Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 9

The Alien Costume (2)

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM May 06, 1995 on FOX
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The Alien Costume (2)
After having a bounty placed on him by Jameson, Spider-Man seeks help from Dr. Curt Connors who discovers that the suit is alive! And Peter is the host organism! However, as he tries to get the Prometheum X back, he crosses paths with the dreaded Shocker.

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  • The Venom Saga continues in this outstanding episode.

    Yet another superb episode which leads up to Venom's appearance on the show. Even more afraid of Spidey than before and believing he is the one guilty for his son being in the hospital (thanks to Eddie Brock), J. Jonah Jameson decides to offer a reward for Spider-man's head.

    Now hunted by literally everyone in the city, Spidey must rely on his new found powers to escape. The animation is simply breath taking. Spidey running, fighting, web-slinging and using his new alien costume to morph into different people are some of the best animated scenes this show has offered so far and sadly probably it is the last time animation this good will be seen. Spidey is just plain awesome in his black costume and having his "dark side" coming to the surface only helped this episode be even more exciting. His voice actor really did a great job here, as you can really feel how much Spidey actually changed. And for the worse. His new powers make him stronger, but also arrogant. He is sick and tired of always saving the world (well maybe not the world, but still the city) and not getting any credit for it. He decides to live by his own rules, since he now has the power. His fight with the Rhino was simply incredible. OK, maybe not the greatest thing you ever seen, but the animation was amazing. Plus the finale when Spidey is ready to kill the Rhino without any regrets. It's the first time we've seen Spidey like this, but not the last. You can actually see how scared the Rhino is. This scene was one of the most intense the show offered so far.

    Spidey remembering his uncle Ben's (already famous) line of "With great powers comes great responsibility" makes Spidey what he used to be. He leaves, scared of what he was just about to do, and starting to ask himself if he actually is a threat, just like Jameson said all along. He decides to quit being Spider-man, afraid that next time he won't stop in time and he will never forgive himself if he'll do anything like that ever again.

    However, that won't be the case, as he is forced to wear the Spidey costume again to save Jameson's son, who was kidnapped from the hospital by another one of the Kingpin's minions, this time the Shocker.

    Meanwhile, Eddie Brock has lost everything, and of course he blames Spidey for all that has happened to him. He accidentally becomes involved in the Kingpin's scheme when he is following Spidey to an old church, where the Shocker is waiting.

    As soon as Jameson's son is safe, Spidey looses it again, and attacks both Brock and the Shocker with the intention of actually kill them. Once again, he stops in the last moment, and wants to get rid of his new alien costume. That is easier said than done, as the costume doesn't seem to want to leave its host. Spidey discovers the symbiote's weakness as being sounds, and manages to take it off.

    Unbeknownst to him, the symbiote is still alive and finds a new and even better host in the person of Eddie Brock, the person who hates Spidey the most at the moment. The ending is one of the most awesome endings any episode of this show ever had, even if it is a cliffhanger. Venom is born, and he won't rest until Spidey is no more. And thus, the saga continues...

    This is arguably the best episode this show has ever done, and anyone who will watch it will see why. Things don't get any better than this, both animation-wise and story-wise. Not to mention the awesome work all the voice actors did for this episode. Truly the best episode so far, and only the second part of this three part story arc.moreless
  • fantastic...

    Spider-Man takes a sample of the suit to Dr. Conners and finds out that the suit is alive. Shocker is introduced in this episode, I think Shocker is a better villain than Rhino. Spider-man then helps Jameson to rescue his son. I liked how Eddie brock was blaming Spiderman for everything even his health. We finally get to see Venom but not for too long. Spiderman gets rid of the suit using sound waves and then the suit bonds with Eddie Brock. This episode is a definate must see and so is the next episode. I didin't like how they had the guy that was doing Shocker's voice do two other characters in this episode. later...moreless
  • This episode\'s a must see.

