Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 8

The Alien Costume (1)

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Apr 29, 1995 on FOX
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The Alien Costume (1)
A space shuttle piloted by J.J.'s son, John Jameson, crash lands on the George Washington Bridge carrying two strange meteors -- One that could provide a new nuclear fuel and one that contains an alien substance. The first is stolen by the Kingpin's henchman, the Rhino, just as Spider-Man arrives to save Jameson and the co-pilots. When the Rhino sends the aircraft off the bridge, Spider-Man emerges from the water with a dark stain covering his costume. Exhausted, he heads for home, only to awaken hanging from a skyscraper clothed in a black version of his costume.moreless

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  • Eddie Brock tries to get some pictures, but he gets a picture of The Rhino & everyone mistake him for Spiderman & Jameson anounces a reward on Old Spidey's head.

    Eddie Brock tries to get some pictures, but he gets a picture of The Rhino & everyone mistake him for Spiderman & Jameson anounces a reward on Old Spidey's head. Spiderman gets the symbiote in this episode. The dream sequence shows his regular costume & the black costume fighting & the black costume Eats Peter. Peter wakes up & finds all this was a nightmare, & sees in a reflection that he is wearing a costume he has never seen & is hanging upside down in the middle of New York city. This was re used in "Spider Man 3".moreless
  • One of the best episodes this series ever had, beginning of a three episode story-arc, and introducing one of the biggest and baddest villains Spidey ever faced.

    The infamous Venom Saga begins with this superb episode. Even if Venom won't be actually shown until the end of the episode, this serves as a perfect prologue to his appearance on the show. Everything that happens in this episode happens for a reason, and all these events will lead to the fight between Spidey and Venom.

    First of all, I have to say that the animation in this episode was the best the show offered so far. Seeing Spidey in his black costume was simply breath taking. The fight scene between the "new and improved" Spidey and the Rhino (a new character introduced in this arc, again one of the Kingpin's many minions), and the superbly animated and exciting scenes featuring a space shuttle crashing on a bridge in New York are only a few of the highlights of this episode. Obviously the highlight of this episode and one of the best animated scenes has to be Spidey waking up starring at himself wearing a costume he has never seen before. That is only the beginning, as Spidey starts to enjoy his new costume, not even caring how he got it anymore. The costume increases all of his powers, and has some powers of its own. Peter starts becoming more confident (maybe too confident) and becomes arrogant. His powers have driven him almost insane, and as shocking as it is, it is beautifully animated and pleasant to look at.

    In the meanwhile, Eddie Brock's story is told, as his life is exactly the opposite of Peter's: he looses his job, his home, everything. And of course, he blames Spider-man for everything that has happened to him. Trying to get back at Spidey for everything he has done to him, Brock accidentally steps into one of the Kingpin's plots to get Spidey's new costume for himself.

    Spidey battles the Shocker (yet another one of the Kingpin's minions) and looses control and almost kills the Shocker during their fight. It was awesome seeing Spidey deciding "no more Mr. Nice Guy" and fighting with all he's got. He does realize what he is about to do before it's too late, and stops. He then realizes the costume is possessing him, and tries to get rid of it. The symbiote (his "alien costume", to quote the episode's title) seems indestructible, but Spidey soon discovers its only weakness: sounds! The symbiote leaves his "host" (meaning Peter Parker himself, as he was only a host for the symbiote), and finds an even better host in the person of none other than Eddie Brock, the man who hates Spidey the most at the moment.

    The ending is one of the most awesome endings any episode of this show ever had, even if it is a cliffhanger. Venom is born, and he won't rest until Spidey is no more. And thus, the saga continues...

    This episode is definitely the best so far. Everything that happened in this episode was simply amazing. Not only the animation which was great as always, but also the voice actors gave it their best to make this episode perfect. You won't regret watching this episode, and you'll be amazed to see how much actually happened in this 20 minutes episode. It is only the beginning of a three part story, but there are several sub plots and a lot of new character introduced. An enjoyable and exciting episode which will keep you on the edge of your seat.moreless
  • Great episode...

