Spider-Man: The New Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 8

Law of the Jungle

Aired Unknown Jul 18, 2003 on MTV - Music Television
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Episode Summary

Peter has a new and busy job working for Doctor Connors, who is in the middle of an experiment involving reptile DNA. Hoping it will restore his lost right arm, Connors performs the experiment on himself, but the unforeseen side effects transform him into the Lizard. Meanwhile, Harry faces the approaching anniversary of his father's death and begins looking through his things.moreless

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    Neil Patrick Harris

    Neil Patrick Harris

    Peter Parker / Spider-Man

    Lisa Loeb

    Lisa Loeb

    Mary Jane Watson

    Ian Ziering

    Ian Ziering

    Harry Osborn

    Edward Asner

    Edward Asner

    (voice) Officer Barr

    Rob Zombie

    Rob Zombie

    Dr. Curtis Connors / The Lizard

    Guest Star

    Kevin Michael Richardson

    Kevin Michael Richardson

    Security Guard

    Guest Star

    Keith Carradine

    Keith Carradine

    Jonah Jameson

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Here in this episode, Peter is working for Dr. Connors. But in the first movie, Connors fired Peter due to being late for work frequently.

    • QUOTES (12)

      • Dr. Connors: Go home, Parker.
        Peter: Sir, you're not well.
        Dr. Connors: Please, go home. Now!
        (Peter leaves the lab)

      • Jameson: (to Betty Brant on the phone) Miss Brant, get me in-voice for Peter Parker. Stat! (to Peter) Four, five, six photos. 25 bucks each make it 120.
        Peter: But --
        Jameson: Whatever it is safe, you're wasting time. Snap some shots. Just remember, this is a high class newspaper, not Animal Planet.

      • Dr. Connors: A perp. That's what you are.
        Thug: Someone talking to you?
        Dr. Connors: I'm just offering my observations. Parasites are having a bad rap, and in fact, they are necessary partners in the animal ecosystem. A perp should be wiped out. (thug hits Dr. Connors in the stomach with the rifle)
        Thug: Let's see who gets wiped out.

      • Dr. Connors: (about the thief) As for that punk, he should be strung up to his eyeballs or pecked out by genus strck formus.
        Peter: Ows! They don't usually like eyeballs.
        Dr. Connors: Parker, I thought I told you to go home.

      • Spider-Man: (after Lizard's death) Genus orene eye, at your service.

      • Spider-Man: (to the Lizard) Doc Connors, we can get you help. If you struggle you just... (Lizard slashes Spider-Man falls off the helicopter) ..fall.

      • Spider-Man: (to the Lizard) I think I can help you. I know about your experiments. (Lizard jumps to Spider-Man and Spider-Man went to a pole) Think about it, doctor. You had your arm, but at what price?

      • Dr. Connors: Yeah, you know what? I gotta need some time to analyze these results. Maybe you should go out, and have some fun after all.
        Peter: We always work after exactly 8:00.
        Dr. Connors: Not tonight.

      • Peter: Doc Connors.
        Dr. Connors: Parker.
        Peter: You've canceled class ... but you never cancel anything.
        Dr. Connors: Stay back.
        Peter: I thought your experiments are promising. Maybe we should continue.
        Dr. Connors: Yes ... by myself.

      • Spider-Man: (upon first seeing the Lizard) Hey, scaly, know where I can get a little tail?

      • Jameson: Amazing! Lizard tail, lizard foot, Spider-Man, lizard, Spider-Man, lizard. Well, there's good to know there is an occassion in your human finder. You got the sake of town overrun with animals.
        Peter: Actually, Spider-Man is a ... man. Sort of.
        Jameson: Oh, goody. He's a man. So, what's next? The human rat?
        Peter: I can think of a candidate.
        Jameson: It make it safe, "The human rat outlives entire whole civilizations, overrun cities at will." Huh? Huh? What do you think?

      • Peter: Hey, going through this stuff, it might be cathartic.
        Harry: Fine, but promise not to throw around too many hundred-dollar words, Mr. Cathartic.

    • NOTES (5)

      • Greg Johnson, the series' writer, calls this episode "The darkest episode of the series".

      • The Lizard in this series has a different look than in the comics, he has more of a dinosaur appearance.

      • This is the first episode to utilize the "instant changes" from Peter Parker to Spider-Man (which also gives the viewer an idea of the young hero's super speed). Within a police interrogation room, and while the backup lights struggle for life, Peter Parker witnesses a suspect get attacked by the Lizard through the one-way observation glass. Inside of a strobe light second, Peter sheds his outer clothing and suits up for action as Spider-Man.

      • This is Rob Zombie's second time contributing to a Marvel project. The first was contributing a song on the Daredevil movie soundtrack.

      • Canada airdate: September 19, 2003.

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Officer Barr: That's where I know you from, Ripley's Believe it or Not.
        Ripley's Believe it or Not! takes viewers through a world of amazing feats, facts, and artifacts that stretch the limits of imagination.