Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Season 5 Episode 1

The Wedding

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 12, 1997 on FOX



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    • The Scorpion: You've been pretty good insurance, lady.
      Aunt May: You'll need insurance if you don't give me back those rings!

    • Harry Osborn: (About Mary Jane) She's going to marry me.
      Peter: Mary Jane!
      Harry Osborn: It'll be a private ceremony. Attendants!
      (Several Goblin Robo Warrior's and the Scorpion bust into the building)

    • Kingpin: (To the Black Cat through the monitor of his robot's head after it was knocked from the robot itself) It was so nice to partner with you my dear. If ever you need a job...
      Black Cat: Can it Fisk. Next time I'm going to do a job, on you. (Kicks robot's head causing the transmission to be lost)

    • The Scorpion: (To Spider-Man) I didn't know you were on the guest list Spider-Man.

    • The Scorpion: (After all the people ran out of the church) This is more like it. Nice and quiet. Just right for a wedding.

    • Harry Osborn: (As he blasts his way into the wedding) I object to this marriage.

    • Smythe: (About the army of Goblin Robo Warriors) They're all programmed to obey your every command.
      Harry Osborn: Then my first command is, let's go attend a wedding.
      Smythe: A wedding?

    • Peter: Oh, you've got the rings, don't you?
      Robbie: I do, unless they jumped out since you asked me two minutes ago.

    • Smythe: (After finishing the robot) Finished. I call it the Goblin Robo Warrior.
      Harry Osborn: (As the Green Goblin) I'm not interested in your dramatic flare for names Smythe. Can it do the job?
      Smythe: Please observe. (Reveals several Goblin Robo Warriors) What one can't do, many can.

    • Jameson: (To Wilson Fisk about Peter's wedding) I've already hired the top florist in Manhattan.
      Wilson Fisk: I'm having roses imported from Ecuador on my private jet.

    • Jameson: (To Peter about the wedding he's going to plan for him) Nothing personal, but between Fisk and me, this wedding business is war.
      Peter: (To himself) Oh, fine.
      Jameson: And don't worry about paying me back, you can work it off over the next decade or two.
      Peter: Huh?

    • The Scorpion: (To Spider-Man after Spider-Man insulted him about his mother) Calling me names is one thing, but nobody talks trash about my mother!

    • Spider-Man: (To the Scorpion) Hey, you gargantuan, green, goofball. Only a sissy would hide behind a defenseless woman.
      Aunt May: I couldn't agree more.
      Spider-Man: If she wasn't busy, you'd probably send your own mother to fight your battles.

    • The Scorpion: (To Spider-Man) You almost caught me, but you wouldn't hurt an old lady now, would ya?
      (Holds up Aunt May with his tail)
      Spider-Man: No!
      The Scorpion: Didn't think so, bug head. Adios!

    • Aunt May: (To the Scorpion who is stealing her wedding rings) Please, don't take my rings.
      The Scorpion: Finders keepers.

    • Spider-Man: (To the Scorpion who is breaking into a bank vault) Stay out of there.
      The Scorpion: No way.

    • The Scorpion: You again. Why do you always show up no matter where I go?
      Spider-Man: Hey, I'm a superhero remember.

    • Spider-Man: (To the Scorpion after he kicked him away from the bank vault he was trying to break into) Sorry Scorpion, you've exceeded your daily withdrawal limit.

    • Fisk: (About the Mega-slayer) Gargan, your corrosives have no effect on this robot!
      Scorpion: Oh yeah? How about this!
      (Scorpion swings his tail, but the Mega-slayer grabs it)
      Fisk: You figure it out! (Swings Scorpion around until his tail snaps) I broke him? A pity. I was just starting to have fun!

    • (As the Robo-warriors attack)
      Fisk: This is an outrage!
      Jameson: Better an outrage then an obituary!

    • Jameson: (About the wedding) What about the cake? I know the top pastry chef in Queens!
      Fisk: And I know the Queen's top pastry chef!

    • Security Guard: Freeze!
      Scorpion: (Fires acid) Melt!

  • Notes

    • Current ABC Family and Toon Disney airings edit the scene of JJ telling Robbie: "I want to give Parker a wedding that will make that Princess Di thing look like a clambake!", so that every word after "wedding" is cut out, replaced with background music. This is done purely out of respect for the royal family after Princess Diana's death.

    • Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson get married in this episode. They originally got married in an "Annual" of the Amazing Spider-Man comic book series. To replicate the wedding in real life, impersonators performed the scenario from that issue in 1987 at New York's Shea Stadium.

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