    They don't really inbtroduce venom in this episode but they introduce The Rhino, The Rhino to me is one of spiderman's crapiest villains. After Spider-Man saves the life of Jameson's son he finds some black goop on his costume. The whole dream sequence with the symbiote and spidey's suit fighting each other was pretty cool. Spiderman then wakes up in a black suit and has a bunch of jacked up powers. Peter as a persons also seems to be changing. This first part of the three episode arc is a great way to start things off. I liked it when Peter was deciding what to wear and he said What about that guy from Aerosmith. later...moreless
Rodney Saulsberry

Rodney Saulsberry

Joseph "Robbie" Robertson

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Linda Gary

Linda Gary

Aunt May Reilly-Parker

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Don Stark

Don Stark


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  • QUOTES (12)

    • Eddie Brock: If Parker can take pictures, so can I.

    • Peter: For once in my life I'm worth something and I can't collect.

    • Flash: Felicia and I have to talk Parker, so why don't you just find a rock to crawl under?
      : Not this time, bonehead.
      Flash: Look Felicia, I... What did you just say?
      Peter: It had something to do with the contents of your skull.

    • Spider-Man: Where'd you come from?
      Rhino: Jersey.
      Spider-Man: You got a claim check for that bag?
      Rhino: Check this! (Rams Spidey)

    • Aunt May: (Jameson has just put a million dollar reward for anyone who can successfully capture Spider-Man) Now there's no where he can run! At last, he'll get what he deserves!
      Peter: (in his mind) Thanks, Aunt May. I needed that....

    • Robbie: John's a pretty great guy you must have had something to do with it.
      Peter: (in his mind) If you ask me the apple fell pretty far from the tree.

    • Rhino: This is impossible you can't do this!
      Spider-Man: I just rewrote the rules now who are you working for?
      Rhino: You know what they would do to me if I told?
      Spider-Man: Something like this? And. I'm just getting warmed up [spins Rhino], the ride is over when you tell me where that Prometheum X is!
      Rhino: I can't, I can't!
      Spider-Man: Well, thats too bad, big boy, for you.
      Rhino: All right I give up I would rather go to jail than be a snitch.
      Spider-Man: Who said anything about jail?
      Rhino: I don't get it.
      Spider-Man: You will. Its like this: I'm through with not getting what I want.
      Rhino: What? I told you I give up.
      Spider-Man: That's funny. I give up too. I give up trying to be a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.
      Rhino: No, you can't!
      Spider-Man: Can't I?

    • Spider-Man: Amazing, this suit's augmenting every one of my spider powers. I wonder how strong I am now? (lifts up a firetruck)
      Spider-Man: And I used to have trouble picking up a Volkswagen.

    • Peter: It's the Spider-Man justice system: guilty until proven innocent.

    • Spider-Man: [After nearly killing Rhino] I almost did something back there...that I would have regretted for the rest of my life...and I have no idea why! [Looking into a building window, Spider-Man's reflection briefly looks like Venom]
      Spider-Man: What was that?!..What's happening to me?

    • Rhino: Well here it is. What's the big deal? [Hands the Prometheum X to Smythe]
      Smythe: This is Prometheum X! Nuclear-fuled titanium! I can't wait to examine it!
      Rhino: Looks like a rock to me.
      Kingpin: Please, do not confuse this...with that! [Kingpin knocks on Rhino's head]

    • Newscaster: Police department divers have confirmed that the Prometheum X is missing from the shuttle. Detectives have evidence that Spider-Man was involved in the theft.
      Aunt May: Peter, have you heard?
      Peter: About Spider-Man? How he saved the astronauts?
      Aunt May: Spider-Man robbed the shuttle.
      Jonah: Spider-Man did it. I'm so sure of it that I'm offering a million dollars to anyone who brings him in.

  • NOTES (5)

    • This was adapted into comic book format in Spider-Man Adventures #8. It was later reprinted in Spider-Man: Marvel Power Game and in Spectacular Spider-Man (UK Magazine) #3.

    • Prometheum is an actual element. The X may have been used to denote that it was the tenth one found.

    • This episode introduced J.J.'s son, John Jameson. It never happened in this series, but in the comics, John became the Man-Wolf.

    • The Rhino, makes his debut is in this episode. He made his comic debut in The Amazing Spider-Man #41 and was a foreign assassin.

    • The Alien Costume had a comic premiere too. It was first seen in The Amazing Spider-Man #252, only Spidey got it in The Secret Wars saga that took place in another dimension.


    • Peter: That guy from Aerosmith.
      Peter Parker tries on a variety of outfits, before he chooses to look like (and says) "That guy from Aerosmith" (as he does, a guitar riff from the theme song plays). Joe Perry, the lead guitarist for the band Aerosmith, composed the theme song for the show.