Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Season 5 Episode 8

The Return Of Hydro-Man (2)

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 31, 1997 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • Spider-Man: (as he sits on top of the bridge) What happened to you Mary Jane? I can't go on without knowing. Not as Spider-Man! Not as anyone!
      Madame Web: (as her presence is known) Oh how wrong you are Spider-Man as usual!
      Spider-Man: (as he ends up in a vortex): No, not you again!
      Madame Web: I still have something very important for you to do. Have you forgotten I was preparing you for this longwhile for the most important battle of your life?
      Spider-Man: I remembered all of my encounters with you Madame Web. I want nothing to do with you.
      Madame Web: But suppose I told you I know where Mary Jane is and you will only find her if you do as I command.
      Spider-Man: (as Spider-Man swirls through the vortex) Leave me alone!
      Madame Web: I cannot! This is your destiny, Spider-Man. And now the fate of mankind rests on your weary shoulders.