    In a lot of comics there\'s a villain. And this villain is instantly one of your favourite characters. In Spider Man Venom is this villain. Although, Venom doesn\'t really appear until the end. There\'s still a lot of love for this episode. Although he\'s being stalked by bounty hunters at every turn, Spidey still manages to escape from them. Eventually he realises that there\'s something up this new suit so he goes to see Doctor Connors. He learn\'s that this suit is alive!! And that he is the host organism. Spidey manages to defeat it by using it\'s weakness, soundwaves!! The suit runs away away and joins Eddie Brock. I hope they do something similar to this in Spider-Man 3.moreless
Michael Horton

Michael Horton

John Jameson

Guest Star

Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings


Recurring Role

Hank Azaria

Hank Azaria

Eddie Brock

Recurring Role

Joseph Campanella

Joseph Campanella

Dr. Curt Connors

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (10)

    • J. Jonah Jameson: (realizing Brock's lie) So there was a man in a rhino suit.

    • Jameson: You lied to me!
      Brock: Okay, okay, it's just a man in a stupid costume. What does that mean?
      Jameson: I can't have someone who works for me covering the truth, leaving out facts. It's against everything I stand for. You're history, Brock. Out of here! Fired! (pushes Brock aside) Brock: Wait! I got more pictures!
      Jameson: Out!
      Brock: Come on, you hate Spider-Man. Both of us do. I thought you'd be glad after you hear him took the Prometheum X. J.J., I did it for you.
      Jameson: You did this for yourself, Brock. Get me security. I got some trash they can throw out.

    • Smythe: How did you get in here?
      Spider-Man: Since I got my new costume, I get invited to all the best parties!

    • Shocker: Stay outta this!
      Spider-Man: Reasonable advice, but I haven't had much use for reason lately!

    • Shocker: (To Brock) So...very painful, or sorta painful?

    • Dr. Connors: Its got cell structure the nuclei, are even dividing!
      Spider-Man: That's what I was afraid of, its alive isn't it?
      Dr. Connors: As alive as you and me.

    • Smythe: This promethium X has almost completly transmuted in to lead.
      Kingpin: Why?
      Smythe: This must be the nature of the promethium X its radioactive halflife must be only days.
      Kingpin: Why didn't you tell me this before.
      Smythe: Because you never gave me a chance to study it.
      Rose: Then its useless!
      Kingpin: He knew it, Spiderman knew it.

    • Venom: Spider-Man, enjoy your pain while it lasts!

    • Spider-Man: Surpised Shocker? Let me give it to you straight. I AM INVINCIBLE!

    • Spider-Man: Don't you yahoos get it? The Black Spider-Man is unbeatable!

  • NOTES (5)

    • This was adapted into comic book format in Spider-Man Adventures #9. It was later reprinted in Spectacular Spider-Man (UK Magazine) #4.

    • The Rose makes a cameo appearance in this episode. Take a close look at the boss of the thugs who were looking to buy the Promethium X from Kingpin.

      Actually the boss of the thugs, resembles a slightly more obscure character from the Comics called the Sin-Eater, or is just someone who wears a very similar outfit. The Rose was rarely seen in anything but a white business suit.

    • Shocker's weapons appear to actually fire electricity (he makes a reference to voltage in the third part of the trilogy) instead of compressed air. In the comics, they produced vibration blasts. He also says "maximum voltage at minimum range" in the next epi. It's likely the writers combined the Shocker suit with the powers of Electro, the bioelectric fiend who came nearly three years to the day before ol' Shockey's 1967 debut, and was the baddie used in two Spider-series previous to this one.

    • Shocker makes his first appearance and was first seen in the comics in Amazing Spider-Man #46 as nothing more than a petty bank robber. Shocker's identity is never revealed during this series, but in the comics his real name is Herman Schultz. Spider-Man had a little trouble with him considering he had a broken arm from an earlier battle with the Lizard.

    • In the comics, Spider-Man actually went to the Fantastic Four for help with the costume. With their help it was removed. However it did escape from the Fantastic Four and found Peter again. Once again bounded to the symbiote he went to Our Lady Of Saints Church and went to the bell tower after remembering that Mr. Fantastic told him Sonics was the symbiote's weakness.