Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Season 5 Episode 1

The Wedding

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 12, 1997 on FOX

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  • A decent episode, definitely NOT one of the series' best.

    This is an entertaining episode. Peter and MJ finally get married and its definitely memorable in that regard. However, I think this episode is a bit overrated. It suffers from way too many characters, including many completely unnecessary ones. Also, Harry as the Green Goblin is kinda lame. Harry was always a pretty boring character to begin with, and he made an even worse villain. His voice actor seemed a bit off to me, especially when he was in Green Goblin character. Wish we could've seen more of Norman Osborn in action as the Green Goblin. He was so much more threatening than Harry and he had the perfect voice actor in Neil Ross!
  • The best episode of the series and one which should have been the final episode.

    Here is an episode that shows the high points of this show. It ties up just about everything, did we need to know how Mary Jane returned? Yes that would have been nice but not needed. Or Norman would we need to see him again, of course but we never did. This episode ended the show IMO yes there is still another season to go but after the wedding Soider-man goes down hill so fast that in my mind this was the end. Four great seasons was just what this show needed not a worthless fifth season that jumped the shark worse and worse with each story.
  • Spider Man gets married.

    This is the first episode of the fifth season. Peter is getting married to Mary Jane. At the beginning, Spider Man fights the Scorpion and wins. Meanwhile, Harry breaks out of ravencroft and becomes the goblin again. He teams up with Smythe who builds a bunch of robots for Harry. Harry then teams up with the Scorpion and they attack the wedding, Kingpin comes to the rescue actually and defeats the Scorpion. Liz conninces Harry to stop what he's doing. Also all the robots are defeated. Then the wedding continues and Peter and Mary Jane get married. Overall, a great episode.