Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Season 5 Episode 1

The Wedding

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 12, 1997 on FOX

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  • Bumpy trip down the road to Matromony.

    This is one of my favorate episode simply for one thing it's the marrage of both Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. But also this is one of those Wedding episodes that are done right because this episode has all three important esential factors, it's fun, funny, and romantic.

    The Harry Osborn character I'll admit I feel some sympahthy for him, well not complete sympathy. This poor guy is just cursed, he just seems to of lost a lot of things from his father who is now in another dimention and is communicating to him psychically, Marry Jane as his significant other, his sanity, and worst of all hope which has kept his soul intact until now. He still can't seem to see clearly that both him and Marry Jane are not in the cards. When he hears news about the wedding, well he really goes off the deep end and desides to try and destroy the wedding and marry Mary Jane himself.

    It was as usual fun seeing Spider Man with the help of the Black Kat fight off the robots, Scorpian, and save Mary Jane from the Green Goblin/Harry. What I like the most though was that suspesnseful and dramatic element which help give this episode a bit of an emotional sensabilty as the SpiderMan universe should have. From just hoping Mary Jane and Peter get married but never quite seem to due to the amount of obsticles in their way in the form of supervillians, I found myself thinking cmon cmon get married. And I guess you could say that could be a metaphor on the common fears and doubt toward commitment, but like in all marrages the goal is to have faith in your love for the other and you will go far down that road to matromony. But in a way this episode wasn't just about those two, but it was also Harry's story of redemption.

    I think though the best moment in this episode is how the Green Goblin was defeated, it was not by fists, explosions, or even superpowers but simply by the power of love itself. Liz Allen comes in and talks to Harry admiting her feelings to him and the Green Goblin/Harry of coruse finally relents and surrenders. I found that romantic because Harry finally has found/received that second chance at a lot of things he's been looking for not just to a new life but also that he can love again.
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