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Spider-Man: The New Animated Series

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Spider-Man, the animated series, continues where the successful live action feature film of the same name left off. The series follows the adventures of superhero Peter Parker and his friends, Harry Osborn and Mary Jane Watson, during their first year of college at Empire State University. Parker must juggle academics, a job as a Web designer/photographer for The Daily Bugle and an on-again, off-again relationship with the love of his life, all while fighting to protect the world from super-villains. Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser, M.D.), Ian Ziering (Beverly Hills 90210), and Lisa Loeb (folk-pop singer) show off their vocal talents in this new, thrilling computer-animated series.

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris

Peter Parker / Spider-Man

Edward Asner

Edward Asner

(voice) Officer Barr

Ian Ziering

Ian Ziering

Harry Osborn

Lisa Loeb

Lisa Loeb

Mary Jane Watson

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  • Worst Spiderman show ever!

    This series is not good at all. The only redeeming qualities are the series being as mature as the comics and using real guns. Everything else is terrible.

    The animation is poorly done. The series uses CGI, which is so bright, it looks like it would give you seizures. The character designs make them look like stop-motion claymation.

    The series chooses the wrong continuity. Making it realistic would be OK but basing it as a continuation of the movie released before instead of the comics is a bad idea. Worst part, all the episodes were aired out of order, making it hard to tell after which event it was.

    There are barely any proper supporting characters. Mary Jane is the only one who is close. Harry Osborn is constantly shown hating Spiderman for his father's death as the Green Goblin, that he should have taken the mantle instead. J Jonah Jameson is totally out of character because he is not shown hating Spiderman. Aunt May is absent, making the series even worse.

    The villains are terrible. The series hardly uses any classic Spiderman villain. The only villains used are the worst versions of some comic book villains and cliched original villains. Kingpin is now Black and is actually fat, while the comics version was fat, but with a large mass of muscle. Electro is an emo and a pathetic excuse into making a tragic villain. Lizard is OK and Kraven the Hunter looks like he is from the Cold War era. Silver Sable is no longer from the fictional country of Symkaria and neither an anti-hero. Now she is a pure villain and is Russian and behaves like a mercenary from the Cold War era. The original villains are terrible. Shikata is a full Karai rip-off and a racial stereotype of a Japanese. Pterodax is a pathetic Vulture replacement that sounds like he was from the Soviet era. The Gaines twins are mutants that seem like X-Men rejects.moreless
  • goes nowhere

    This is a show that pretty much goes nowhere. It had potential and it was nice to have a more intelligent / mature theme for a Spider-Man show but it just wasn't consistent enough with character progression.

    The voice acting was good and the early attempt at 3d was commendable.

    It doesn't help that the show had very little similarities to the comics, making it even less appealing to actual Spidey fans.

    The worst part for me is that the episodes were shown out of order and were confusing enough on their own. It's hard to remember much of anything significant from this show, which is basically a rehash of story ideas done better in the comics.moreless
  • amazing

    I honestly thought it was amazing. Just finished it on Netflix and i was blown away how they left it. I was honestly quite mad too. It was a great series that should have continued
  • Good show that didn't get a second chance.

    For all the crap shows MTV have renewed over the years this series should had got at least one more summer run to tie up loose ends instead of the cliff ending it got. As for the series itself I would rank this series behind Spider-Man the animated series 1994 and The Spectacular Spider-Man. Simply because the show tried to focus on Peter Parker's life outside of being Spider-Man while still having all the web swinging goodness. CGI isn't bad for the main characters and action set pieces certain people models and city enviroment repeat but that's expected in a CGI cartoon series. In the series 13 episode run each episode was good, the only episode I wasn't really feeling was "Keeping Secrets" because it was kinda predictable in what would happen.

    Voice cast: Neil Patrick Harris does a great job voicing Spider-Man(in the show and Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions) Lisa Loeb and Ian Ziering are good as Mary Jane Watson and Harry Osborn and the chemistry with the 3 made the show go when Peter wasn't Spider-Man. And it would be interesting to see where things would had gone with the love triangle with Peter, Mary Jane and Indy to Harry finding out the guy he's blaming for his father's death is his roommate and best friend.

    The show had a lot of potential to expand the Spider-Man universe with the storylines that were in season one, what could had been in season two and other unused super villains. I believe if this show was on any other network it would probably got another season or two because let's be real MTV is the teenage girl network and it has been that way since the late 1990s. Since most teenage girls don't want to watch a show with a guy in red and blue spandex fighting crime the show suffer in the ratings department.

    Like The Spectacular Spider-Man the show got cut down before it took off. Here's hoping Disney retool the Ultimate Spider-Man or just give Spidey a new show to show off his greatness.moreless
  • spiderman mtv

    This cartoon is darker and more realistic than other spidey is the best spidey CGI is looking actions are theme is superb!
  • 10:00 pm

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