tries to attack Spiderman with Metal's robot Spidey. However it explodes from two different Spidey's talking to it. He then takes Gwen(well some other stuff happens but I cant remember) and our Spidey realises what he has to do. He gets Uncle Ben (who is alive in this world) and he convinces Carnage Spidey to fight off Carnage. It works and Spidey ges to one last past. No power Spidey's home. He meets Stan Lee and they talk and Spidey even takes him swinging. It ends with a to be cotinued ending that is never continued but still it's good.
  • The last episode.

    This episode was part two of the two part series finale and it was absolutely amazing. Easily my favorite episodes in the whole series. Spider Man gets taken to yet another dimension that belongs to Armor Spiderman and he beats Spider Carnage. In the first episode, he meets a whole bunch of other Spider Man that are all him except that they are from different dimensions. One is the Scarlet Spider, one is Armor Spider Man, and one is actually just a regular person who plays Spider Man on television in his dimension. It is all very clever. The animation is incredible and the fight scenes with all the different spider men are great too. Great episode.
  • great ending..

    just watched the episode, was excellent.
    an excellent ending to the spider man series, could have been better if it was an happy one i.e. peter parker & mary jane were united. but the producers thought otherwise. stan lee appearence was an ad on.
    i think they should start it again and end it with a happy ending like what was done with rocky 5.
  • Spider-man chases his evil self across time and space, and ultimetly meets one of the most famous men from our world...

    And so it ends...
    I'm still really annoyed that the show ended withoug us finding out if Spiderman found Mary Jane or not, that kinda ruined it.
    Still, the special cameo appearance by Stan Lee was a nice touch. What better way to end a series by having the guy who created the character show up?
  • Spider-Man, in his final battle of the series is forced to face his worst enemy: himself.

    Well, this one was one was one of the best episodes of the series. It had action, drama, romance. I felt it was a fitting end to a wonderful series. Spider-Man is forst to face, in a very ironic twist, himself. This mirrored many moments in the comics. Spider-Carnage saga, the clone saga, Gwen Stacy\'s death (regardless of the fact she didn\'t die). I would have loved this to have been the actual clone saga, as it was much better. My only problem with this episode is that Gwen Stacy was taken hostage inseated of Mary Jane. Gwen didn\'t have as a \"dramatic\" affect on the whole snafu, considering she just made appearence in this episdoe. If Mary Jane had been the one kidnapped it would have been more heartfelt. But she as kidnapped too many times throughout the series. Regarldess, we also got to see Uncle Ben who had never actually \"appeared\", only in flashbacks. It managed to wrap it up. With Spider-Man (clone) and the real one finnally learning what \"With Great Power, comes great responsibility\" meant. And it closed it all. I would have considered this episode classic right then and their. But, in the end Spider-Carnage commited suicide (odd since that wasn\'t allowed) and the other characters didn\'t really seem to care. And last but not least was Mary Jane. She didn\'t return. Shame. But I guess it\'s better she stay\'s gone. It\'ll be so dumb to have her \"return\" for like the 4th time. But I guess it will always be open. For us to make up the ending. This series was great, and this was a most fitting end.
  • Farewell, Spider-Man

    A very fitting end to a GREAT series. X-Men TAS, Batman TAS, and Spider-man TAS were three of the great animated shows of all time.

    This concluded the last of them, with Spider-man finally ending his painstaking journey and finding true happiness.

    Over the course of several episodes at the end, we saw the return of many characters and concepts, along with the growing Web/Beyonder angle, all leading up to the final conflict. Teaming up with other Marvel superheroes, losing Mary Jane, meeting up with old legends and defeating past enemies, and finally teaming up with himselves to save all of reality.

    This final arc brought conclusion to many different aspects of the show, and well ... it did justice to a show that was pretty damn good.

    Farewell, Spider-Man.
  • the episode was fun, but its very bad they didnt make a "happy" end to Spider never finding Mary Jane it was like Spiderman unlimited. Hope Stan Lee use this kind of animation in other series With was cool watching other dimension Spider sp

    About final chapter

    the episode was fun, but its very bad they didnt make a "happy" end to Spider never finding Mary Jane it was like Spiderman unlimited. Hope Stan Lee use this kind of animation in other series

    With was cool watching other dimension Spider specially the one that looks like Octopus