Spider-Man: The New Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 13

Mind Games (Part 2 of 2)

Aired Unknown Sep 12, 2003 on MTV - Music Television
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Spider-Man realizes he's being tricked just before he ends Kraven's life, but when he goes to save Mary Jane, something dreadful occurs that may change the existence of Spider-Man altogether.

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  • Awesomest Spidey final EVER!!! Spiderman goes out to avenge the death of MJ by Kraven but it's only the mind controlling twins that made him think that in order for him to take revenge on Kraven for them who killed their parents.moreless

    Even better than the 90's TAS final, man I didn't even imagine it would (or even could) have been that cool, I'm surprised the series died after an awesome ep like that, it is the exact opposite of the pilot and the other 2nd and 3rd eps, they stunk badly but the more the series progressed the better it got.

    I admit I'm totally surprised how it turned out, though I still wish that Peter would have told MJ his secret for real, I got so excited when he first told her in his fake dream, then she dies and all, that story was EPIC, and really ummm......can't believe I'm saying this.....touching (yeah, coming from a boy who has a heart of a potato that is strange).

    Such a shame it didn't last more episodes.:'(moreless
  • Closure without closure...

    Since the series obviously takes place after the first theatrical movie, then it's ending makes no sense at all. Something would have to make Peter take his masked identity back, especially when the second movie deals with this very subplot. With all his powers, Peter can never have a regular, normal life. Spider-Man is what Peter has termed it...his curse. He must keep his responsibility as a super-hero.

    Was a great episode to a great series, but there should've been one more episode resolving Peter's relationship with Mary Jane (if this doesn't eventually happen, why hurt Indy the way that she was?), and his becoming Spider-Man again. Overall, good job for an MTV show. The animation was the best I've seen for such a project. Getting Michael Clarke Duncan to recreate Kingpin for one episode was great, too.moreless
  • This episode is special.

    This episode was the last episode for the season 1 series. It was pretty good. Spider-Man was being tricked by 2 mind people that were brothers and sisters. The 2 mind people was playing tricks with Spider-Man's mind to make him kill Kraven for their revenge. To do that, they made Spider-Man think that MJ is dead. In the process of when Spider-Man was about to kill Kraven, he woke up from the "dream" and realized that he doesn't know what's happening. Later on, he found out that he was tricked and decided to go after the 2 minds people. It wasn't easy though because everytime Spider-Man tried to fight, they tricked his mind by making him think that they were Indie. After the incident of Indie caused by Spider-Man, he decided to give up being a superhero. Overall, this was a special episode because Spider-Man decided to give up so he doesn't hurt anymore people and live a normal life.moreless
  • Never got a second series Tells you all you need to know

    I have to (fairly or unfairly)compare this show to

    other spidey series.

    The 90s spiderman and the wierd unlimited series

    (with the funky suit and cape)

    To be honest this show and all it's episodes struck me as a soap opera more than an action adventure series.

    soaps are fine if you like any of the characters or the plots are good but they aint.

    They keep referencing the spider movie

    and showing off thier phones, laptops etc just to show how hip they are.

    The 90s show paid more attention to the source material

    and as such was well liked for many years

    (plus the voice actors wernt so anoying)

    The doogie hoowser spidey just changed in a flash without explaination

    I felt constantly talked down to by this show and felt it showed contempt for it's audience and the comics in short it really sucked if your a fan if not it may just scrap an o.k. ratingmoreless
  • In the last episode, Spiderman has his last battle. Spider-Man realizes that he has being tricked just before he ends Kraven's life, but when he goes to save Mary Jane, something awful occurs. Mary Jane is killed by a shot from Kraven. Spiderman is gone.moreless

    I liked this episode and since it was the season finale. It had many twists and turns. It kept the audience on the edge of the seats or it has me on the edge of my seats. It was sad to see MJ die. Another terrible moment in the show was when Harry said that Spiderman took the life of his father and now Mary Jane. In the end, Peter decides to end being Spiderman and helping people just like the movie. He throws the costume in a suitcase with bricks so that it will sink and remain at the bottom of the ocean. Overall, a great episode but it sucked that there was not a second season.moreless
Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris

Peter Parker / Spider-Man

Lisa Loeb

Lisa Loeb

Mary Jane Watson

Ian Ziering

Ian Ziering

Harry Osborn

Edward Asner

Edward Asner

(voice) Officer Barr

Michael Dorn

Michael Dorn

Sergei Kravenoff / Kraven the Hunter

Guest Star

Kathy Griffin (I)

Kathy Griffin (I)

Roxanne Gaines

Guest Star

Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven

Roland Gaines

Guest Star

Keith Carradine

Keith Carradine

Jonah Jameson

Recurring Role

Angelle Brooks

Angelle Brooks

Indira 'Indy' Daimonji

Recurring Role

SuChin Pak

SuChin Pak

Alison Tomita

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The goof listed above references the fact that Peter Parker not only changes into Spider-Man instantly (which isn't one of his powers), but also the fact that it seemingly happens "magically" with a strange burst of light. Again, he's not the Flash or Mystique, and it was a consistent goof in the series.

    • By the first commercial break, Peter undergoes his fastest costume change, which was more in the style of Superman. He runs fast and within moments (without even removing his regular clothes) is instantly in his Spider-Man costume.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • News Reporter: It's been 3 days since the New York city went into shock, after an innocent woman was thrown off a building by the often convermercial, now invermersal Spider-Man, no one has seen him since, is he gone for good? Has he heeded the cry to leave this city? Only time will tell, one thing is certain, the people of New York overwelming feel it will be better off without him.
      Peter Parker: They are right of course, too bad no one told me that the famous super hero is all in for that. or the ones closest to me will suffer the most, some hold a crudge against me, and some will try to give me so much, just to lose everything. I don't wanna cause no more pain here, I can't live with that burden, now it's time to say "Goodbye, Spider-Man".

    • Kraven: I'm not going back to the gulag!
      Spider-Man: Don't worry. I have other plans.

    • Kraven: My old friend, the amazing Spider-Man.
      Spider-Man (in strong anger): I AM GOING TO RIP YOU APART, KRAVEN!

    • News Reporter: Where has Spider-Man gone? Is he coming back?

    • (Spider-Man thinks he killed Roxanne but she appears before him)
      Spider-Man: What?! But how?
      Roxanne: Look again.
      (Spider-Man sees he was tricked and sees a friend on the ground badly injured)
      Spider-Man: No!!

    • Mary Jane (whispering): Spider-Man.
      Spider-Man: Are you okay?
      Mary Jane: I am now.

    • Peter: Goodbye, Spider-Man.

    • Spider-Man: Hold on Indy, please, hold on!

  • NOTES (9)


    • The news announcer commented that Spider-Man captured Kraven at the Stark Industries Power Plant Facility, referring to Tony "Iron Man" Stark.

    • Spider-Man: I'm going after the Wonder Twins!
      Spider-Man refers to the Wonder Twins, Zan & Jayna, characters from the SuperFriends series.