Spider-Man: The New Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 1

The Party

Aired Unknown Jul 11, 2003 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

The episode starts with a group of teens driving to a party with a boy sitting in between with a helmet on his head. The boy in the helmet is tied up, but despite his position, he manages to drive the car off. The boy in the helmet then drives off recklessly into town and he faints while driving. The car is continuing on through town causing damage.

We then see Peter on a rooftop and his Spidey Senses go off as he groans. Spiderman then jumps on top of the car and he looks inside. He then punches the glass to get in and he tries to maneuver the car. The car then plummets into a construction zone as the car is drowning in concrete. Spiderman then crawls in to car and rescues the teenager who was in the car as the others come to watch. The policemen signal them away from the scene as Spiderman escapes. Spiderman then asks the boy who did that to him and he gets upset and punches the steel bars that they are on.

School starts as the teacher is giving a lecture and everyone is dozing off during class. Peter is on the roof as he is taking off his Spiderman costume. He sneaks into the class and answers a question. Ms. Williams then says that she doesn't accept lateness in her class. He apologizes and tries to make up a story as the teacher tells them their homework and class ends.

Class ends as Peter is talking to Harry and Mary Jane appears and asks if he is going to the party. Peter is uninformed about the party and Mary Jane says that he never goes to any parties. Peter continues to say that he will come. At the end of the day, Peter is watching TV and he sees the guy who he saved from the car. The boy starts talking to Peter and tells him all of his problems. The boy then tries to get into the fraternity by talking to Doug. Peter tries to persuade him as the boy reveals himself to be Max. Doug then starts making fun of Max and Peter tells Max that they should go. Doug asks Peter if there is a problem and he and his friends begin to punch Peter, but he jumps. Doug then goes to punch Peter once again and he takes the hit.

Peter falls to the ground and when he wakes up he tells Max that they should go. Max then says that Peter is jealous. The party starts with Doug taking a drink. Everyone is dancing around and having fun. Max is then his initiation to the Sigmas as they begin shooting him with paintball guns. Max gets upset and runs off into the rain. He almost gets hit by cars and then he climbs on top of a roof. A sign that says "Maximum Shock" is caught by Max's eye and he goes over there and he is massively shocked. He flies off the roof as a result and is shocked in his chest as he changes form.

Max goes to the party as Electro and starts using his new found electric powers to punk Doug. He hurts Doug and uses his powers to shock him massively. Everyone runs off as Spiderman appears and starts fighting with him. Spiderman keeps dodging all of Electro's attacks and he punches him, but gets recoil. Electro then shocks Spiderman by his websling and Electro then goes to town and attacks everyone. Spiderman appears and punches him and then Spiderman finds out that he is Max. Electro then shocks Spiderman until he pulls out a wire from the ground and puts it in Max's neck. Spiderman is then chased by police as he runs off and takes off his mask.

The next day on the news, the reporter talks about the previous night. We then see Mary Jane, Peter, and Harry at Doug's funeral. Peter then says that he came and MJ says that she won the bet. Mary Jane and Harry leave as Peter stays for a second and says that choosing the side of good doesn't always mean that you are a hero. The light flickers like Electro's as Peter leaves.

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